Encrypted Tweets are UnDecryptable


Droid Life just had a one-on-one with a Verizon LTE engineer who goes by black_man_x. Mr. X had a tweet that I’m still running through my decyphertron 4(G)000, and if it cracks the code I’ll get back to you. If you want to take a whack at it:

Just saw something so incredible that it was almost HD… and LiTE as a feather…

I am fondly reminded of one of my favorite PA comics (NSFWish language).

There isn’t even a leaked picture of this chupacabra phone and I want to drop my carrier and get one.

[via Droid Life]

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  1. LTE powered Incredible HD? I WANT NOW.

  2. Wasn’t this mentioned a few days ago with a pic included?

  3. Now I just need an estimated release date and ill be super excited… man I hope this is the crazy HTC possibly dropping the 23rd.

  4. I remember that comic! I’ve been reading penny arcade for about 7 years, it’s awesome. And so is the Incredible HD using LTE.

  5. Well, HTC CEO said recently that LTE is not a company priority just yet, but I’m really hoping this turns out to be true… They better load a huge battery into it, they really don’t care about phone longevity these days (Desire family), maybe verizon makes the right move, really sad…

  6. Also, HTC deserves the honor of making the first LTE device more than anyone, anyone who laid eyes on the euro galaxy s knows just how little samsung cares about industrial design. Motorolas are tough and well made, but ugly as well…

  7. I want to GO ONE too (seewhatIdidthere?)

  8. start saving money*

  9. hasnt verizon said plenty of times no lte phones till next year?? have the lte broadband cards even launched/leaked??

  10. There are pics of it. It is the evo-looking phone, with the huge kickstand. Blackman x released another tweet that said to look for it around march.

  11. I think it’s 3G now, then 4G about 6 months from now.

  12. Can’t edit. I meant 4-6 months.

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