Adobe Prepping for Gingerbread?


We are all aware of an update that is to be released on the ninth; and now Adobe has updated their Flash plugin description on the Market to let everyone know that the update should be installed to, not only combat the mega security hole, but to “ensure that Flash Player loads properly with future OS updates”.

Flash Update

Oohhh, titillating! This seems to hint that Adobe has gotten their hands on an early release of the Gingerbread SDK, and decided to be proactive in making sure everything will be a smooth transition. Well, for the 2 phones that will eventually be upgraded to Gingerbread before Honeycomb.

[via Droid Life]

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  1. is the open/uninstall the gingerbread UI?

  2. Which 2 phones would that be? Tmobile G2 and Nexus One I’m guessing?

  3. @satla Nope, it’s just a theme.

  4. Which phones are getting gingerbread?

  5. John, Zahed:
    If you were hoping that I knew which phones were getting 2.3, I don’t. It was more of a joke that with all of the phones that could get 2.3, maybe two of them will get it before Honeycomb comes out. Current trends, and all.

  6. The facebook and twitter apps have a similiar but subtle change in their new updates

  7. Nexus/G2/Nexus S(if real and released) will get 2.3 guaranteed.

    Others.. who knows.

  8. I heard the Evo is getting it first ;)

  9. I wonder how long it’s going to take Moto and HTC to update their respective overlays to Gingerbread? Probably after Honeycomb is here.

  10. @Mike and why would the evo get 2.3 first? It has sense. They give it to phones without custom UIs fisrt since they are the easiest and dont require extra work. Just like they did the nexus one and the droid1 first with froyo. evo isnt special. itll have to wait just like the other custom ui phones.

  11. The only reason to have Flash updates is cuz there could be browser enhancements ! Faster? Gingerbread, bring it on !

  12. I heard the first phone to get Gingerbread was going to be the Cliq but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Behold gets it first.

  13. Well, my HTC Desire got froyo way before any US device, sans Nexus One, really hoping this goes as smooth…

  14. Also, every phone requires extra work, custom interface or not, it isn’t the only obstacle… However, I’m really hoping EVO gets the cake first. HTC could pull it off, they have mastered Froyo by now, unlike many others…

  15. Also, early rumors stated that Gingerbread is only visual candy atop stock Froyo (hoping for HW acceleration), so phones running 2.2 right now could get there faster! Just a thought, albeit no facts involved…

  16. As far as OTA’s the G2 will get them 2nd only to the N1.

  17. GOD im so happy to have the G2 for the first time im the frist to get uptades if anyone has a motorola phone i have to tell you you will wait a freaking year before any update

  18. @abraham… G2 will get the updates after N1 :) So not the first…

  19. One more reason to buy an evo or knight/speedy instead of an epic

  20. They are probable updating their Tegra 2 support for the tablets and future smartphones that will be running froyo and gingerbread…. As of right now flash isnt working on tegra 2 devices…

  21. Yeah great. What about making it compatible with older Android releases such as 2.1, which still holds the biggest market share.

  22. Why would they make it work with 2.1 when all phones stuck in 2.1 are not capible of running flash very well unless they get the bump to 2.2 no jit. Compiler means slower. If your stuck in 2.1 its because your phone sucks and you are expected to upgrade your phone not your os.its all about getting you to buy there newer mire capable phones.

  23. Im praying that android os developers impliment gpu access to the ui. I want smooth clean running ui that has graphics acceleration. My dream right there.

  24. the Nexus One will get it 1st……and then everybody else……gotta love the Nexus!

  25. I have JIT installed on my phone, thanks to XDA developers

  26. It won’t take the XDA devs long to get 2.3 on the Galaxy S phones :)

  27. I agree galexy s and g2 are going to get 2.3 berry early. I also hope you are all wrong about the droid x and 2 as my wife and I would like to be enjoying some gingerbread delight. If not then oh well I can wait. 2.2 is good. But still glitchy and needs smoother ui impliments. I would sacrifice battery for a true smooth ui compatible to the apple competition

  28. “sansenoy wrote on November 6, 2010

    Also, early rumors stated that Gingerbread is only visual candy atop stock Froyo (hoping for HW acceleration), so phones running 2.2 right now could get there faster! Just a thought, albeit no facts involved…”

    Really? Hardware acceleration dawg? Really dude? That’s the dumbest shyt I ever heard. HW acceleration on a mobile will only drain the piss poor battery capacity faster. But go ahead, have your faster phone that needs to be recharged every hour on the hour. God forbid you have to get something done but need your phone on you at all times …

  29. 11/9 Update LOL. Adobe are terrorists ^^

    Ah …. C’est des cas les Ricains :D

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