T-Mobile Goes Green, Recycles Punchlines


Compared to their first ad this one just doesn’t pack quite the same punch. But it’s still good for a chortle…and drooling, plenty of that.

[via TmoNews]

Tyler Miller

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  1. Owned! I believe the G2 needed to be T-Mobile Flag Ship phone only if it had FFC but the G2 is still the best phone!!!

  2. Is it really a great phone? Becuz im getting it for my bday on the 18

  3. @OMG–I upgraded to the MyTouch 4G from the Nexus One, and I can honestly say that there is no buyers remorse when it comes to the MyTouch. It is a truley amazing device. It has all the speed, customization, and features that I have come to expect from the Android OS (and then some), as well as amazing build quality from HTC. I believe that you will enjoy this device, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a new phone.

  4. Yeah! Go fake 4G! :D haha

  5. give me that girls name and number- so fine!

  6. Gimme that iPhones number! Why does he look so familiar?

  7. These commercials just seem so sad to me on 2 levels.

    1. They are stealing an idea from the product they are making fun of. A product that is more successful than all their phones combined.

    2. They don’t really have 4G.

    How bad are things going for TMo that they need to drop to this level?

  8. So they have 3.5G compared to everyone elses 3.9G, they still have better rates, I wish I was back on it, compared to Big Red.

  9. No one has anything higher then 3g on any US network. Not yet. Not until 2016. According to the fcc. Read up. Tmo and sprint are the only us carriers to have 3g (branded as 4g.) and soon Verizon ant ATT will also have 3g branded as 4g.

  10. I love these myTouch commercials. I need to see at least ten more, keep them coming, I love my network. I feel so proud, (“americas largest 4g network”).

  11. @dildoteabag
    1. That’s why it’s funny. It is a blatant ripoff from the company that used to be the underdog (tmobile is the underdog in this case). Check out “satire”.
    2. If tmobile doesn’t claim 4G it would be a terrible marketing blunder. vzw and sprint both claimed 4G, even though it is pure lies. So why not tmobile?

  12. I want to introduce this movie to Japanese site.

  13. Hahaha that was wack jus like dat mytouch 4g which will take a year to get a good update lmao jus like tmobile did all there phones im good with my htc evo forever sprint

  14. These ads Pwn. Agreed pieter

  15. Comments saying “ITS NOT REALLY 4G NOOBS” or anything similar should be forever banned from this website.


  16. walmart has the largest 5G network!!!!

  17. Does this video give anyone else the impression that the iPhone is slipping out of AT&t’s hands?

  18. this whole, not 4G or 3G or whatever the fuck g thing is just starting to get annoying. WHO CARES. long as the network is faster than the others WITHOUT paying extra, then call it whatever you want. it’s a damn good phone that could put up a real fight against any other carrier if people would stop focusing on the name and focus on the quality or however many g’s it runs on

  19. Again mine better and your not good here we go again I did give up my iPhone4 for the Evo and then I sold my Evo to my cousin I have the my touch 4g and I kept my epic 4g I am comparing both phones and carriers both good better then at&t price and service but when it come to speed epic win over my new touch 4g and we did speed test epic my cousin Evo and my new phone my touch 4g I must say it as it is the Evo was faster then the epic and my touch and yes steel sexier then both phones and I must say sprint plan better then t-mobile. Now I am trying to get my Evo back and keep all 3 phones.

  20. this is HSPA+ which is technically 4G, however sprint’s ‘4G’ is HSPA+ and WiMax together. WiMax is clearwire (which is basically cable internet with a really really really big wireless router)

    so tmobiles HSPA+ is 4G just without the WiMax service.

  21. I like how apple is trying to plant their two lips……that’s shit is funny

  22. #16. Taran –

    That is officially the dumbest comment I’ve ever seen on Phandroid.

  23. sprint is not hspa just wimax which is really just wifi on steroids

  24. k people lets just calm down and blame everything on apple :)

  25. Shut up. No one has 4g, no one cares. Tmo is just sick of people going to the a-holes instead of them because they THINK are getting 4g over 3g. They are just leveling the playing field that’s all.

    p.s. I don’t know what to think about the “Im a Mac I’m a PC” style ads.

  26. Why are so many people dissin the fact that T-Mo is branding their HSPA+ network as 4G? Verizon says time and time again that they have the largest 3G network in the US, but they are unable to provide voice and data simultaneously, so technically its only 2G. Sprint advertises 4G all the time, which is partly true because WiMax is a 4G technology, but their network lacks the speed to meet international 4G guidelines…so its technically not 4G. End of the day, T-Mo has the fastest network in the US, hands down. So stop hating on T-Mo and realize that these terms are only used for marketing these days. Ultimately, it should not matter what its called. What should matter is how it performs, and right now, T-Mo is top dog as far as speed is concerned.

  27. @ giorgio77 idk how u really came to this conclusion… I’ve played with an evo and its significantly slower than any galaxy s phone, and the g2. I live in an area that has. Hspa.. and wimax. Real world speed of the evo is ok but there are about 6 other android phones with significant better speeds

  28. @2FR35H: I agree that everything T-Mobile has recently done attack wise against iPhone in print and video has made a strong highlight of the iPhone ON AT&T NETWORK. So yes I agree they are prepared for AT&T to loose exclusivity and not attack the device on its own.

  29. The myTouch 4g IS by far the best android phone out there. I just bought one and wow… I get 6.4 kbps down and 1.5kbps up here in Beverly Hills. Faster than all competition down here at least. Also fastest processor hands down. This phone is a beast. I got the black and i drool every time I hold it in all its glory.

  30. Great commercial, I must say that I loke t mobile going on the attack. I have a mytouch and I love it! It is amazing!
    Sent from my mytouch 4g

  31. Verizon doesn’t even have 3G, yet people are attacking T-Mobile for calling their network 4G when it’s faster than Sprint and Verizon’s 4G?

  32. Look, I like Phandroid, but these 4G vs 3G comments are getting out of hand. Everyone that matters on Phandroid knows that 4G isn’t really 4G, so stop talking about it already.

  33. Yea, no. Alex, this is what comments are for buddy. I love TMO & HSPA+!!!!

  34. that’s cute

  35. but i like my keyboard on my G2, I’m glad to have a keyboard back!

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