Samsung Nexus S Delayed Due to Hardware Issues



Now that we have all come back to reality and accepted that Monday’s Samsung event won’t be the launch of the next Nexus device, focus has shifted to figuring out exactly when it will be dropping. The phone was supposed to be ready to launch concurrently with Android 2.3, but newly discovered hardware issues may make this an impossibility, especially if the rumored November 11th debut of Gingerbread pans out.

But rest assured, the phone is real, and will feature a stock install of the latest version of Android. What it will offer beyond the Galaxy S is unknown, but we suspect some overall hardware improvements. When will we see it? Who knows, but hopefully sooner rather than later.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. MAN! I can’t wait for this freakin phone. Samsung Hardware and Google Software.

  2. Yes! It’s actually true!!! I still don’t get why they would have a whole press event just for the Continuum, but whatever! This is actually confirmed then!

  3. I hope the hardware issues aren’t the GPS hardware in the Galaxy S phones. If so I would like a refund please. I am very excited however that this is real.

  4. oh my freaking goodness, people sound like a delusional psychotic chick pining away for her ex-boyfriend to come back.. “oh i know he SAYS he’s marrying her tomorrow, but that only delays us getting back together…”

    the nexus S is a dream, let’s focus on reality.

  5. I thought this Nexus S thing was deemed as not real and a straight rumor.

  6. You mad John? why you so mad John?

  7. Sweet! I hope some of the Dev’s at XDA will be able to port the Gingerbread build to my Captivate!

  8. It;s NOT real….

  9. @Keller Shmeller

    Wait, how do you know?

  10. I swear, 90% of Android culture is built off baseless rumors. There is no Nexus device, and Gingerbread won’t be out on the 11th.

  11. @Sa becuase NOBODY noes it IS real… therefor, just like the cat in poison box… its is both REAL and NOT REAL at the same time because NOBODY FREAKIN KNOWS!!!!!

    seriously you guys need to chill

  12. “But rest assured, the phone is real…”

    Source please?

  13. Well, we will have to just wait and see on the 11th :)

  14. If its all rumors, then why come to these sites and hate ? Because you got nothing better to do right

  15. According to the article, a serious hardware flaw was caught during Google’s “dogfooding” process.

    Is it too much to hope that someone said “Hey, it doesn’t have a dual-core processor??” :)

  16. Hopefully the serious hardware flaw is the plastic feel of it and if not this is a downgrade from the nexus

  17. That is what google gets for working with junk hardware….

    Shoulda stayed with HTC or went the way of Motorola.

    Samsung hardware only impresses folks that like shiny plastic… Junk, although Samsung’s screens are somewhat impressive compared to most available.

  18. @Krause Can you provide any sort of proof or documentation that this phone is real…Last I heard we all accepted that it was just a rumor…Dont say it if you cant back it up..just sayin

  19. Watch when “A” phone is released by Samsung with a Super Amoled Screen Stock Android and whatever name they want to give it…a YEAR from now…they are going to say that THAT phone is the Nexus S phone we had all been waiting for… please..unless you can provide proof stop speaking as a matter of factly…unless your whole point was just to get some convo started in the comments section

  20. This will be a badass device. Probably very expansive though.

  21. I got it…how bout we just say that it is a Stock Android Galaxy S phone…not every phone with stock android has to be a Google Nexus phone does it?

  22. Oh wait, so many rumors…

  23. If this is true, I must get rid of this MyTouch…

  24. Some hardware improvements like a GPS that works, a metal case that doesn’t scratch like a cheap plastic one, and a screen bigger than 3.8 inches? Not from Sammy, that’s for damned sure.

  25. why do people bum love HTC so much and spew so much hate towards samsung? htc screw up just as much – the touch screen digitiser problems on the nexus one – the terrible speaker, the bad cameras, using processors with poor gfx performance (snapdragon), putting an inferior cpu in the desire Z/G2 compared to the desire HD, slow android updates i could go on.

    but i’m not going to because they’re doing a lot of good for android and many positive things. and so are samsung. sure they’re made a few mistakes, but people going on like they’re terrible annoys me. They’ve made the best processor out there on any phone pretty much, and the nexus 2 is rumored to have an even better one. and their screens are beautiful, despite the pentile issue. and the galaxy S is solid and sturdy, it’s just feels plasticky. not nessecarilly a bad thing, just taste.

    pisses me off when people call samsung “junk hardware”. on both my nexus ones the back plate doesn’t fit perfectly – there’s an overbite. evo screens were popping off. plus they’re ditching the trackballs for the cheapo optical trackpads. and dont get me started on the speaker again, i cant even hear my N1 ring!

  26. People tend to lean toward higher quality hardware. I think the galaxy S phone’s internals are sweet, but I and many many others do not like the materials samsung uses to build these devices.

    I don’t know many people who intentionally drop their phones, but it WILL happen if you live a somewhat active life, and from my experience the samsung galaxy S are not in any way durable. Cracked screens are a common thing with this line of devices and everybody knows cracked screens = broken hearts.

    Galaxy S phones speakers are not exactly mind blowing either.

    BTW I do not own a HTC device so they don’t get my bum love. Ha

  27. @azureus you need to chill out. Just because your a samsung fanboy don’t mean everyone has to be. I’ll tell you what is it going to effect me what you think of a certain product no not at all am I going to buy a phone because I can play games on it but smoother cause of the processor No. So for you to come in here and think that you can persuade people to love samsung. This is how it goes I have my opinion you have yours thats life am I going to take your advice no because I don’t know you or would I want to. If I like phone X its my opinion just like it is your opinion to like samsung. So for you to come in here and be this samsung fanboy is dumb and its annoying for you to come in here and stick up for a phone….wait i mean pathetic ITS A PHONE. If you don’t like what you read there is a back button but I think I speak for everyone when I say this noone cares that you love samsung peace out homie

  28. Samsung sucks

  29. ok im confuse engadget have wrote that both that samsung and google both totally denieds this phone they both say that this phone won’t be manufature so why is this phone still being wrote about it come on its not happening

  30. @The doobie brother



    Droid screens crack easier than this. HTC screens crack easier than this. Anything cracks easier than this unless you are motorola DEFY!

  31. This just in, Nexus S delayed due to hardware issues. It seems the issue is that the hardware is made by Samsung. Film at 11. :P

  32. That rumor is true…..

    i have news from korean blog, the nexus s (nexus 2) will runs android 2.3 – super amoled 4,5″ inch screen capacitive multi touch input method – new samsung procecor 1,5ghz plus graphic – will launch at end of this year.

    i hope that specs is reality.. i hope is true.

  33. come on guys! ! ! Samsung hardware + Google software = The Most Powerful Smartphone In The World ! ! ! until iphone 6 release also coul!dn’t beat it ! ! trust me :D

  34. Azureus is right, people. The Galaxy S was no way inferior to any htc offering, so the bad rep for sammy vs all the love for htc is mind boggling. Sense is better than TouchWiz I give you that (but not by much – the unbiased commentators will tell you TW3.0 is solid), but hardware-wise sammy is definitely a wise choice if Google are looking for a new collaborator. C’mon, do you have any idea how big sammy are as manufacturers? Not to mention the fact that on team Google they have the means to put out the best tech. Just watch them in the next couple of years.

  35. Oh nexus S with unibody design…

  36. @GPL Because the Galaxy S phones all have a 4″ screen, and that’s less than 3.8″, right? Genius. Plastic body? Still better than dust under the screen and stupid light leakage.

  37. @LJ
    what is this light leakage you speak of?

  38. @the doobie brother

    “from my experience the samsung galaxy S are not in any way durable. Cracked screens are a common thing with this line of devices”

    What experience is that? From my experiences you’re wrong. The screen has held up better than my iphone and htc magic scratch wise so far and on the couple heart stopping drops it has ended up in perfect shape. It has Software issues but thats it in my experience. Also I’ve only heard good things about the glass. Sooo.. What experiences are u talking about?

    “BTW I do not own a HTC device so they don’t get my bum love. Ha”
    -I do and I along with azeurus don’t understand the love of it vs Samsung. It seems to me your experience with both HTC and Samsung are very limited. I own both and have gripes with both.

  39. If you can have an opinion on the existence of an object, then my opinion would be that this phone probably does exist for a very simple reason: Google has to launch Gingerbread and it’s going to look a little silly, more than a little silly, for them to launch a phone operating system for which there is no phone (besides their developer phone).

    When the new phone version of Windows was launched, new phones were launched with it. When Apple releases a new version of iOs, it’s (mostly) backwards compatible and launched at the same time as a new iPhone.

    Then Google launches Gingerbread and says, “No worries, there will be a phone for it some day?”

  40. also @the doobie brother
    I agree with vkos. I have both a Nexus and a Vibrant. I also owned a G1. All phones have some sort of deficiency. You’re generalized statement that Samsung is junk and HTC is perfect is plain old stupid. For your information about “cracked screens”, the Samsung Galaxy series use Gorilla glass, same as the iPhone 4. Here’s a link:
    Thus, since your lack of knowledge is now public due to your spouting about subjects on which you know nothing, I will no longer be taking any of your statements seriously.
    Get real dude. Show me on a forum or give me a link where people are seriously having problems with dropped Samsung phones and cracked screens. Don’t get me wrong… I’ve seen the problems with my Vibrant. But build quality and worry about dropping is not one of them. The plastic case is light and solid. Not a single thing wrong with it. Just because you didn’t care for it doesn’t carry a bit of weight. I like it a lot and so do 5 million (and growing) other Galaxy owners (on all carriers) ……

  41. @ pax
    and your point is? Forrest Gump’s mama had a line for you.
    “Stupid is as stupid does”…
    If you don’t like Samsung, that’s ok. But to make a statement without any proof, then that’s like me saying “Fords suck” or “Chevys suck” or “Dodges suck”. It’s nothing more than an opinion and opinions are like a**holes. Everyone has one.

    Tell you what I’ll do. I’ll take my suckie little Vibrant and put it up next to your whatever phone and we’ll see who has the best phone. Fair enough?
    BTW, in your humble opinion, who makes the best TVs in the world. The consensus says Samsungs, but who am I to believe all those consumer reports? According to you, Samsung sucks and of course your opinion is more important to me than theirs.

  42. I have the Nexus two in my hand right now and i must say: wow this look exactly like a galaxy S…Has 8mp, 1080p video recording with xenon and led flash, 4.3 inch, super amoled with 1280×720 resolution, Dual 1 GHz cortex A9 processor…DREAM MACHINE!!! OUPS sry i just wake up from a dream…crap :(

  43. I have seen it, and it is real!

  44. @CactusCat I have dropped the Vibrant 5 times already with no protection case at all. It still looks new. But now I have a case for it. The naked Vibrant is too slippery.

  45. @cactuscat…and vkos
    Why are you having a hissy fit?
    Google samsung or iphone cracked screens. The links are there no need for me to post any.

    If your galaxy phone’s screen is holding up better than the iphone’s that is kinda weird as they both use gorrila glass.

    As far as my experience goes, this may be hard to believe but, my friends have phones too!! and from what I have seen of galaxy phones is they flat out feel cheap, and quite a few are spiderweb cracked at the corners where they made contact with the ground, although they do look wonderful when in good shape

    Squeeze your almighty super piece of plastic and listen to it creek and pop and beg you to stop gripping it so hard.

    All people are entitled to their opinion and no matter how much you badmouth, I am not the only person that feels that samsung hardware/build quality sux compared to several other options that are available. HTC for one motorola another.

    BTW how is your GPS working?

  46. Moving on….

  47. Mongo want Nexus 2. Mongo want Nexus 2 NOW!
    Mongo NO WANT cheap plastic phone.
    Mongo kill…

  48. @the doobie brother
    Look man, I have both the Nexus One and the Vibrant, so I know what I’m talking about. You’re entitled to have your opinion, but the Vibrant is no more likely to slip out of my hand than the Nexus is. If you or your friends can’t hang onto your phones, then you should be in line to buy the Defy. I hear they’ll take the abuse. Every phone made can get damaged if not taken care of. But the screen on the Vibrant is stronger than the vast majority of other phones, so you need to pick something else to complain about. Sheesh, you should at least get a case for yours if you drop it all the time. You should also read the post from ACR. He says he’s dropped his Vibrant 5 times (he also thinks its too slippery but I’ve had mine since day one and never dropped it once) and he states that it still looks perfect. I’d say that is pretty much proof that the Vibrant is much tougher than you’re implying. I’m simply going back to your original statement where you stated “from my experience the Samsung galaxy S are not in any way durable. Cracked screens are a common thing with this line of devices and everybody knows cracked screens = broken hearts.
    Galaxy S phones speakers are not exactly mind blowing either.” From both my and ACR’s experience, the Samsung Galaxy S are some of the most durable. And the speaker is much better than anything else I’ve heard. Lastly, if you and your ‘friends’ actually drop the phones that often and you’re worried about it, then buy some insurance. Its ok if you don’t want to experience a great phone. And my GPS works perfectly on both my Nexus and Vibrant. I’ve tested them side by side… nuff said. I am aware that others have GPS problems, but the majority of people don’t. Those that still have problems (and I feel for them) well, they’re the ones that post in the forums, so you very seldom hear about the 98-99% of those that work just fine.
    Final point is this. Wait and see. If indeed Google was involved with this phone, and this “slippery-ness” was a real problem, don’t you think they’d address it? Or is Google not as smart as you?

  49. The problems with the galaxy S generally seemed to be software related. Dodgy filesystem, lag, GPS. They can be cured or improved by rooting, lax fixes, GPS software and custom roms.

    Though some people may say the GPS was a small percentage, by the share number of complaints from a variety of different people show that it was more than just a few. I was one of those who had the problem and i was on a later build of the device. You also have to remember a lot of those not complaining may not be really using the GPS much so aren’t noticing the problem.

    We Also have to remember that google gets a say in what goes into the phone and how its made so they have to pass any hardware, Samsung are just there to manufacture it.

  50. Wait….Samsung? The N1 was HTC. Why is the NS Samsung?

  51. Looks like Nexus S is up for pre-order at best buy…for tmobile:


    Look in the middle of the page by “Pure Google”. Link doesn’t work for me, but it seems like Best Buy is ramping up to put it up.

  52. btw, copy paste that link into the address bar, don’t click on it….clicking on it takes you to a different location on best buy’s website..

  53. I’ve used Samsung Galaxy S for over a month now and it was been terrific. I’ve contemplated on buying an iPhone but decided to go with Galaxy S because I Android won out. One thing that I do not like about Galaxy S is that it sticks once in a while. For instance, I would get a phone call and I’m unable to pick it up because the touch screen wouldn’t work. I’m not a techie but i would think that Samsung needs to either put in a faster processor and/or increase the RAM memory. Other than the problem stated, it’s a very nice phone.

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