A Detailed Look at Motorola Droid Pro Specs Show a True Blackberry Competitor



The Motorola Droid Pro is coming in due time, and while others have tried before it offers Android’s best bet for winning away users from RIMs Blackberry. With the same form factor and a focus on the enterprise user, this thing has as good a shot as any, and DroidLife got their hands on a detailed list of specs that show this phone is now joke.

This form factor might not do it for everyone, but for those tied to the QWERTY under the screen layout this may be what it takes to give Android a try.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. If I wasn’t already in love with my giant EVO screen I’d be jumping on that. The keyboard looks just like the BlackBerry Tour/Bold’s, which was the best hardware keyboard ever.

  2. That guy misspelled nokia e71.

  3. this seems really great an alternative for business professionals. I am not one of them so I’m gonna enjoy the HELL outta’ my myTouch 4G Plum!!

    but if I were one, I’d definitely choose this over the currently underpowered blackberries on the market.

  4. that show this phone is “no” joke

  5. I would think a dedicated row for numbers would be worth a little less screen space. I don’t know much about BB’s, but do most of their keyboard have a number row?

  6. @Ryan… Maybe he means this phone is now “yoke”.

  7. Shame about the screen resolution.

  8. With a screen that small that resolution is absolutely fine. thats like asking for 1080P on a 10 inch TV.

    So how is this phone a joke……?

  9. i think motorola hit the nail on the head with this one. sure, it isnt for the average android customer, but we NEEDED an android phone with int’l capabilities and a focus on enterprise customers. there isn’t a single android phone made that is up to snuff when it comes to exchange support. hopefully the droid pro will change that.
    plus, the form factor will most certainly entice many blackberry users. well done moto/verizon.
    it’s not exactly my cup o’ tea, but kudos to moto for thinking outside of the current android box.

  10. motoblur on it?

  11. the guy who wrote this is an idiot. his specs are off too…

    it comes with 8gb

  12. The Blackberry users I know generally don’t love the form factor. They love the hardware keyboard, they love the rock solid exchange support, the reputation for security, and Blackberry Messenger. They would love to have these things on a phone with a larger screen. This phone is nice in that it does have a bit of a bigger screen than the standard BB, but not sure if that will be enough to sway many of the diehard BB fans.

  13. lets just face it guys and gals anyone whos ever owned a BB and wasn’t a enterprise user hear’s my question to you how many of you used 75% or more of the features on your BB ? i have owned curve 1 & 2, bold ,tour, storm 1 & 2 and i even work for verizon and i didn’t even use 50% of the features on the phone.

  14. I’m typing this on my bb8900 and yes I use all the features on the device. This is interesting.

  15. bb messenger is so pointless!

    Who WOULDN’T want a blackberry with a touchscreen + flash?

    come on… are you serious?

    Blackberry is in 1985 right now and hopefully rim will crumble with the release of this phone.

  16. Might be a decent upgrade from my Palm Tungsten C, if only it were not tied to Verizon. I’d prefer a pay-when-you-need it approach over their idea of prepaid-every-month.

  17. One thing that this (and all other Androids) lack that BlackBerrys and iPhones (minus photos) is device encryption That you can enforce with a policy). So far the closes think that I could find was using TouchDown for Exchange app instead of the built-in ActiveSync client, but that only encrypts cache exchange data and attachments. I know some where I found encryption listed as a feature of the Droid Pro but not until next year.

  18. 1. this phone is ill 2. if this dont sway bb users, nothing will 3. if u dont understand bbm then stfu about it 4. bb is firmly in 2010 and rim wont crumble anytime soon 5. bb users do love the form factor 6. candybar touch is for kids & consumers

  19. Two articles made me want this phone: What makes the Motorola Droid Pro a business smartphone? http://exm.nr/aRmw73 and Motorola Droid Pro the Blackberry killer for $64! http://exm.nr/8Y39Ej

  20. Mindo, you are the type of fan boy that I laugh at…

    RIM IS stuck in 1985 and bbm is fucking worthless…

    David skrabal, you too are a complete fuck-wit retard The Droid Pro has full encryption.

  21. @wow: but your attitude shows exactly the kind of fanboy that you are…

  22. If I didn’t have my Evo I would be getting this device quicker than s**t but I’m kinda stuck with the Evo.

  23. Motorola Droid Pro rather phone for business users. A typical user will hardly find in it something interesting for him.

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