Oh, Look, the [Fake] PSP Phone on Sale in China



Bet you didn’t think the PSP Phone would be out so soon, did you? Well, we aren’t looking at it here, that’s for sure. This is the Unmei Q5 coming to us straight from Shenzhen, China, and for about $60 US you could score this 3.5-inch touchscreen, dual-SIM card touting PSP Go knockoff with Android. They even throw in a NES emulator to cover the gaming aspect, how nice. It comes in black or white color options. Now if it had a knock-off PSP market we might be talking…

[via Engadget]

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  1. Leave it to China, uk?

  2. Lmao I’d definitely buy that!

  3. $60.00………will it actually play games

  4. Surprised they didn’t misspell “PSP”

  5. I would so buy it, just to play NES games!

  6. for $60, i would buy it as a NES emulator alone if it actually handled them nicely, felt good in the hand, and had a good battery inside

  7. Where do I buy one, really i need a phone now

  8. why would you make a fake version of an open source OS!?!?!

  9. But, does it run Froyo? What about updates to Gingerbread and/or Honeycomb?

  10. 60 dollars… does that thing even have a GPU Or is it just for emulators?

    …Heck, can it even run the emulators?

  11. HAHA this is crack up! XD
    Go Asia~

    Pretty good though imo. Just sad that it’s a wannabe PSP phone. I’m surprised it has PSP written there. o-o”

  12. The PSP probably stands for “Portable Super Player” or some other generic name like that, lol.

  13. You guys see to be asking some pretty weird questions. XD

  14. CPU specs?

  15. If this allows micro-SD storage and has Android 2.1+ I’d buy it for 60 bucks for sure. This would make an awesome mp3 player / throwback gaming device.

  16. Don’t buy fake phones… I was just wondering if people really buy these bull$hit fakes, so that it’s worth making them, but apparently they do.

  17. Looks pretty much like the Go, which sucked.

    I really hope the PSP2/PSPhone is badass in specs, as well as dual analog sticks. STICKS.

  18. I may actually order one.

  19. Has anybody found the actual order page?

  20. I know that Sony Ericsson has huge issues getting phones out but after seeing the PSPGo for the first time it is shocking that a real PSP phone is not available. Luckily, we have China to help us out.

  21. This is one of those scams I bet, where the order pageIf one even exists) asks you for your social security number and bank account information. If it were real and you actually succeeded in buying it, you’d probably be the subject of a copyright lawsuit by just owning one of these things. This offer has stupid written all over it.

  22. @RB why would you make a fake version of an open source OS!?!?!

    The OS isn’t the fake, just the hardware!

  23. i want one so bad…. im looking online for one now…. i wonder how much they cost ??

  24. Here’s the deal.. you’d need to compare this with a “REAL” product such as the Archos 28 (4gb internal memory). 800mhz processor/256mb memory. Lower specs than that means its junk. Must be a way to find out. I don’t think SoNY is so anal as to copyright “PSP”.. only if they tried selling them in Best Buy would there end up being a problem (and thus lawsuits). This is a below the radar release that probably won’t see the light of day in Reputable etail/b&m for obvious reasons.

  25. sg10888.shop.segooo.com/goods/29705.html

    Thats a link to the phone. It says its NOT a smart phone which rules out Android.

    For $65 plus shipping, i think it may be a fun project to TRY to install android to it.

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