4G Wars: AT&T Takes it to Facebook, Then T-Mobile Launches Strong Counterattack



It’s heating up! AT&T’s decided to dump the canned response they gave yesterday and take the fight to the stree– I mean to Facebook! AT&T reassured all of their fans that their network was bigger, better, and faster with the following message:

“Hey Fans! You may have seen T-Mobile smack talking our network (seriously TMo?) and calling their HSPA+ network “4G” in order to claim they have the largest “4G” network. Not so fast…we have 180 million folks on HSPA+ already…40 million more than they do. They also claim 200 million by year’s end, but we’ll have it to 250 million this month. So their network isn’t any bigger or faster. Just calling ‘em as we see ‘em.”

T-Mobile wasn’t having that, though. Their plan of attack was smart here as they mentioned the biggest thing AT&T Wireless is known for: the iPhone. What’s a high-speed data  network if the precious iPhone can’t take advantage of it? (or ANY phone for that matter.)

“Hey AT&T – It is easy for us to be proud when we have the 4G network to back it up. We challenge you to show us any data speeds on an AT&T iPhone that can top the speed on T-Mobile’s myTouch 4G. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out these amazing speed test screenshots from our T-Mobile fans:“

Ooooh, that one had to hurt. Stay tuned as this vicious, bloody, and gory battle rages on.

[via A&M]

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  1. bad link on Tmo

  2. It just irks me that TMo is branding their 3.5G network as 4G. Upload speeds don’t seem to be there for TMo with regard to any 4G that I’ve seen.

  3. @Joedon shouldn’t it irk you that Sprint is doing the same?

  4. Yes, it does… And Verizon with their “3G” as well. :-)

  5. Every network’s 4g isn’t 4g and its actual faster than sprint’s

  6. I never understood “subscriber count” being referred to as “largest network.”

    Shouldn’t the size of your network mean the amount of capacity and coverage? I’d think a larger network meant I got fast speeds more places.

  7. I have tmobile with g2 and so called 4g turned on this week in chicago……Yes there is a huge difference in upload and download speeds. It takes not even a few seconds for each one and when using something like Nubinews things just come up instantly so…how fast is fast???? Larry

  8. Sprints WiMax is a 4g Technology it’s just not up to the speed yet. And like it’s been said before all of sprints phones that are 4g are capable of accepting 4g wither or not there is a tower to bring it to them they are still a 4g phone, no other phone out is “4g”. Also everyone one I know has a iphone and they all bitch about service, I just go here use my phone… Now if I can only get my G/F to switch to an Epic or Evo… Sprints network is awesome regardless of wither or not its “4g” hell it’s not even rally “3g”. but when I can be out in the boonies turn on wiFi tether on my EVO and play CODMW online with no lag that’s pretty sweet…

  9. @Grandmasterlarry

    WiMax isn’t a 4G Technology as defined by ITU Standards only Wimax 2 and LTE-Advanced are regular WiMax and LTE are just transitional technology of which still means they are pre-4G and not in fact 4G.

  10. Sprints 4g Wimax is not 4g. It does not fulfill the ITU-R requirements of data rates approximately up to 1 Gbit/s for 4G systems. None of them are 4g yet.

  11. From what little I know and have read, none of the carriers have a True 3G and even 4G is not up to 3G. Having said that, what good is Any G with a lot of no service areas and sharing towers. You still only get what is available. How about a tower with farther range or no dropped calls due to dead spots.

  12. @Grandmasterlarry
    Then why would sprint claim they have 4G if they are not performing like they have 4G. And BTW, T-mobile has the fastest speed out there, there’s no doubt in that, if you want we can compare our phone side by side and see what I’m talking about.
    It isn’t fair that they have the fastest network and they can’t claim like what others claim.

  13. @2FR35H
    Thanks I didn’t know that… All it takes for WiMax to be “4g” is a software update which means it is capable of doing “4g” making it a “4g” Technology…

    Like I said the speed isn’t there yet but it IS capable…

  14. @Jeetu
    I don’t know to many people with TMo, and I didn’t say anything about TMo speed. What Sprint is able to call their network “4g” through a technicality… By the standards it isn’t “4g” but like i said it is capable of doing “4g” what sprint calls there network is there business I just use it…

  15. How many times are you nerds going to keep stating that the 4g networks that these companies have isn’t actual 4g? We’ve all read the same damn article you did. That pathetic attempt at trying to look intelligent isn’t getting you anywhere.

  16. It’s all marketing and the average person doesn’t know any better… Take iphone… the iphone 4 came out and everyone wanted it just because it’s an apple POS… people here “4g” and they don’t know any better… I do know and I don’t really care what they call it or if I pay an extra 10$ for something I don’t even get to use that’s MY choice… I love my Evo and the Sprint network it’s all about what the user wants and what they think the company can give them…

  17. Id love to post some Sprint speed test screens… ;p

  18. Weak retort. AT&T points out some hard numbers and TMobile singles out one specific phone that happens to be known for reception problems and then links to a bunch of screenshots from fanboys on their own facebook page.

  19. 4G is technically 100Mbps – Just sayin’

  20. @Jeetu, this is the USA, we like to exaggerate a bit… err… a lot ;)

  21. They call it 4G because Americans, for the most part, are butt stupid. T-Mo knew that Americans would not be able to comprehend that HSPA+ is faster than 3G…so, they renamed it 4G. Hey, if Sprint can call their network 4G, can’t T-Mobile? Where T-Mobile dropped the ball is that since their network is substantially faster than Sprint, they should’ve renamed their HSPA+ network “5G.” Oh, I notice AT&T didn’t have anything to say about T-Mobile’s claim about having video chat over their network, rather than wi-fi.

  22. this is for all you retards who are mad that t-mobile is calling there 3.5g 4g

    for one what if t-mobile has the fastest speeds for the next couple of years and they’re still using 3.5g would that shut you up? No it wouldn’t cause you all are retarded. Sprint as well as pretty much every other carrier wont be anywhere near the 180mbs for the next couple of years well at least not until 2012. Wimax is NOT a 4g technology WIMAX 2 is.

    if i beat Kobe Bryant 1 on 1 does that make me better than him idk probably; t mobiles speeds are better than sprints so what’s the debate

  23. 100mbps i mean

  24. Hahahaha! Tmo vs the Big Blue!

  25. In other words, Sprint is giving us beta 4G as will AT&T and Verizon. AT&T may have a larger HSPA+ network, but they don’t have one phone that runs on it. So, T-Mobile does have the largest HSPA+ network for phones.

  26. Ain’t wimax wifi?

  27. All I know is that I was standing right next to a friend of mine with his Vibrant and my Captivate and my speedtest put me at 3 mbps, where his was 7.5. I used to be a TMobile customer and wish I was still on their network as I’ve been with ATT for 3 months and the download speeds here in Atlanta are significantly slower than what I experienced when I was on TMo. ATT in Atlanta is a terrible network, many more problems that when I was with Tmobile.

  28. Didn’t everyone market their 2.5G as 3G back in the day? So why the surprise now when 3.5G is called 4G?

  29. @draxus the G2 have the same problem but is still faster that the iphone or anyother phone out there one att now how bout you go find e a att phone that can keep up with tmobile as along as they keep their network fast nobody ever going to care of it 4G or 3.75G which is what it really is…to everyone else if g mobile have 3.75G is faster then everyone else 3.9G then what does that say bout the other companies

  30. Yes, tmo has the fastest speeds. But what good is it if the signal quality dropped drasticly in most areas after they upgraded? I had T-Mobile, call quality was great, then 3g started and it dropped. Now with their “4g” it has dropped more and I was not able to go that far out of the metro area before roaming. Have ATT now, and no issues.

  31. @aantoine87 – The reason people are angry a T-mobile is because what they are doing is flat out lying, whilst the other networks can get into semantics about the definition of what they mean by a 4G network, ( ie saying one that uses a 4g capable technology etc.) Tmo’s claim that their network is 4g is simply untrue, HSPA+ is incapable of delivering the speeds required without expanding the channel width (something that would require a physical redesign of all the phones and network masts) as such they are free to claim they have the fastest network all they want, but it is not nor will it ever be 4G.

  32. I think this is hilarious.

    I don’t care who’s right or wrong (they’re all wrong), but to me this is downright hysterical!

    Grown men updating their FB status trash talking the other about a CELLULAR NETWORK!

  33. Vinnie neither. Will wimax or lte :|

  34. Notice how they never mention sprint. Which really is 4G and kicks both their a$$es.

  35. Wimax and lte are in beta and all they need is an update to get real 4g And tmobile to get real 4g needs a new technology. So yeah tmobile is lying about 4g their system is max out is fast now becuse only a few users have a so called 4g they cant upgrade

  36. three months until verizon’s network is the fastest and largest “current 4g” out

  37. samsung galaxy s vibrant hspa mb/per sec download speed 2.05 upload speed 1.65 thats without wifi and uploading from modesto ca. I’m in las vegas. speed test.Nets app the only iphone 4 that came close had to use wifi and still was slower. And my wifi speeds are close to double that. So tmo not lying like all you say. And the g2 and touch hd are just as fast or faster.

  38. Yes maybe is faster but noy. Everywhere they have to many dead zones. Plus nobody remembers when tmobile service went down just because of a single app.

  39. Dead zones where. at&t have to give people signal boosters here due to there dropped calls dead spots I get full service anywhere I’ve been and gone to. My friend took his iphone and his wife took her aria back paid the fees to get out of there contract they live down the street from a cell tower and still drop there calls. They whent to tmobile not only happy they don’t drop there calls anymore they are saving money on their plan. Anyome need a signal booster got them on craigs list for sale for cheap :)

  40. @Vinnie
    They are ALL lying. Saying Sprint/Verizon have a “4G” network when they don’t is a LIE.

    I could go to medical school. It would take years, but I could become a doctor. If I were to call myself a doctor right now, that would be a lie. Period. It’s the same lie across the board.

    “4G” right now to the average consumer just means “faster.” (If you don’t believe me, just ask a few people about the new iphone and see how many call it the “iphone 4G”)

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