Sprint, AT&T Respond to T-Mobile’s 4G Claims; I Proclaim this to be America’s First “4G War”


T-Mobile’s gone wild with their new marketing campaign for their HSPA+ network – which they’re now calling 4G – and it seems they ticked off a few certain other carriers in their antics. AT&T responded to T-Mobile’s Apple-style ad by saying the following (to PhoneScoop):

“T-Mobile’s claims about 4G are based on the same HSPA+ technology we have deployed to 180 million people today, more than T-Mobile’s reported 140 million, and we’ll have it rolled out to 250 million people by the end of this month, substantially more than the 200 million T-Mobile says it will have by year-end,”

And that’s all fine and dandy, but T-Mobile still has something AT&T doesn’t: HSPA+ phones. Their current HSPA+ network only serves those who use AT&T’s USB modem for mobile data.


Sprint wasn’t too happy about the bomb, either, and they responded with a bit of humor of their own. This is what Matt Carter – 4G President – had to say:

“Halloween is over, it’s time for T-Mobile to stop dressing up like their favorite super hero – Sprint 4G.”

I do believe we have ourselves an official 4G war, folks. The problem with this war is that none of it is really 4G, according to ITU. For those who don’t know, ITU specifies a set of conditions a network must meet in order for it to officially be recognized as a 4G network. You can read more about that and why no one in America really has 4G here. (And some don’t have 3G, either, believe it or not.)

But it seems that the false advertisement rule doesn’t apply here: everyone’s going to be calling their faster networks 4G whether you like it or not. T-Mobile and Verizon once hesitated to call their upgrades 4G, and AT&T’s still sticking to HSPA+, but Sprint’s started a fire that’s now going to be very tough to put out. Let the games begin!

[via Fierce, PhoneScoop]

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    as far as speed

  2. Damn sprint threw da bomb at shitty tmobile lmao sprint its da way ta go im happy im an ex tmobile customer happy as ever with my evo.

  3. @Elnene20 = Ignoramous

  4. I’m happy I left shitty sprint for T-Mobile. I will never go back and glad I waited out the 7 years to get them off my credit report and not pay them for their shitty service and support. Matter of fact I think I will pick up two mytouch 4g’s today.

  5. @elnene20 enjoy paying an extra $10 for that 4G thats not even in every city (just got to NY yesterday) thats still slower than tmobile’s network.

  6. i don’t know whether it’s 4G speed or not, but i have the G2 on HSPA and it’s decent. Not BLAZING fast, though. There’s still lag time for page loads.

  7. Elnene20 are you happy with the 10 extra Sprint charges you for using there 4g? O r the 30 they charge for tethering?

  8. Lol….

    How can T-Mobile say they have a 4G network when they don’t even have a 3G network?

    Oh wait, those tiny dots on the map are T-Mobiles 3G network? No wonder I missed it.

  9. @IOWA Stop hatin on TMO now that finaly did shit right after all their past mistakes. I’d say they finally made up for it and its faster and larger than the other companies “4G” Network you probably eat a CMS every day

  10. IOWA = Ignorant. Have you even been on a Tmobile phone? I have 3G practically ever where I go

  11. Good lord, how silly are these comments? certain networks are better for certain people. There is no KING OF THE NETWORKS! Its really sad people waste time arguing this. If Tmobile or sprint is better for you, great!! It might not be for someone in another part of the county. Verizon is the only thing that even works for data and cell near me. Be glad you all have choices! (not that VMW is bad, I just like choices)

  12. Reap…….why dont you poll majority of Tmobile users… You will find the majority cant even get a damn signal. You’re an exception, and definately not the norm. Tmobile sucks…….

  13. Y do al spreent costomars tipe lik thees?

  14. I just came from tmobile and in MY EXPERIENCE they provided me with the worst service I’ve ever experienced as a consumer of a tech product. I moved to Sprint and for my wife and I to have unlimited data and txt and 1600 minutes even with two 4g data plans it was cheaper than tmobiles similar plan.
    I will go so far to say that in my area the 3g tmobile had was better but I was only able to max it out using the android app with a server just 20 miles away @ 4.5mbps.
    Now on Sprints 4G I am able to hit 7.9mbps which is as fast as my cable which costs me $60 a month.
    So for an extra $30 on my Sprint plan I could get rid of cable internet at my house saving me a total of $30 a month.
    Why do people have to try to make others feel bad about their purchase decisions? I can see razzing your mates for fun but come on everyone chooses the service/product they think fits them best. Do some get caught up in the corporate campaign mess/false advertising (because that’s what this all really is)? Yes they do, but those confused should be educated not slammed and belittled.
    My $0.02

  15. @swazedouche Im on TMO and i have never ever had an issue with 3G or 4G coverage

  16. Lol to all the ppl hatin sprint but when someone slams tmo the internet white knights come out. “How’s that 10 dollar charge grrr” hey don’t look now but sprints eprp 500 (with anymobile no less) 59.99+ 10 dollars=69.99. Meanwhile tmo’s 500 talk text and web(=79.99.

  17. Everyone is gonna claim their D*ck is bigger than the other person. Alls this is turning into is an Android civil war. Lets get back to the Apple Bashing topics.

  18. [IMG][/IMG] Buford, GA

    [IMG][/IMG] Acworth, GA

    [IMG][/IMG] Dunwoody,GA

  19. @swazedahustla If you can’t comprehend what I said… I’m calling IOWA ignorant for bashing on Tmobile when he hasn’t even tried it out himself. If he tried it out himself he might be suprised like me.

  20. @The viking I’m on Tmobile and I pay 79.99 for unlimited talk, data, and txt. Not just unlimited minutes to mobile either. unlimited to everything. Not sure why the deals suck where you live.

  21. I just bought a MyTouch 4G this morning and the speeds are horrible. There is no difference from my G1. I get an average 125kb/s down speed with the speed test app and I have a strong H connection.

  22. Why do T-Mobile fanboys exist? Do you guys have no standards? Cheaper plans do not equate to better service.

  23. out of all the 3g speeds, i have to say tmobile has been the fastest. however, where i live i do not get 3g, i am on the edge network. not many places in my area have 3g anyway. and i am usually on wifi, so it doesn’t bother me. my only complaint with tmobile is the fact that they have more deadspots around here than most other carriers. but their customer service blows away the other carriers, especially sprint. and at least with tmo, my bill is the same every month, whereas with sprint, and the simply everything plan, i was getting charged different amounts every month. they even tried to charge me for data over usage, which they charged me over $50 for one month. and i had unlimited data. but each carrier has their faults, and tmobiles is the size of their 3g service. they could expand a little bit, or a whole lot for that matter.

  24. @ Thickerchunk… Here, here!!!! I agree… aren’t we all here because we absolutely hate Apple and IPhones??? We are supposed to be one big happy Android family.

  25. I’m getting 8-10 Mbps down and 1.6 up on my G2.. People, is this what you call 3G, way faster than your 4G?

  26. I went into T-Mobile today and I ran into something I take serious issue with. When the associate asked me for help I asked her when T-Mobile planned to build their LTE(true 4G)network. She responded with this answer. “Our’s is already built and it’s faster than Sprints..” So then I told her thanks and waited around for the next T-Mobile Associate to help me. I asked him the same question and he had the same response, which left me a little upset. Their associates are under the impression, and truly believe, that their 4G Network is already built. It bothers me that they are willing to mislead the average consumer(where for them, the associate is their only source of mobile network knowledge). Just flat out tell their associates it’s a 4G network. So I sent a letter to my local T-Mobile store. I understand that T-Mobiles current HSPA+ speeds match Sprints WiMax speeds but I think of it like this. Let’s say Dial up was our definition of 3G, and cable was 4G. T-Mobile only launched a firmware upgrade to max out their dial-up network to its maximum potential while Sprint’s “cable” is in its most basic of forms so therefore the speeds are on par with one another. So T-mobile’s HSPA+ network will never ever be able to hit the ITU’s standard of 100 mbps down, while yes it’s comparable to what todays “4G speeds are” in a year or two, when WiMax takes the leap from 802.16e to 802.16m it will in fact hit that 100 mbps down sweet spot. Same with LTE, when it first launches it will not have true 4G speeds but after it moves to LTE Advanced it will hit the ITU Standard of 4G. (THE IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE ABOUT THE EVO IS THAT WHENEVER WIMAX DOES MAKE THE JUMP TO 802.16m THE RADIO INSIDE OF IT WOULD BE ABLE TO RECEIVE 100 mbps DOWN, MAKING IT A TRUE 4G DEVICE), where the MyTouch will never be capable of these speeds). There leaves T-Mobile, it’s HSPA+ network is at it’s cap until they adopt one of these new technologies, so guess what. In a year or two When Sprint’s Wimax and Verizon’s LTE are actually 4G, where will that leave the T-Mobile customers who just locked into their 2-year contracts on T-Mobile, “Americas largest 4G Network”. I know this was long-winded but I feel very strongly about a company that locks customers into a 2-year plan without evidence of actually attempting to create a 4G network. This might be worth an Android Central investigation of T-mobile sales reps, T-mobile is only advertising 4G speeds(based on sprints current 802.16e WiMax release) but it’s associates believe that they truly have the 4G network.

    LTE and Wimax are 4G technologies but aren’t up to 4G speeds(yet). The HSPA+ Network will never have 4g speeds nor does it have the technology to be called even an entry to 4G. While yes, Sprints wimax and Verizons LTE will not provide the ITU Standard of 4G speeds, the radios inside the EVO and whatever Verizon releases as 4G, will be capable of receiving the speeds of 4G. When the Wimax is updated to 802.16m and LTE makes the move to LTE Advanced they will meet the 100mbps down standard. The Evo is a 4g capable device even though it is not currently receiving the standard speeds set by the ITU for a 4G device. The reason T-Mobiles HSPA+ is “said” to be providing “4G like speeds” is Because people are under the impression that Sprints current release of Wimax(802.16e) is 4G and then comparing the speeds with T-Mobiles HSPA+ Network. Yes the Evo Will be able to receive the 4G speeds of Wimax 802.16m’s network when its released through a simple software upgrade. (By the time its released you could argue that the Evo will be a very outdated device). Where the Mytouch 4G for example, will not ever be able to access true 4G speeds with it’s current hardware because HSPA+ will never be able to acheive that magic 100 mbps standard set by the ITU. It really just comes down to semantics but technically Sprint, and soon Verizon, can call their networks 4G because they are 4G technologies. SEMANTICS and Marketing are what it really comes down to but just wanted to put this information out for anyone wondering so they can have it to reference! Just putting out the facts, take them with a grain of salt because it will be awhile before we really get those true 4G speeds from any of the networks. FYI LTE Advanced and Wimax 802.16m are slated for Q4 2011-Q3 2012(I expect some serious delays though).

  27. Haha I’ve never seen this before, T-Mobile fanboys. First of all I was with T-Mobile for more than 10 years and never once received any benefit for being on their service that long. In fact when I wanted the Dash and asked if there was any deal I could do to get it cheaper, they made me drop my account and sign up a new one. That was the day that I decided I would be leaving T-Mobile, where the service was not very good everywhere. There were sections of town where it was guaranteed to drop calls, service was not faster than Sprint. I consider Sprint to be an enormous upgrade and am happier that I have service with them, I am already a premier customer in just one year! T-Mobile couldn’t even give me that after more than 10.


  29. T-Mobile and AT&T cannot hold a candle to Verizon or Sprint.

  30. Lol at all the tards who left tmo for sprint have fun with your slow 4G while we T-Mo users tout 20mbps and up supposedly 42mbps is coming next year and where will you all be? in low below under 10mbps.

    UMA solves that ‘spotty coverage issue’ some of you claim to had. I personally been with t-mobile for about 8 or 9 years now I am glad to say that too.

  31. @Jmax Cheaper plans may equate to better value though. I use tmobile because it’s cheap, and i’ve never had problems with service, i live in so cal though.

  32. Sprint has fast internet because they don’t have many members. Lol j/k.

  33. @IOWA

    T-Mobile has 3G you idiot Verizon doesn’t have 3G by ITU standards. HSPA is 3G.

  34. Where I am at, Verizon is faster than ANY other carrier by a large margin.

  35. I just got my G2 update that lets me use WIFI calling and WIFI tethering!

    BTW, I get 8Mbps almost constantly,the highest I got so far was 11.7 Mbps.

    I wonder why sprint and verizon 4G users don’t want to share their speed. Pls dont be ashame with your 3-4Mbps 4G speed.

  36. Been with Tmo since voicestream and have holes in service and data from SLC to LA including Vegas and Phoenix, San Francisco, even last weekend no service and 3g on the strip in LV. Highest speed ive seen on my N1 was 3mbps via 3g and that was once..Not hatin just stating the facts…

  37. I don’t care what you guys have to say about sprint and the $10 charge + $30 for tethering. I have a discount that brings my total bill down to $72 a month, with taxes and fees. I do not pay for tethering because I do not use it that much. But I can tether with wifi or usb because I am rooted with CM6.1. As for the 4G, that is a non-issue for me because of the discount I get.

  38. This company has holes in town X and that company has holes in town Y, blah, blah, blah. I’d be curious to know what Tmo’s coverage is like in the Seattle area. (That is the greater metro they’re stationed outside of, yes?) Because I can tell you right now that here in KC (Sprint HQ is in our greater metro area), Sprint’s coverage is full of holes even in some areas I would really make double sure there is coverage.

  39. @Nathaniel

    Nexus 1 dont support HSPA+. And 3Mbps is the actual speed of the so called 4G users.

  40. E2fresh, 1x and evdo qualify as 3g. Go anywhere within 50 miles and you will find one instance of 3g, the rest is gprs with speeds of 50kbps. If you lose coverage(with is quite often), you lose all ability to use your phone as tmo has no roaming agreements with att.

  41. @Mark

    ITU Standards states Verizon still can’t do voice and data simultaneously of which make Verizon 2G and not 3G.

  42. @James Beaulieu

    LTE and WiMax still aren’t 4G technologies. they are pre 4G of which isn’t the same. Either way they aren’t 4G now and that is pretty much the whole war.

    LTE-Advanced and Wimax2 aren’t slated for a 2011 release its more like 5 years.

  43. where i live, i never seen a t mobile phone or shop. verizon is the strongest in my area, sprint being scond. livin in good ol’ iowa

  44. i was a tmobile user for a month and the service is bad really bad im in NYC to recieve a call or make a call i had to go outside because no service inside my house nd that happens alot with every old building im in. to get the 80 a month plan u have to pay full price for a phone and the new phones cost around 500 so there is no savings because in a 24 month period you pay about 20 dollars xtra a month and with sprint you get a new upgrade every 11 months. so there you have it i had both and sprint is better ans im in ASTORIA NY AND I WORK IN NYC TMOBILE SUCKS

  45. @James Beaulieu

    Thanks for the Essay. But you got an F for not doing your research! Tmo’s HSPA+ network is already Faster than Sprints and it will double in Speed by next year. Now Tmo has stopped playing catch up and passed everyone. Its time for Sprint and Verizon to plya catch up.. and AT&T doesnt even matter. The only thing Tmo is lacking is a 4.3 screen Android phone.

  46. 2fresh, please forgive me for finding your knowledge less than desirable.

    Tmobile works in cities but go out to the edge of big cities and you will find your phone is just a good paperweight. I have been OUTSIDE in an open area in a small town in “Great” coverage and phone was SOS and Regional managers said no plans to improve coverage is in the process. Epic FAIL.

  47. I think Sprint crushed the hopes of any rebuttal from TMo

  48. In Washington, DC my G2 is routinely smoking EVO’s and Epic’s!!!! And just how is Sprint so much better than T-Mobile? Sprint gets 2 decent phones in the last 10 years and all of you are on here talking out of your asses!! But we really need to cut this Android tribalism out.

  49. @nemesys06, how long its been since you last call customer service on both tmobile and sprint? because i have both and sprint customer service blows tmobile away any day, it takes me an average of 25 minutes to connect with tmobile customer service an and a few to connect to sprint, so i do not know what you talking about, get your fact strait.

  50. @moises

    Im pretty sure this convo is about Netowrk speeds not customer service… and btw TMO has had the #1 rated customer service for years!!

  51. @erstam it’s not where I live, it’s according to tmo’s website

  52. I’ll declare a winner when I get 4G in Detroit, because right now only Metropcs has it…& that’s a damn shame!

  53. @James Beaulieu – you truly did your research.. and people still dont understand what leverage wi-max has over LTE and HSPA. but there is no need for me to reiterate

  54. @fly like g2
    Reread what I posted, then reread your comeback, I’m merely specifying the technicalities. Wimax is 4G technology, HSPA+ is not. The perception is that since HSPA+ is comparable to current Wimax speeds that makes HSPA+ 4G. Not how it works.

  55. @Fresh
    Wimax is 4G, Wimax 802.16e is not 4G speeds, 802.16m is. So when Sprint upgrades the WIMAX any current 4G equipped devices will be able to recieve the 100 mbps download speeds standard set by the ITU. They Aren’t upgrading Wimax to something else, they’re simply only going to have to upgrade the Wimax. Same concept T-mobile used, but instead of upgrading a 4G technology in its infancy they are upgrading their 3G technology to its full potential. AT&T has HSPA+ also, and they also have commited to LTE, what does that tell you about HSPA+? Here’s an article where AT&T makes the claim that they also have the same HSPA+ Network T-mobile has but also has more coverage, they simply have not released a phone capable of receiving the speeds.

  56. @Fresh
    Go take a lap and check your facts Tmo fan boy. I don’t have any mobile network allegiance but I am required to informed the oh so misinformed such as yourself

  57. @FRESH
    That last one was intended for FlylikeG2 NOT YOU FRESH.
    Apologies lol

  58. Ooo! Ooo! I wanna call somebody out. Yeah, you, in the back! Your phone’s ugly and your momma bedazzled it funny.

  59. @swazedahustla Pretty sure TMO was tied with Verizon for having the best coverage on the West Coast in 2009 and if you poll most of the west coast that’s where most people have signal issues. It’s a bad area and they still covered just as much as the next competitor. I’m not sure how the #’s are now but I’m sure it hasn’t gone down. Just speaking some FACT instead of making bold claims pretending I’ve spoken to “the majority of TMO users.”

  60. All the quicker to reach that 5GB cap on T-Mobile. I’ll stick to enjoying my unlimited web on Sprint.

  61. @MDG- its not a 5gb cap, it gets throttled at 5gb… i have tmobile and i love it. Great plans, good service, never had a problem

  62. Wow, I can’t believe you adults are arguing like teenagers over whose is the best, everything suits somebody else differently were supposed to be a family, but I guess some familys are just screwed up.

  63. @flylikeag2 you only think you have the fastest phone because you have the newest phone out the g2 I bet you hated t-mobile before that. Everyone who has had t-mobile and left knows they have crap service compared to everyone else.

  64. Hey at least on T-mobile when I use my “4G” Speeds my battery level does not drop like a stone!! Yes Sprint has 4G but if you use it, your phone will run out of juice real quick! So what is the point of having it if you cant use it?

  65. James Beaulieu, post that on so I can upvote it :p

  66. I live in Oklahoma, and HAD tmo. I was able to get 3g in OKC and tulsa metro areas. Rare to even get EDGE anywhere else. One of their “4G” towers is a few blocks from my house. After they installed it my voice service went to crap. I was lucky to get ANY bars in my house. Service was better before they got 3G too.

    ATT > UsCellular > Tmo > Sprint > Cricket > Verizon – for this area anyway.

    I wonder That tech they will use once Tmo buys out SPrint??

  67. Here in Houston its T-mobile>Sprint>Verizon>AT&T. All the carriers cover pretty much all 5 million plus people around here but T-mobile wins because of price, speeds, customer service. It also doesn’t hurt that I have the best Android phone with free tethering which saves me even more money so I don’t feel bad about buying the Nexus Two (when it does come out) at full price. Also people always compare carriers by their price with a contract but T-mobile is different in that they charge less for non-contracts, I pay $60 per month.

  68. LOL at these comments. Almost as bad as people trying to discuss politics. Basically who cares….whatever works lol.


  69. HI,




  70. @Brad 2

    Well said who cares call it 5g if you want doesn’t matter to me. Only thing that should matter to anyone is does the service I have meet my needs…. Thats it. If your answer is yes then why should it matter what anyone else says.

  71. Tmobile has all right to call this 4g. And to all it concerns HSPA+ is capable of reaching speeds of 168 mpbs. Tmobile will be maxing this out all the way. Those speeds will be on par with wimax and LTE.


  72. @Brandon, Even paying an extra $10, my bill is still cheaper than yours, and I don’t know where in NYC you live but 4G has been live on Sprint for about 6 months even if it was not officially released until recently.

    @bigmerf, see above.

    @2FR35H, you are a tool, go back to ganking lowbies in the starting areas on WoW (After you finish your homework that is)

    @ anyone who read James Beaulieu post and still posted “Fanboy BS in response”, same applies to you as it does to 2FR35H

  73. 145kbs download on my evo running 3g ive had sprint for 5yrs now and have never had a problem.

  74. Hell I am happy with sprint. it get the job done. Plus I am here in Los Angeles and I am picking up 2 bars worth of 4g and its not even up and running yet. Getting an average of 4.2 mbps, when mmy 3g is like 1.6

  75. Sprint rules….best pricing for service. And I didn’t stutter…(for all of those who want to debate the $10 fee). I was a little skeptical of it at first cause i didn’t have 4G in my area, nor was my area listed in the projected deployment cities. But i just thought of it as me contributing to the building of the network. Got the Evo..regardless of me not having 4G. Now…I have 4G everywhere i go around town. I live in Trenton, NJ and yesterday I spent the night up at Rutgers in New Brunswick…4G the entire way and back. In building penatration was superb. Surfing the internet was as smooth and quick as surfing on WIFI…and speed tests were all consistant. Am I happy with Sprint? You bet your ass. And for all the haters…I’ve had T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint…and Sprint is by far the best. I pay less now for unlimited EVERYTING, than i ever did with much less features on AT&T. Super fail.

  76. it’s just silly to talk about the 10 dollar fee. go to the websites and compare prices.

    check the prices on the talk, text and web 500 contract plan. vs. the everything data 450 plan from sprint.

    even at this rate plus the 10 dollars price is equal. if you go with the eprp plan from sprint it’s 10 bucks cheaper. and then there is the fact that wimax is unlimited and hspa+ gets throttled after 5 gigs. but probably most people won’t touch that anyway. i personally use alot more than that. but i realize that not everyone does. i default to “you should get what’s best for you” for me, i get a huge discount and only pay 145 bucks for a 1500 everything data plan from sprint with 5 lines. that plus my overdrive costs me 230 out the door. (frikking taxes etc.) i am open to tmo and went into a store to talk about maybe switching. they told me point blank, “we can’t get close to that price” and the hspa+ service sucks in Atlanta metro. whereas wimax is pretty widespread in the northern section i work in.

    wimax 2 will be compatible with all existing wimax devices and is set to start roll out by the end of next year, so not sure where people are getting the 5 year projection but that is inaccurate. according to dailywireless
    “Still, Samsung said it plans to trial Release 2 via Clearwire in the United States and UQ Communications in Japan by late 2010. Yota also plans to put the first WiMax 2.0 units into service by the end of next year, although The WiMAX Forum expects to see WiMAX Release 2 available commercially in the 2011-2012 timeframe.”

  77. thank you for citing that with a source viking.

  78. All this crap about who is better than who…blah blah blah. I’ll tell you why I’m happy with my iPhone. Because it’s the only phone that I can jailbreak and tether for free and have unlimited data with. Kinda sucks if you’re a new customer and got stuck with the 2GIG per month cap. But then again, how many of us really exceed that amount of wireless data per month? I do find it funny when evo users boast about 4G that they don’t even have, and don’t even get signal in some areas and ask me to switch on my tether on my iPhone just so that they can piggy back off my network in areas they don’t have signal on. Jailbreak your iPhone, download MyWi app from Cydia, tether away for free and life is peachy. Can any other carrier do that? Hmmm….legal or not, it has yet to be seen. So far AT&T hasn’t called me or cut off my service for tether bombing the crap out of them without paying an extra $15 per month just to be able to do so…”legally”. And don’t give me that stealing crap, when the first one to nuke bomb you with an insane bill for just going a little over your usage is your carrier. Now that’s stealing…so pay back is a bitch :)

  79. JCR
    You also have a cap. The cap even for “unlimited” data customers who “believe” that they’re grandfathered in is 5 GB per month!! AT&T sucks. This is coming from a former Iphone 2G, 3G, 3GS, and 4 user. I took the iphone 4 back after 2 weeks, switched to sprint’s HTC evo 4g and have never looked back.

  80. JCR
    Forgot to mention. Yes another carrier can do that. You can “root” (equivelent of jailbreak) your htc evo and tether for free. And sprints network is way way faster than at&t.

  81. I tested the samsung vibrate 4g in a tmobile store in manhattan and I got speed of 64 mbits I was able to download need for speed shift in a minute and it was on tmobile athought I was near the server i was impressive I thought tmobile had a limit of 21 mbits and also I ended uP going above 5gig and the speeds dramaticly decreased it was 3 mbit like my evo 4g :( but it still better then sprint I’m switching to tmobile can’t wait till vibrate 4g comes out I live near the server in NYC at least I get. 5gb of speed sprint will never match then sprint speeds

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