How Are Smartphone Users Perceived? [HUMOR]


Have you ever wanted to know how the world sees you holding your Android or how you really see yourself when you use an Android phone? What about users of Blackberry and iOS? C-Section Comics has done extensive research and come up with the answers to all of those questions.


How accurate do you think this is? [via IntoMobile]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. That’s awsome. The question is though, how do smartphone useres view featurephone users? That Dinosaur up there looks about right to me.

  2. Spot on, I’d say. Only wished they’d have been able to use Windows phones too.

  3. Haha! That is excellent! Accurate too :p

  4. @Aeires

    What, Windows has a mobile product too?

  5. The only one I don’t get is how blackberry users see us as pizza delivery guys…Still funny…Just think it would be funnier if I understood it. I never thought that someone could so accurately describe my feeling towards iPhone users with such a simple caricature….

  6. @Jeff
    I think the pizza delivery guy means that Blackberry users see Android users as hacks without the nice executive jobs that the Blackberry users have.

  7. Funny because the only friend i have with a blackberry that remotely close to executive, is a manager at Papa Johns…. All the people I know with real tech jobs have switched to Droid X’s..

  8. @paq237: I hope that was a joke? WP7 isn’t new news anymore.

  9. Apparently my wife (a BB user) sees me the same way Iphone users do…

  10. simply awesome…

  11. Effen great….!!!
    This is a good way to star my Friday.

  12. Perfect! Although, I wonder why we can’t all just get along.

  13. How come the iPhone user is a woman?

  14. because they’re p***ies…

  15. In other words, Blackberry and iPhone users are shallow. They view themselves in shallow terms – successful and hot. Whereas Android users, we see ourselves as smart which is something very positive.

  16. Guess I really dont care how Iphone and blackberry users see me. The cartoons are funny, but the Droidx does everything I need for work and performs well while watching movies on the plane rides. Even angry birds is a hit on the Droidx. My blackberry World Edition was the worst phone I ever owned, and I got the best parts of an Iphone with a better cellular network and more options for a cheaper price than the Iphone. Sounds pretty Einstein-ish to me.

  17. So the Blackberry users are pedophiles because they envision a kid in diapers?

  18. Huh…. one of my coworkers with a BB looks very much like that dinosaur, not even kidding….

  19. Funny, but it needs another category for Palm OS…with dinosaurs all the way across.

  20. @wolverineguy55: I was actually thinking that exact same thing!

  21. This is hillarious and was an immediate facebook post that the iphonies got upset about.

  22. I’m pretty sure I got a head nod of respect from a fellow nerd when he saw me pull out my Nokia N800 on the train the other day. At least that was how I chose to interpret it.

  23. Definitely spot on. Certainly gonna share this with friends.

    They’ll use Windows Mobile when the rest of the world does :P (I say this even though I had an HTC Fuze)
    @Drinking the iPhone Kool Aid
    If thats your real interpretation of the picture, I think you really need to seek help.

  24. This is a very accurate comic. As an Android user that’s exactly how I see iPhone users.

  25. LOL! Same here…instant Facebook post! Love it

  26. This wrong.

    Blackberry should go to women.

  27. What’s the deal with the spots on the iphone girl’s face? Is it birth control acne because iphone users are were reported to have a more active sex life than android users?

  28. It’s funny because it’s true!

  29. What about my Samsung Go-phone? How come that isn’t on there?

  30. What about Jitterbug users? :P

  31. Yes, just out of curiosity, is there anything older than the dinosaur that you can use to represent me and my LG Keybo phone?

    I mean QWERTY keyboard yes, but… what is this data plan stuff I hear people talking about? And robotic phones? Phones that are made of fruit?

    It is all so baffling. Hold on – I think I just got a message on my cell’s answering machine…

  32. I’m not sure how accurate a pizza boy is coming from a dinosaur. It’s characteristically anachronistic.

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