Samsung Continuum Arriving at Verizon Stores



Verizon is taking shipments of the Samsung Continuum in preparation for a rumored November 11th launch, though no official announcement has yet been made. Thing are all leaning towards this device debuting next Monday at a Samsung event in NYC, despite everyone’s hope that we will see a Samsung Nexus S stock Android 2.3 device.

Anyone out there excited about this Galaxy S device with a Super AMOLED and secondary “ticker” screen and 1GHz Hummingbird?

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. That image says Android Life, Mr. K. Hah! :P

  2. Its not a bad phone but its a gimmick. instead of a phone length screen it gets split by a thick line near the bottom… sure it wouldnt be bad to have a notification screen but wouldnt the bigger screen be nicer?

  3. The Samsung Continuum looks like a wonderful phone.I was going to switch from my Samsung Reality to the Samsung Fascinate(Galaxy S) but i visited this website Phandroid.com.And fell in love with the soon to be upcoming Motorola Citrus and of course the Samsung Continuum. I am very excited for the arrival for this phone at Verizon.
    -A happy verizon user.

  4. I really hope this isnt the device thats being announced on the 8th! A whole event for this one phone would be very disapointing. They should of made it one big screen.

  5. Lemme guess… BING.

  6. So what is happening with the Fascinate..?

    it isn’t on this list

  7. Yawn.

  8. I’m happy this is the phone being announced next week :) and I’m not even gonna buy it lol

  9. Crap… screw Korea

  10. I love glanceable info. Not even sure that’s a word. I hope its user friendly, ie; editable. I would prefer weather to stocks. BTW Bing on Droids is blasphemy.

  11. How big is this screen? Maybe it is aim for iphone owners.

  12. Who in there right mind would get this instead of the 4inch Display Fascinate?????

    Give up a 1/2 inch of screen for a scrolling display at the bottom…..people dont be stupid!!!

  13. i certainly hope that they aren’t having an event to anounce a single carrier phone. that said, it does look like a nice phone, too bad it’s going to a crap carrier. yeah yeah they have “the network”, they also have a needle injected directly into your bank account and they like to suck their customers dry(in a bad way), while giving them attitude if they want info on upcoming merch.

  14. Samsung over engineer sometimes, it would have just been easier to put a LED notification light on there Android phones.

    With this phone if you leave it on your desk & some one txt you will it display part of the txt, that could be very embarrassing.

  15. Im with Paul on this one. One of the key reasons I’m going with a Droid X instead of a Galaxy S phone is because sheer lack of notification light.

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