Google Instant Makes Mobile Debut for Android


The vote is still out on whether or not Google’s Instant revolutionized desktop web searches like the company hoped it would, but pushing the technology ahead regardless, the instantly gratifying search method has made the transition to mobile.

It has been reported over the past weeks that Instant had been available to certain users, though a complete roll-out hadn’t been announced. Today Google made the new search live for all. Simply head to the Google home page and you can see for yourself (You will need and Android 2.2 handset). You will need to “Turn on” Instant first, though (by selecting the “turn on” link below the search box).

Google Instant aims to speed up the search process and save you those precious seconds of time, or so that seems to be its main selling point. You may very well be just fine without it, but if you are unfamiliar you will want to check out the video below.

[via Google]

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  1. Excellent, thanks for the options Google.

  2. Nice! I have been waiting for this!

  3. i hate google instant. i turn it off as soon as i can.

  4. Not having any luck with finding the option to turn it on using my Evo. Tried desktop and mobile versions of the page. Can anyone help?

  5. i don’t see it either and im on the evo

  6. I hate it too, and what with the fact that the keyboard occupies about half of the screen it’s absolutely useless on phones.

    Could actually be okay for tablets though, when you’re having one of those unable-to-operate-a-soft-keyboard days.

  7. On the EVO, select menu, then touch Google Search and uncheck “show web suggestions”

  8. Same as everyone else, no go on the EVO. Must be a Nexus thing. :-D

  9. @Landlord: And were are your seeing these options?

  10. Still no go on the Evo…oh well, maybe one day. ;p

  11. Works on my Droid, although its quite slow. Who ever uses google.com to search on an Android phone anyway?

  12. I like instant, but it can get annoying as well. If you don’t exactly know what you are looking for and type something in you may find some better words to search for. With instant, lets hope you remember those words because the second you start typing they’re gone… It’s not like hitting “Enter” is hard…

  13. It is a bit tricky to find where that activation link. First when u open your google search page, scroll down until u see a hyper link that shows View Goggle in: mobile | classic and go to http://www.google.com link.

    Click the http://www.google.com link and u will see the page will be refresh with instant (beta) is off: turn on

    If you want this page every time u open ur google search copy the URL link and press menu button choose more and choose setting. Then scroll down on setting page and paste he URL to set home page.

    If u don’t do that, every time you open ur google page it will revert to the old one.

    If the setup above does not work, clear cache, history first and start all over again the above step

  14. instants up on the EVO

  15. it used to appear to me before an hour but now i cant find the option to turn it on/off in google’s main page, however i think i love google instant on desktop browser but im afraid its not as usable on smartphones thanks to the software keyboard blocking half of the screen

  16. @cottonface – tap on the Google Search Widget, then touch your menu button, a window will appear at the bottom of the screen for Search Settings, touch that, then touch Google Search on the next screen and finally on the next screen the first item is “Show web suggestions”. Tap that to remove the check mark.

  17. I wish I could get the browser to search in google classic by default. Google mobile sucks.

  18. It works great on my G2..

  19. working on my mytouch slide w/ cm6.1 but this only helps when i have the keyboard slid out since the touch keyboard takes up half the screen making google’s instant results useless

  20. @QuadCityImages, I use Google.com to search. Isn’t using Google the point of an Android phone? I hate the search home screen search bar. When I want to search the web, I want to search the WEB. I open the browser and my home page is Google.com.

  21. google instant is kinda pointless when you have google voice actions. Still useful, but far more useful on desktop/tablets/notebooks etc

  22. Yay! I have enjoyed this on my desktop (didn’t know what it was at first but still thought it was a cool feature) and, since learning from Phandroid that it was coming to mobile, I have been looking forward to it.

  23. I just want google instant to include voice and mind reading inputs.

  24. Maybe some of yous need to go with the 4.3 screen phones?

  25. Or have a slide out keyboard. I don’t think I will ever get a phone without a keyboard just for the fact that I LIKE to see my screen/webpage/app/etc when I am typing something. BTW – google instant is AWESOME

  26. Google instant on my Droid is actually a little obnoxious. The original search worked fine for mobile, promise!

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