Nov 4th, 2010

The vote is still out on whether or not Google’s Instant revolutionized desktop web searches like the company hoped it would, but pushing the technology ahead regardless, the instantly gratifying search method has made the transition to mobile.

It has been reported over the past weeks that Instant had been available to certain users, though a complete roll-out hadn’t been announced. Today Google made the new search live for all. Simply head to the Google home page and you can see for yourself (You will need and Android 2.2 handset). You will need to “Turn on” Instant first, though (by selecting the “turn on” link below the search box).

Google Instant aims to speed up the search process and save you those precious seconds of time, or so that seems to be its main selling point. You may very well be just fine without it, but if you are unfamiliar you will want to check out the video below.

[via Google]

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