Google Approving Developers for Free Google TVs



As reported a couple weeks back, Google is giving out 10,000 Logitech Revue unites to interested developers keen on making content for Google TV. While Google sure didn’t make it sound that difficult for devs to get their hands on a free device, there was some sort of approval process, and those that cleared are starting to receive further instructions on obtaining their dev unit.

Those selected need only respond with a valid US address by the end of the day November 11th in order to have a Revue shipped out two to three weeks later. And readers moonlighting as developers get invited to receive a free Revue?

[via MobitureBlog, thanks Ryan!]

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  1. lets see, it costs what? $25 to become a dev?

  2. Got the email a few hours ago. I’m not even a registered dev, I do build apps though. I did go to I/O, I’m guessing those people are on the list.

  3. Hope they didn’t send out the email to me today… My work e-mail was down today all day :(

  4. No, it is free for any developer to apply, no membership or anything required…

  5. I just received the email that you showed above. The terms and conditions says that the offer of the free device is only good for the email address that the email was sent to.

    At least for some people, they were already pre-approved and those people only have to fill out the form linked in the email to get their free device.

    I have gone to the last 2 Google I/O conferences. There is also a Google Technology Meetup Group that I belong to that is not run by Google but the meetings are held on the Google Campus. Google has provided free stuff and discounts to the meetup group and they have collected

    The $300 I spent for the last Google I/O conference got me an free unlocked Droid phone, free unlocked Sprint EVO phone, and now a free Google TV box. Best $300 I ever spent.

  6. i’ve been flirting with the google dev process for a while, it might be cool to get free google TV in addition to messing around with some possible TV apps

  7. I am a developer. I develop Flex/AIR/HTML5 application/sites on Google’s Platform. I received my invite today.

  8. Earl, what was the from address from Google, so I can make sure it doesn’t get filtered as spam?

  9. From: Google TV Team

    I know two people who have gotten notifications and both of them went to Google I/O… I haven’t gotten one yet though and I went. I dunno how they decide. Neither of those two people are signed up as developers.

  10. Just as well no one outside the US knows how to develop code, otherwise Google might be missing an opportunity to garner more support for their platform.

  11. You didn’t have to be a registered market dev to register for the revue. I submited for one through a form on thier site.

  12. I got an email that said I was eligible because I’m a member of Google Code, so it doesn’t appear to be just registered Android devs

  13. The reason they are doing US only is that it will take a long while to make agreements with other companies.

    As an example, Google TV is integrated with satellite company Dish TV. They are probably trying to make agreements with Direct TV and all of the Cable companies. It will probably be a long and arduous task to just do that. Once they can get more of the US market covered, then they can start with other countries.

  14. Mailing address:
    1521 Lago St , Apt# 21,
    San Mateo, CA 94403

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