Firefox 4 Beta Updated, Speed Boosts Push it Ahead of Stock Browser


firefox-mobile-180x300The default Android browser is quick and lightweight making it the number one choice for many despite numerous more full-featured third party browsers to choose from, but Firefox 4 is looking to give it a serious run for its money. The app just updated, bringing along some major tweaks, not the least of which is a 40 percent increase in page load speeds. The SunSpider Javascript benchmark pegs the update at 25 percent zippier than the stock Android browser.

Also as part of the update, increased localization is available with support for ten different languages and multitouch zoom has been tweaked and improved. Other updates reduce memory requirements, allow for the re-opening of recently closed tabs, added geolocation support, and “improved text spacing.”

If you are a Firefox fan, you shouldn’t waste another second before grabbing the update. You can download it from Mozilla now.

[via Mozilla]

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  1. Javascript speed is great and all, but what about the actual performance of the app? The last I checked, this thing brought phones to weak knees.

  2. …and it still does. Uninstalled once again.

  3. this thing is a beast. very very nice on my 2.2 captivate!

  4. wont work on my CDMA HTC Hero. Says hardware not compatible or something. :( Anyone else having this problem? I’m running CM 6.1…maybe that’s why?

  5. hmm I’ll give it a try on my G2

  6. WHAT!! this crap is still slow. Nothing is faster than the froyo browser. its already been proven the fastest mobile browser out there. i get blank spaces when when i scroll down too fast on this. (unlike 2.2 browser.) who said it was better? multitouch is still jumpy on this.

  7. @alexthearmo I’m pretty sure firefox is only meant for Next Gen Android devices.

  8. I like the direction it’s going but still slow to render with pinch to zoom. Pages do load pretty quick but slows my phone down severely. Running launcher pro plus on a rooted and lag fixed vibrant and when I exit the browser it takes down my home screens for a good 15-20 seconds. I un-installed the first time for this reason and getting rid of it again for this reason. Sticking with dolphin hd for now.

  9. it’s worse then before i can’t even log in to my facebook with wifi on…. i rather use dolphin hd

  10. Slowed down my phone. Milestone @ 1Ghz. So I uninstalled it immediately. Don’t forget its still a beta people. I have good fate the guys at mozilla will make firefox rock

  11. still cant bookmark any websites. and why does the Menu button function like that?? thats a tremendous waste of a valuable button right there

  12. Worse than before can’t even load a single page.

    Samsung Vibrant running 2.2

  13. I mean 2.1 :(

  14. it is definitely getting better but the double-tap to zoom is still not that great, it doesnt zoom enough on the text blocks to make it readable, plus the text blocks should be formatted to fit your screen when you zoom in just like stock browser does. and what about flash integration ? have they revealed any plans on that ?

  15. how do u install it on samsung captivate 2.1 ??? it keeps saying Att Blocks Outside market apps..

  16. Getting better than previously available builds, but doesn’t feel as fast as stock browser yet. Still, it’s beta so we shouldn’t be complaining right?

    I really like the flick to the right to reveal tabs. A proper implementation of tabs, that doesn’t require 3 key presses, is a glaring omission from the stock browser.

  17. says mytouch slide doesnt meet minimum requirements

  18. Rooted Mytouch Slide running CM6 doesn’t meet minimum system requirements. :(

  19. Firefox is terrible. Was running so slowly on my Droid X, promptly has been uninstalled.

  20. @terrence: You can bookmark sites. Swipe your screen left or right to access things that would normally be found by pressing the menu button. While the menu button does feel somewhat wasted, what else were they going to do with it when everything you need is already on-screen?

  21. Runs like garbage on 1.25 ghz Droid.

  22. I gotta say, the scrolling is EPIC smooth on my Droid X. Zooming needs work, but overall I do really like how it fits together/looks.

    Excited (though I’d love instant search – got used to it).

  23. Still a no-go on DROID. It barely fires up and then it hangs like no tomorrow. Even if the browsing speed is greater than the stock browser, I will never know. :(

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