Android 2.1 Update Begins for Motorola Backflip Test Group Today, All Users November 9



It wasn’t long ago that we told you that Motorola was looking for test users for the Android 2.1 update AT&T’s Backflip, but it is kicking off today. One thousand of those who applied to get the update early will receive it starting today, and provided all goes well all users should be start seeing the update on November 9th.

The update isn’t being pushed over the air and will require the user to download and install a Motorola update tool on their PC and connect their phone directly. It’s been long enough, but we suspect the Backflip won’t be seeing another update of this size any time soon.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I am one of the test users and am currently writing this comment from my backflip using 2.1. It is good stuff you wont be disappointed!

  2. Soo…… it says the update will be out on the 9th, does that include Cliq owners.? Cause I check everyday to see what’s up, so ya. That’s my question, will the cliq get it november 9th too.

  3. So Michael would be a sport and post that executable file up on a DL host so everyone can join the fun?

  4. Ya.. good idea!

  5. Finnally! A date! I can’t wait til then to finally experience what 50% of the rest of 2.1 users do. It sucks not every backflip owner will have it because its not ota if they know nothing about it getting upgraded to 2.1 oh well

  6. I cant wait. ive been wanting the update since i got my phone lol.

  7. So my sis [not ME…lame] was one that was picked, and she’s been having nothing but issues with her phone. It’s been force restarted numerous times, and now has no 3G connection. No one can seem to help her, so now she can’t use apps, mms, or anything else internet based. Sure hope they stabilize this before releasing it, hopefully still on the 9th….

  8. 2.1 has been out for about 2 months due to the work of j_r0dd. its far better than moto’s


  10. Oh lawd Shut the fuck up @Steve Lawd, ya bitchin about them pushing the update out n now that their fianally coming close to pushing it out u still bitch like u have a cat in between ur legz! Now Shut………… THA……………. FUCK……… UP^

  11. I bet u don’t even own one of the Motoblur phones n if u don’t wats ur point of sayin FAIL

  12. I am also running the 2.1 official version on my backflip. It runs really smooth. I’ve tested it by downloading apps like crazy and there has been no lag. The only small problem i have is that the option to add non-market apps is not on the device. I said it’s a small problem because they can be added through adb. Other than that…it’s really great. The huge plus for me…u can resize your widgets.

  13. Lol @OMG ,make a good point.

  14. what is adb?

  15. @ rob & michael…when you updated, did you lose all your downloads and data? I know motoblur saves some stuff. I did the update on my samsung moment, and it cleared everything but contacts. My fiance has the backflip and she’d kill me if stuff is removed.

  16. @Mike C:

    I did the update, didn’t lose anything. The contact links went away, but the contacts themselves are all there.

    I didn’t even lose my Blizzard authenticator, though I made sure to remove it this time (13.37 was still fresh in my mind.)

  17. I tried to download several times today starting after midnight US CST. The site page says it is in testing and will not replaced until testing is over.

  18. Update Not Available???

  19. What site do you get the update from?

  20. Hello, how about an update about the update. Lol. Still saying no update available. Has it been postponed? Would be nice if someone would let the blackflip owners in on it.

  21. http://www.motorola.com/consumers/v/index.jsp?vgnextoid=69fd5fc943dc0210VgnVCM1000008806b00aRCRD&vgnextrefresh=1

    i do believe is the place hook your phone up to your computer using the cord it came with and click via your computer and follow the instructions.

  22. @ab2tract i went to that link and it says no software update available, and i also went to http://www.motorola.com/BACKFLIP-eclair-upgrade which is what it says to go to in the release notes, and still nothing…it says “This page is currently inactive as prelaunch testing of the software is underway. The page will be reactivated when the testing period is complete.”

  23. here’s the information everyone has been dying to know!!

    Reymer: Hi, my name is Reymer. How may I help you?
    Oliver Closeoff: Hi, i’m sure you’re getting tired of this question, but i’m currently waiting for the 2.1 update on the backflip. any idea when this device can be updated?
    Oliver Closeoff: Also mind you, any information that can be givin would be greatfully appreciated, so i can let a couple of forums know when this firmware update could be downloaded
    Reymer: Starting at 12:00 midnight Central time Wednesday 11/10/10. The software update will be available from the Motorola and AT&T user forum pages. The SW upgrade is going to be via SD Card as preferred method and then also via SRT.
    Oliver Closeoff: Also I do have a question on the update
    Oliver Closeoff: Will I need to download this update via cable/computer, or could this update be downloaded straight to the device itself?
    Reymer: Yes that will be a manual update through your computer.
    Reymer: You may check this link later at 12 midnight:

    Oliver Closeoff: Okay and one more thing before we get done. Enhancement wise, how will the device perform? CPU wise etc, will the mhz be greater to support the new update?
    Reymer: Sorry but the enhancements will still be enumerated when the update is released.
    Oliver Closeoff: Ah well, i’ll find out then I suppose, thank you very much Mr.Reymer, you just made a lot of forumers really happy to know that this device will be updated, just making sure that all the bugs that are found can be fixed a head of time!
    Reymer: You’re welcome.
    Reymer: I’m glad to serve you.
    Reymer: If you need any more information get in touch. Thanks from Motorola, bye!
    Oliver Closeoff: Have a great day!

  24. Oh god, they f#¢&ed us!

  25. @Oliver, thanks so much!!! I was so excited to hear about the update and was disappointed when it still wasn’t there. Thanks for posting this!

  26. i updated to 2.1 today and was wondering if anyone knows if there is an option for live wallpapers? every other 2.1 phone has them but the backflip doesnt? or am i really that blind and not seeing it? :/

  27. https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/41260/related/1/session/L2F2LzEvdGltZS8xMjg5MzkwMDM4L3NpZC9NTHlTOEhlaw%3D%3D

    Go to where it says to update android 2.1 update- click here, and continue from there.

    or if that doesnt work go to the phone overveiw(Backflip) and then click owner support, after that, near the bottom left, it should say: Top Mobile phone FAQ’s and check for a software update, and you should see, to update to android 2.1 update- click here and follow the instructions from there and you should be done in about 20-40 mins. Thats how I did it. Enjoy!

  28. I called Motorola yesterday and they told me that it would be pushed out over the air and to give it up to two weeks in order to receive it and if I had not received it by then to give them a call back. So why are people on here saying that it is a manual uodate and that you have to go to the site to update?

  29. I can not get the update to work on my backflip, I tried the site that Charles has posted but after dwnldg it it does not do anything.

  30. Did you, put it in the root of your memory card? Then go to settings and go to about phone and choose system updates?

  31. I have it all figured out now, got it working; just can’t seem to get online using my network.

  32. You may have to call att then unless your phone is unlocked, and you have a different company.

  33. I messed with it some and now I have it working online again. Thanks.

  34. Has anyone had any issues with their phone since downloading the update? I have noticed mine on two separate occasions shutting down and turning back on. Just wanting to know. Thanks.

  35. Ive had the update since yesterday. to be honest im not that im pressed. you cant take off the default android keyboard which succs. i dnt think you can use live wallpapers if so i cant find it. the best thing is i being able to get 3rd party apps through adb. you can use voice search and its not yahoo anymore they went to google. the maps have turn by turn navi. STILL wish they would let us get 3rd party apps without adb. then it would be a true android phone.

  36. Tyler, I saw some live wallpapers in the android market. What is adb? I am not that impressed either.

  37. after i update to android 2.1 my mms on h2o got mess up i cannt send or receive picture,does it get lock back to att or the phone continue unlock ???? any idea here from some one.plus the data service on h2o is only 20mb per month :( but is suppost to have unlimited multimedia messages.i would find out on the 27 when i recharge my service on h2o.

  38. update looks good and all. but it makes the whole phone move entirely too slow. i promise u will want to break it. yes the market is better. but a lot of the apps the phone can barely even handle.

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