Droid Incredible November 8 Update ROM Leaks



Verizon is readying a maintenance update for the HTC Droid Incredible for November 8th, but apparently the ROM has already been floating around since the middle of October. XDA Forums user rmk40 outed the update and it appears to have VCast in tact.  With a bit of digging you will find a VCast.apk in the file list. If you’re really into that bloatware and can’t wait another week to have it forced upon your phone, you can follow the source links below to install it now on your rooted handset.

[XDA Forums via DroidLife]

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  1. LAST!

  2. Oh boy!! Not on my rooted Dinc….

  3. Hmm, maybe thats what wiped my address book. I didn’t see an OTA update pushed to my phone, but it did restart several times while using the GPS and Last.fm apps yesterday. I called Verizon and they said my phone is pretty well fucked because it was doing a lot of restarting beforehand as well. They said they’ve been having a lot of problems since froyo and the guy I spoke with said that the processor couldn’t handle froyo. I don’t know why I haven’t rooted it yet, well, actually I do, I like the look of HTC sense. Damn you Sense UI, you are effing up my Android experience.

  4. the 1ghz snapdragon couldn’t handle Froyo…
    I think you found what we in the cell phone support circle call an “idiot”.

  5. ^^^^^^^ LOL LMAO HAHAHA

  6. I know more than Verizon so called “Technicians”.

  7. There solution to everything is a factory reset.

  8. Not something really to get excited about. If VZW Navigator was announced to be free….then that’s to be excited about.

  9. Really…….it can not handle froyo? It seems that I have the only working incredible. I love the update, and seems to work much better than 2.1!

  10. My incredible works Great with Froyo. I think that most of peoples’ problems are caused by crappy apps. The only time I have any issues at all with my phone is because some poorly designed app is causing it.

  11. My DINC is the balls

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