Motorola Milestone 2 On Sale at Amazon Germany, Shipping November 9



The Motorola Milestone 2, what will be the global version of the Motorola Droid 2 (but not the Droid 2 Global), hasn’t seen much action since a few leaks over the summer. Just when you might have thought hope was lost, the phone has made a quiet appearance at Amazon.de. For EUR 499.99 you can claim your piece of the Milestone Duece and await its shipment come November 9th.

What you’re getting is the same 1GHz processor and internals as the Droid 2 with the addition of 720p vid HD video capture to go along with the 5MP camera. A worthy successor to the first Milestone.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Locked bootloader? OS updates at a glacial pace? No thanks, I’ll be going HTC next time.

  2. Hey Motorola, if you could go ahead and enable HD video recording on my Droid 2 asap, that would be greeeeeeeaaaaat.

  3. @Alex
    I don’t believe its possible, because the internals are not the same. Droid 2 has OMAP3620 processor while the milestone 2 has OMAP3630 (same as droid x). As far as I know the sole difference between the two is a different video accelerator in 3630 (with support for 720p)


  4. Thanks for the web site. There is also a 850/1900/2100 MHz version so maybe in Canada?

  5. @hesoyam
    awesome, thanks for the info

  6. considering the hudge amount of problems we (europeans) have with Milestone v1, I wouldn’t recommend this version!

  7. …and the lack of support/respond from Moto

    (we are stil in a bugged version of eclair several months after the droid’s gone froyo)

  8. My Milestone works great, having had Motorola phone’s for a considerable length of time (best part of a decade) I’m sort of used to the way Moto works. And before you ask, I’m on the latest update (2.1, update 1) and everything is working great. Maybe I’m a lucky one but the Milestone has done everything I want and more!

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