[Update: Rogers Tab Pricing] Virgin Mobile Canada Getting the Samsung Galaxy S, Bell Getting the Galaxy Tab?


Samsung’s still getting that Galaxy S to every carrier they can as new evidence has just emerged showing Virgin Mobile in Canada will be the latest in line to get it. We should be seeing it November 15th there, but no pricing or other details could be had. We’ve also learned that another of Canada’s carriers – Bell – will be releasing their version of the Galaxy Tab on November 16th and will cost $649.95 outright (with no word on if they’ll be offering it subsidized.)  Canada’s about to get a whole lot of Samsung love if any of these rumors turn out to be true.

[Update]: And the Galaxy Tab for Rogers has also had its pricing leaked. Outright, you can get it for $674.99. Contract options include $599.99 for one year, $564.99 for two years, and $539.99 for three years. It doesn’t sound like the jump from one year to two or three will be worth it, but that’s just me. I’ll never get over just how bad Canadians have it when it comes to smartphone contracts. [MobileSyrup]

Screen shot 2010-11-03 at 11.56.11 AM

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  1. canadas data plans suck ass like 25 bucks for 500MB if i need data i just buy a $2 a day and i get 20 MB and thats just when im away from wifi

  2. Why in the world would I commit to a 3 year slave contract with bell to save a lousy $135….on a $600 product.

    Only to have a crazy expensive and uselessly tiny data plan.

    What a deal……….!!!

  3. For you folks in America, Virgin Canada is 100% owned by Bell, it’s their “value” and prepaid brand.

    Now for the burning question, do the Canadian Tabs have voice telephony enabled like the Euro versions, or crippled like the US ones?

  4. Thanks for the product cost.

    Anyone know the answers too…

    #1 What will the monthly fee for data be?
    #2 Is telephony definitely disabled?

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