Archos 70 Available Now for $279.99


Archos just dropped their 4.3-inch tablet for $250, and today sees the debut of the 7-inch models – that feels more like an actual tablet – for $279.99. The Archos 70 comes with a 1GHz processor, 8GB of storage, TV out, WiFi N, Bluetooth, USB, UPnP and Samba support, and Android 2.2. It doesn’t have the Android market, just as we’d expect. Go ahead and grab it now if it sounds like something you want, but if you wait, there will be a 250GB version for $350. [via AG]


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. resolution is 800×480, otherwise I’d be very interested.

    also, I think you missed a word after “sounds” in your last sentence.

  2. Don’t forget there’s no Google Apps!

  3. Google Apps can simply be added to give you a great little device if the early reviews are true.

  4. yeah, but that’s easily remedied. i’m not concerned about that.

    i think the RAM is only 256mb, too. for both the 70 and the upcoming 101. that (and the resolution for the 70) concern me more than the lack of google apps that I can add manually in a couple minutes (if that).

  5. I read somewhere that it cannot display in portrait, which makes it not as usable as an eReader.

  6. The 43 is only $30 less? Only $30 for 7″ multitouch capacitive screen vs 4.3″ resistive “single” touch. What gives?


    I’m sick of reading hundreds of comments from people who keep saying that this tablet isn’t worth it because it has no Android Market or Google Maps…etc. This is the first capable Android tablet out yet!

  8. For that price I can work with those specs. I like that is has Mini HDMI out without having to buy a dock too.

  9. Ok. So how does this device differ from my Droid X? Specs sound about the same so far as screen size. And the Droid has a phone!

    What am I missing?

  10. @Jim T, if you already have a Droid X then you probably don’t need this unless you want a larger screen. These would be great as cheaper alternatives to the iPad, or even iPod Touch for that matter.

  11. The thing is sold out – got off the order line at 1-866-489-4718 and they are sold out. Checking other etailers.

  12. Good news – now you can order it again online. Archos webiste is taking orders and you basically get a discount

    Order Details

    Product Qty Unit Price Discount Total Price
    ARCHOS 70 internet tablet 8GB
    $274.99 $55.00 $494.98

    Sub-total: $494.98 US
    Shipping $30.00 US
    Total charge to your credit card: $524.98US

  13. Its now worth more than the ipad!? Wtf!!!!???

  14. @powerx86 that can’t be right.. if it discounted $55 off the price of the archos 7 which is $280 it should be $225 not $494.98 where did you get all those numbers!?

  15. Oh I see.. nevermind
    You bought 2 of them. Your an idiot for posting something like that. You were getting me all worked up!! >=[

  16. No it is not. Powerx86 ordered 2 of them.

  17. without android, archos would have closed shop.

  18. Lol what the crap…what abuttpickle move to even make this thing…what A joke…my X and every other 4.3 incher phone is better then this thing…oh wow…holly dam…buttpickles lol

  19. wow i went to site for good 30 mis to calculate price wish id just scrolled down to make sense lol 500 for it

  20. It’s basically a super pmp. Yes it can be rotated into portrait mode. Been looking at this thing for a looong time and glad it’s finally here. Any questions go to the site admin is a bit…overly excited about archos products, but this thing does look sweet, and I will be getting the 250gb model.

  21. Can someone help me, please? How can I order an Archos 70 on their site? All I can get for Archos 70, NOT ARCHOS 7!!, it’s a Notify me button.
    Thank you!

  22. im getting the 10″ model. my moto droid is not fast enough to handle all my apps and there is no great phone like the evo on verizon yet. i dont want to use my upgrade on the X. =[

  23. I want the Archos 70 Internet Tablet ffs… When are more going to be in stock? =-P

    I mean, it’s a good sign that you guys did good on the product. You apparently sold out due to overwhelming demand. But hey, I still want one! :D

  24. No comments?

    No biggy – I’m buying the Archos 5 501313 16GB tomorrow w/ Overnight shipping anyway. Pretty damn good deal on it ;). That’ll be my GPS for my Volvo S70 too, so I’ll still have to get the Archos 70 when it’s available again for my in-work fun.

    Just cmon guys, I WTB your Archos 70 Internet Tablet! >:(

  25. The HDMI looks cool. Hope the videos aren’t jumpy.

  26. dec 1 and still no word when the 70 will be available to ship..boohoo i want mine for xmas santa.

  27. bolshy yarbles for all

  28. another reason to buy it: Angry Birds on a 7″ Screen :)

  29. Own one. It’s a nice tablet. It’s portable, good battery life, nice video playback, droid experience…has it all. Peter, Founder

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