Nov 3rd, 2010


What happens when you dig down into the Google Maps APK and switch its API level over from 8 (Froyo) to 9 (Gingerbread)? You get what Maps will eventually look like when it is running an Android 2.3 handset. Notice the transparent header of the current Maps dialog (left) gives way to a solid black header in Gingerbread (right). This lines up with the change to the notification bar from grey to black we initially told you about in our first Gingerbread report.

Also note that the rounded buttons of old give way to a more squared-off look at API level 9. Now there isn’t much more we can infer about Gingerbread’s overall look and feel from this one view, but it lines up with the 2.3 release only providing slight refinements rather than a sweeping overhaul. I like the new look the more polished feel it could potentially give the OS, which is a move in the right direction if any.

[Android Police via Engadget]