HTC Desire Z Now Available from Bell Canada for $129.95



Bell subscribers and soon-to-be subscribers: the HTC Desire Z is no available from the Canadian carrier. $129.95 will be the price for the phone locked down to a three-year contract (an awfully long time to carry the same phone), or if you are feeling froggy you can grab it for $499.95 off-contract.

This Android 2.2 handset features a new version of HTC Sense, something lacking from the stock Android offered on the US twin the T-Mobile G2. It’s a quick phone with a full QWERTY keyboard. What’s not to love? You can grab it online or in Bell stores now.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. Can’t wait to pick it up after school today :)

    PS: You forgot the W in ‘now’ in the first sentence :P

  2. No stores have it.

  3. I would buy off contract it’s almost half the price to here in Sweden awesome how cheap it is in Nort America

  4. @Johan

    You can’t buy it outright without some sort of plan. That means an activation fee and at least one month’s payment of a MTM plan – $70 in total.

  5. @Jim R
    Do you know this to be a fact? I thought that you could buy phones off plan? What if I have an expired (meaning term of 3 years is passed) but still going phone plan with Bell. Can I buy for full price without extending my plan?

  6. Got mine today at Futureshop Burlington. Bought outright, didn’t need to be a Bell customer or get any service at all.

    The phone is great but it looks like Bell is pulling a fast one and removed HTC Locations and put on a $10 a month GPS app in its place. Very unimpressed. They also preloaded a few games and some other shortcuts that you cannot remove. Complete d1ck move imho.

  7. I Was in multiple Bell stores for a total of about 2 hours today – there is no way to get one without signing up for a plan! So stupid..
    You can signup for the cheapest plan ($30 a month) and pay the $35 activation then cancel.. so 65 bucks total..

    Butttt I think i can just drag some Bell customer in with me tomorrow – they can buy the phone, put their number on it, then switch their number back to their old phone and give me the desire z.

  8. I just spoke to Bell on the phone, and they confirmed that I would have to go onto a contract to buy the “no contract” phone. I pointed out that this was misleading, but they wouldn’t budge.

    Anyway, I have reported them to adstandards.com and I would urge others to do the same.

  9. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE! there is a serious problem with the reception. Calls outgoing do not connect, this happens often. Also when using wi-fi the incoming callers get a busy signal. It happened on all 3 desire Z replacements I received. THERE NEEDS TO BE A FIRMWARE UPDATE FROM HTC to fix this but that has not yet happened. BELL support has told me to take it back and get a different model.

  10. @VancouverBC
    I also have s serious problem with reception. I think it is something to do with being connect to Wi-fi too. Outgoing calls don’t connect, Incoming callers get a busy signal. It’s VERY annoying

    @Ryan Ewen
    Bell did remove HTC Locations. You not only loose one of the great features of this phone; having off-line maps. You also loose the phone-finder feature as well, probably more.

    I also can’t log on to any social networks through FriendStream. I can fine through their dedicated apps. It gives me a “service is unavailable” error. I don’t know if that is Bell’s fault as well.

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