Nov 3rd, 2010


The monthly report from comScore is in, and once again the numbers are looking just peachy keen for Android. While the leading platform, RIM’s Blackberry, saw a 2.8 percent drop and Apple’s number remained stagnant, Android made the only improvement on its June numbers with a 6.5 percent increase from 14.9  percent of all smartphone subscribers to 21.4 percent.

This means that out of the 58.7 million people in the US with a smartphone — a number which itself has increased 15 percent since June — one out of every five is an Android handset. Use of smartphone services such as web browsing and application downloads is also on the rise.

Of manufacturers, Samsung ranked at the top in terms of US mobile subscribers, followed by LG and Motorola. That equals the top three OEMs using Android in one capacity or another, while spots four and five were left for non-Android manufacturing giants RIM and Nokia.

Do we need to say it again? Android is on the rise and life is good.

[via TechCrunch]