Samsung Continuum Makes an Appearance on Verizon’s Holiday Site, Gets Compared to VZW’s High-End Androids


While we will reserve final judgement for when we get a chance to check out the phone in person (most likely at a press event next week), the Samsung Continuum is shaping up to be a bit more of a handset than we originally thought. The phone takes on the Galaxy S branding, and many of the specs associated with that line of phones. A 1GHz Hummingbird and Super AMOLED screen, albeit slightly smaller than the Fascinate’s can be expected in addition to a secondary “ticker” display. Check out how it stacks up compared to the likes of the Droid X, Droid 2, and Fascinate.


Oh, and the phone should be dropping November 11th. It even made an appearance on Verizon’s holiday site.


[via Engadget, DroidLife]

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  1. What is the second screen for?

  2. As far as I can tell, it’s a ticker for the time and notifications. I don’t know if it’ll be used by other apps at all though!

  3. I think its one of those “quick view” tickets where you can see news and weather or stock info without having to unlock the phone. KInda’ silly but maybe there is a use for it

  4. From the looks of the picture, the ticker is for text message notifications etc. kind of a neat idea. Not worth leaving the Incredible for though.

  5. Android 2.1, what a shame.

  6. As a side thought, the second screen could also be used for custom buttons.

  7. Looks like a crappy phone with no internal storage, a smaller primary screen, completely USELESS secondary screen, android 2.1 and BING….. freaking BING.

    There’s no point in samsung releasing this phone. It’s junk.

  8. “Still looks like the DX is the Flagship.”

  9. So this phone really just a smaller version of the Fascinate…. (wth would u have 2 Galaxy S phones….)

  10. i guess for those who don’t want a 4.0″ screen. which is understandable but still stupid.

  11. The tiny screen that people see is supposed to be a seperate led screen for notifications. I think there was a Phandroid artice about it awhile back. I am still a proud owner of my incredible and I am finding it difficult to find something that I consider an upgrade.

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