Logitech Revue Over-the-Air Update Going Out Now



So I’m sitting here taking in a bit of Google TV on the Logitech Revue — Alien to be exact — as I ingest my daily serving of tech news, and what should appear on my screen but a notification of an available OTA update. A quick trip to Google search later, it would appear that either this update just started moving or no one on this planet cares that it is happening, because I can uncover just about no information about the update other than a few other members on the Logitech forums have received it starting today.

Quickly tuning to the NFL network to see if this is indeed the fix that was mentioned to be coming to correct jittery framerate issues. action does look a bit smoother, but I can’t be sure. Could just be a placebo effect.

The update was sizable at 160+ MB, and  it could be that I am just receiving an update that is the same as a file that has been floating around over at XDA, from which several GTV-only applications were isolated and ported to Android handsets last week.

Anyone else receive this update? I will continue to see what I can dig up about it.

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  1. I received it as well and was wondering the same thing.

  2. Well, it didn’t pop up for me, but going to About > System Updates like on any Android phone found it for me. It’s installing as I type this.

    I actually never had the jittery framerate issue, and I watch a lot of football — not sure what exactly causes the issue, though, so maybe my setup isn’t affected?

  3. Got last weeks update, and a new one today. Haven’t noticed anything different yet…

  4. I just got it as well. No obvious differences yet.

  5. Just got my update today. Have yet to see any real difference yet.

  6. I am installing now 7:09pm EST.

  7. I just went to about/system update and it says I am up to date. I am on:

    firmware: 2.1 update 1
    build#: KA1X-20101027.092418.user_Bxxxxx

    Are those of you who have received the update seeing my version, or something newer?

  8. Not really an “OTA” update is it ? Doesnt the unit require to be plugged into a cat5 cable ?

  9. I Got my 5.1 Surround Back! NIce!

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