Verizon’s Tab Will Only Skype Over WiFi


Looks like those of you looking to Skype over Verizon’s data network using your Tab have been foiled, blast! While Verizon’s Android phones come loaded with a special version of Skype that can utilize 3G to make a Skype call, Galaxy Tabs will be forced to locate the nearest hotspot before VoIPing.

Shall we take bets on how long it will take the community to port the phone version of Skype over to the Tab? My guess? Christmas, and that’s being generous.

[via PCMAG]

Tyler Miller

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  1. So when do I get Skype *with* wifi on my HTC Incredible? Right now, it *only* supports 3G.

    I sure wish they’d just open this all up to keep the confusion down. Sheesh.

  2. The hack someone used on the current Skype might work to unlock 3G.

  3. What I would loves to know Phandroid is why oh why do these big tacky Bing adds keep showing up on Phandroid?

  4. @ Kyle

    They do have a wifi only skype. You have to download it from the market

  5. I just received my Droid X and I pay the extra charge to have the 3G Hot Spot plan and I can not keep a connection. Does anyone else having the same problem?

  6. How many times does this have to be repeated? Verizon’s exclusive Skype Mobile doesn’t use their data network. It makes VOICE CALLS which don’t count against your minutes due to the way they’ve set up the billing. The Verizon Tab has no voice calls, ergo no Skype Mobile. If you hack on the exclusive app it still won’t help.

  7. Teresa,
    I bought it as well then dumped it 3 weeks later. the connection is slower than using pdanet and it is absolutely horrible at keeping a connection! Many imporovements are needed!

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