Dell Venue Takes a Second Lap Around the FCC, this Time Carrying T-Mobile Bands



The last time we saw the Dell Venue (used to be Dell Thunder) hanging around the FCC it was poised for an AT&T release with a WCDMA Band II / V radio on board. That version could also find a home on the major three Canadian carriers Rogers, Bell, and Telus. But T-Mobile may get their shot at the handset as well, according to a second FCC filing for a model code V03B002 version of the Venue carrying 1700MHz AWS 3G.

Before you get too excited, remember the same thing happened for the Dell Streak, and we have yet to see the AWS version come to market.

[via Engadget]

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  1. First

  2. Why would The original Dell Venue come to tmobile?? We are getting the Pro and you can’t have a pro version without an original version on the same carrier.

  3. *Why wouldn’t

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