Samsung Galaxy Tab Now On Sale in the UK



November is upon us and the Samsung Galaxy Tab is here, in the UK at least. It will follow shortly to the US market, but for now those living across the Atlantic have plenty of options if they want to grab the Tab. The magic number seems to be 499.99 on various month to month plans depending on carrier, including Vodafone, Orange, and Think Mobile. A 40 per month plan and two-year commitment on Three nets you the Galaxy Tab for just 99.99, while 529.99 gets you a contract-free version through Carphone Warehouse.

Who is picking one up?

[via Engadget]

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  1. This sells for 480 GBP in Singapore from Nov13

  2. First

  3. Apollo, you are my hero. First eh! must have been waiting all night for that one :)

  4. fifth!

  5. The early adopter in me would like one but the tight bastard in me say hang on for the next version of Android with a wifi only version.

    Hopefully by then there will be more choice in the way of an HTC tablet perhaps.

  6. Find me a ‘£99 from 3’ link and i will buy it.

  7. I’ll be getting one in an hour or two from the Carphone Warehouse in Canary Wharf, assuming they actually get some in stock. Or perhaps from another shop in London (as I have heard others already have).

    I gotta say… While I am sure Android will in the long run stomp Apple in the tablet market (they can’t beat open + the quanity of manufacturers)…. Apple sure knows how to hype a launch and Samsung, etc, sure could learn a few things.

    The Carphone Warehouse doesn’t even have up a sign! And we’ve barely any real news when this is coming on the mobile carriers. Pitiful!

  8. Yea I agree Paul. There hasn’t really been too much hypre surrounding the release. Certainly nothing in comparison to the launch of the iPhone (where every phone shop had sold out within hours and there were people queuing outside shops from the night before!)

    Theres a really good article here comparing the best Galaxy Tab offers

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