Samsung Denies Nexus Two Rumors



Everyone and their mother seems to have some sort of insider knowledge or insight into why the Nexus Two (or as we like to call it, the Nexus S) is very real and coming from Samsung in a matter of weeks. And while the internet chorus goes on singing the same song, the Korean handset manufacturer is, as expected, denying all rumors that such a phone exists and will be launched at their November 8th mobile event. Korean site danawa.com has a quote from Samsung saying the rumors are “simply not true.”

Of course they would say that. But then again, maybe their upcoming event will be for the Samsung Continuum after all. That wouldn’t be nearly as exciting.

[via BGR]

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  1. well if it wasn’t true before, it is now, which might puch out the release date, but their marketing dept both at Samsung and Google would be fools to not notice the popularity of such a combination of a Google handset built by Sammy. If anything else it was just that, a marketing experiment.

  2. guys forget nexus two, android is booming, no need for nexus two. Android at 20 million in Q3 as per canalsys, more than IPhone + IPad

  3. http://www.canalys.com/pr/2010/r2010111.html

    more than 20 million android phones shipped, and more than 50 percent outside US proving android is not a US only phenomenon

  4. I think the reason I don’t believe it is that it would be wierd if HTC didn’t have the name copyrighted or something after the they built the first one, also it would be weird for google just to switch after the nexus 1 was so successful.

  5. Don’t get me wrong but, thank god that Samsung is not making any nexus two…..

  6. Good. I wouldn’t want a crappy Samsung phone.

  7. best news ever!

  8. Thank you Jesus!

  9. Thank GOD! Has anyone thought that maybe Samsung is releasing some other type of Android products…maybe Google TV with Android or something… Probably Not…but who knows. I am happy and sad they are not making a Nexus phone…Because, Unlike the Nexus 1, Samsung is putting the Galaxy phones on all networks, the Nexus 1 was just for damn T-mo, and u could get one for ATT, WTH! If samsung made a nexus and you could buy it for all 4 major US carriers that would be awesome

  10. i dont think samsung would make a phone like this cuz all the networks have the galaxy s and that would be bad strategy because no one else would buy the normal galaxy s, and for the people who already have them they wouldnt upgrade. it needs to be groundbreaking, like the nexus one was, not just up to par with the best on the market

  11. Thats great news, Samsung hardware is sh*te.

  12. Oh Praise the Lord


  13. If you want to get technical with it they denied a “Nexus TWO” but not a “Nexus S” of which is still good.

  14. Gingerbread should be announced this week or next shouldn’t it???

    I would have thought Google would hold there own press conference for this announcement.. I hope it is not Samsung Luv there screens but nothing else.

  15. Did you guys really expect Samsung to confirm the rumor if it did exist.. LoL! Denial is expected prior to a release announcement

  16. My 2 cents. The ad for the Samsung launch clearely shows a stock ticker in the background. Usually these adds show a little of what is to come. Then you have the Samsung Continuum that we know is coming. If you remember the small screen on the bottom can be uses as a stock ticker. I have seen photos that show it is a stock ticker. You can say I am looking into it to much, but it makes sense right??

  17. From what ive seen and heard samsungs phones are too buggy for me. It would be disappointing to see google abandon htc as manufacturer of choice for droid phones. It would also be nice if they did a cdma version for their next phone, im not going to leave sprint just for a phone another carrier has, and even if i did leave sprint i would only consider verizon as a second choice which is also cdma.

  18. Devphone 1= G1, 2= Google Ion, 3= Nexus One, so that means that 4 doesn’t and probably will not have the word Nexus in its name. After owning all these phones personally I can’t go back to slow updated or hardly supported by the XDA community phones.

    Nexus One successor or Die

  19. HTC is overrated.

  20. @Connor
    I doubt that HTC owns the rights to Nexus One. The specs of the phone was set by Google. It was sold by Google. The updates came from Google. It was Google’s phone. Google just had HTC build it for them.

    A Samsung Nexus phone would have two advantages – Super AMOLED and the Hummingbird processor. If Samsung made a solid feeling phone like HTC, then the phone would be close to perfect.

  21. @Connor The name Nexus One belongs to Google because they had first asked Sony to build them the Nexus One but they declined.
    P.S. Sony must have been smoking the good stuff at that time.

  22. Aaww I was hoping Samsung was going to make it. Although they use alot of plastic they have superior cameras, memory, and processors than HTC.

    Love HTC btw.

  23. All Samsung needs to do is make there phones a little more solid. The whole Galaxy S line was built to be as light/thin as possible and they achieved that! I know many of us would prefer a slightly more sturdy feeling phone, but thats just the “feel”. Thats what everyones complaint is! If feel is the only problem, then I’ll gladly own another!

  24. The only bad thing that Samsung might do if they were to create the “Nexus S” would be they might give it a cheap plastic feel but I don’t understand why all you guys are thinking that if Samsung made this phone it would take eons to get updates… obviously you guys don’t know what you are talking about since Samsung would only provide THE HARDWARE!!!!! and Google would take care of the rest. Also many are arguing that Samsung has bad Hardware, i want to slap you in the face. They don’t suck at making the hardware right. They suck at programing everything to work as it is intended to. I owned a Behold 2(worst phone the Samsung had stock at least). Once I rooted and ROMed it the phone was great! and a rom doens’t change the hardware people! So please explain what is wrong hardware-wise with the Galaxy S line? – G2 Owner And Proud of it! So guys know i not a Samsung Fanboy.

  25. I want my Nexus Two !


  26. The more they deny, the more we know it is true. While you may or may not believe me….I did speak with a friend who works for the big G and he did tell me that there will be a google/samsung phone announced on the 8th. He did not say that it was going to be anything that necessarily blows anyone’s doors off, but that the rumor is true. That being said…even if it is simply the same specs as what has been rumored the last couple of days, I’ll certainly be looking forward to holding one in my hands. As I MUST finally replace my BB, it is looking like my decision will hopefully be between this “nexus” and the MT4G.

  27. This is great news……………I think the Continuum will be released which makes sense with the dual screen and the invitation showing a stock market ticker. I still have hope that the device (well outline at least) passing through FCC is for a Nexus S phone however, I am anticipating a Jan. release just like the first Nexus One. This way it can be loaded with a dual-core or at least Tegra 2.

  28. @ J.

    Obviously you’re not aware of the history of android. Tmobile was the first US carrier to have an android phone (G1). My guess was that google wanted to side w/ the underdog. It would make sense that tmobile would release the Nexus 1, because the intent of the Nexus 1 was to set a standard for future android devices and thus the first one of it’s kind (First phone to ship w/ 2.1, first phone to get 2.2, etc etc)

  29. Don’t u think a Dev phone should have a trackball which galaxy s doesn’t have and Google would announce it not Samsung!

  30. The “Nexus Two” will be released T-mobile ready first. Why you might ask because the all the Android Devphones or the ones that would become devphones are. The G1 did, the Google Ion (even though the HTC Magic got released in Europe first it wasn’t called the 2nd devphone), Nexus One which later became the third devphone. Even though Verizon has done wonders for Android T-mobile was the only U.S. carrier to support Android for 1 year so I think thats why Google lets them has their phones before anyone else, there might not have been any Android without the support of T-mobile for that first year.

  31. HTC is really overrated.

  32. I agree with Steven and Aztec. I have a samsung facinate and I love it. I only see a few problems with it and they are both software related. That can easily be fixed as I did. The hardware is the best on the market right now how can anyone argue that. Motorola and HTC and even the Iphone all seem to have the same similar core processor the A8. But out of all of them only the samsung phones have the fastest and best graphics processor. Out of all those phones only 2 of them have 6 axis capabilities. On top of that they have the thinnest phones which I think with that you can add a better battery. They have imo the best screens out there. As some others have said people complain mostly because they have the cheap plastic feel to them. Well guess what some people like that myself included. Why do people feel they have to carry around a heavy phone to feel good and happy. I like the plastic because compared to metal and glass you have the best chances with it. I would want the next google phone to be on the best hardware and screen so that developers can take it as far as possible to blow away the iphone in every category. In order to do this we need to look at the hardware and let google and the developers take it from there.

  33. Well.. does it really make sense to make a phone similar to galaxy s, hv the shitty TouchWiz on it and call it a Nexus Two ??.. whrs the Android experience then?? Man.. I am super happy they are denying rumours.. Samsung n Nexus?.. phew

  34. Both the Google phone 1 and the Nexus were flops (in terms of sales volume). Which company in their right mind would back a Nexus 2 (besides maybe Samsung). Anyway, if you’re not aware, the Nexus 2 is already out and it’s called the “Ideos”, manufactured by Huawei.

  35. http://translate.google.com/translate?js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&sl=ko&tl=en&u=http://www.androidpub.com/944546

    Some people wrote a Samsung developer said it’s true. They are very careful about it now. But it will be published soon.

  36. If they were really gonna release the new Nexus with Sammy, what makes people think that Touchwiz would automatically be installed over stock Android?

    Did HTC install Sense over the original?


    What’s more, I agree with some of the other posters above who say that Sammy hardware is great. I’ve no complaints whatsoever with the hardware of my international version Galaxy S (except that I would prefer a metal backplate, but the original plastic’s a lot tougher than most people make it out to be).

  37. Tegra 2 is inferior to samsung’s ORION GPU….
    Tests have proved it…
    The Galaxy S had 3 times the graphics processing power of other phones of the same range….
    The Orion has 5 times the processing power of the Galaxy S

  38. @JO
    Present us proof that is the Nexus 2. I really doubt you know what you are talking about.

  39. some people are so stupid. there is nothing wrong with samsung they have the best android phones on the market they have the best screens out there! they give you a lot of memory and the best chips atm. obviously if they make the nexus 2 it would run stock since it is a nexus! and touch wiz isnt bad either its obviously looks a lot better then stock but anyways i think google if they picked samsung they picked the best they can get atm. and we all know that this phone is gonna come out with gingerbread and will be the first phone to have it like they did 2.0 with the nexus 1 youll see and you will also see a nexus 3 when 4.0 comes out it will continue and it will raise the bar completely cuz thats how nexus does it!

  40. Looks like Nexus S is up for pre-order at best buy…for tmobile:


    Look in the middle of the page by “Pure Google”. Link doesn’t work for me, but it seems like Best Buy is ramping up to put it up.

    btw, copy/paste this link…..

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