Pre-Order T-Mobile Galaxy Tab on Amazon


Take note that the price tag is the unsubsidized price! So all you EM+ fanatics, get ready to start your engines! The Tab is set to launch on the magenta carrier November 10th; the November 9th listed on Amazon is probably true but that only means it will ship on the 9th. If you’re ready to pull the trigger, head over to Amazon.

[via TmoNews]

Tyler Miller

Droid 2 Global: $200 | T-Mobile Comet: $150

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  1. damn, [not that I want one since I already have a galaxy s] I just had a dream of buying one lol…

  2. For $700 I’d rather put up with the minor loss of mobility and just get a much more functional laptop. As it is, this looks like a fancy netbook, but less capable and more expensive. :(

  3. $700 for a oversized phone with less functionality then a laptop. I have a vibrant and a laptop so I’ll pass

  4. I wonder what Amazon will charge for the WiFi only version of the Tab. Regardless, I would rather have the Dell Looking Glass, because of the Tegra 2. C’mon Dell…looking for an announcement this week on your new tablet and Venue phone.

  5. This is at least twice the size of your Galaxy S phone, JC. I have a Nook, and it’s about 7inches; it’s three times the size of my Nexus One. The Tab is probably a little narrower than the Nook, because it’s 16×9.

    I’ve been wanting the Tab, but then I saw it compared to the iPad on Cnet. It’s less than half the size, and the iPad seems small. What’s that make the Tab. But if it’s about the size of the Nook, it should be okay.

  6. Why on earth would you purchase this version when Best Buy is pre-selling both the Sprint and Verizon Galaxy Tabs for $100 less. I am having trouble justifying the $600, there is no way on earth it will sell at $700.

  7. It is about the size of the Nook, and the iPad surely isn’t small. If you want a bigger tablet, check out the Archos 101 that should be coming out soon. 1ghz cortex A8, 10.1″ 1024×600 capacitive screen, $300.

  8. Don’t expect much at those prices as it’s almost twice as expensive as a much more capable netbook with a data stick.

    But these things always start out this way. I look forward to the day I can get one for about half that price with twice the capability.

  9. these tablets are completely pointless at this point in time…the hard drives are entirely too small and I don’t care what anyone says about putting your stuff on a server its not completely safe.

    I say in 2 years these will become more usable, but like drepope said I have a laptop with 10x’s the memory and my phone can run any of the apps that these can. Its not just android tablets though, the ipad has been a status symbol since it launche. Its just for people with iphones that have run out of reasons to whip out their phone and say, “look what my (insert cliche) can do”

  10. Amazon has a lot of good deals. But this isn’t one of em. Sometimes I think they rely on customers that don’t realize you can get it cheaper elsewhere.

  11. this is gadget whore price :) for $400 I’ll consider it.

  12. Why is this so expensive? As an android phanatic, I honestly would rather have an ipad if this is the price.

  13. Samsung has really dropped the ball on this one. $700 for a carrier branded device that doesn’t even allow you to make voice calls is way too expensive. $600 would have been fine by me if they made it carrier unlocked with pentaband 3G frequencies so I could use it on any GSM carrier . They also need to re-enable the dialer so I can make voice calls.

  14. I don’t get it.Why are android devices more expensive than windows products ,or even apple devices?
    OEM’s or carriers don’t pay for the OS,so what is happening here.Can someone please explain.

  15. At that price point I’ll wait for Notion Ink’s Adam. Looks better in SO many ways.

  16. Why does everyone say “They don’t have to pay for the OS so why is it more expensive” – First of all, just because an OS is “free” doesn’t mean its free and doesn’t cost anything. Samsung made a lot of their own work to this OS. ALso, I’m sure the cost of the OS is not the largest part of such a device anyway.


  17. Plus, for now I think they’re trying to make more money from early adopters.

  18. One must be crazy to pay that much for this.

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  20. Overpriced as I can get a netbook for much less

  21. …and it’s only going to launch with Android 2.2?… No thanks. Waiting for a 10″ version with Gingerbread or better… especially at that price. ZOINKS!!!!

  22. For $700, they can keep it. The Archos 101 is $300 which is far more reasonable and it can use your phone as a 3G modem.

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