Existing T-Mobile Customers: Pre Order Your myTouch 4G



Look, I’m calling it the “4G”; reluctantly, but none the less.

Existing T-Mobile customers can now get their pre order on, if the myTouch 4G is what tickles their respective fancies. To get the option of pre ordering, you’ll need to log into your T-Mobile account; lest you be greeted with the “coming soon” button. From the images I can’t discern if you are able to add lines to your account with this device or if it is only for upgrades. Anyone try and succeed to add a line to their account with this pre order?

Those looking to jump ship from somewhere else, to get your hands on this device, you get to wait until Wednesday.

[via Engadget]

Tyler Miller

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  1. this hsould be a good replacement for my g2

  2. Okay, you can pre-order but are they going to next day it to you tomorrow or something? If not you can probably get it quicker by walking into T-Mobile and buying one in a day and a half.

  3. I like the specs of this phone…but i Hate that UI, and that genius button is useless to me. They should have kept the search button.

  4. Why are you reluctanat to call it the 4g?

    and Chocc, Same, but im going to root sooo yea

  5. I believe I’m going to finally replace my G1 with this phone, but I’m going to wait until Christmas to see if any other new phone rumors come up first.

  6. I’m with Mark. Gotta replace my G1. I’ll get the MyTouch 4G for my wife so she can video chat with her parents. For myself I’d love to get the Nexus 2 if it’s real and coming out in November. I’ll wait until Nov 11th, and if no N2 is out then I’ll prob just go with the G2. I should be able to sell the G2 some months later for a good price if I really want to upgrade to whatever is out at that time.

  7. Tyler, why are you reluctant to call it 4G? Were you also reluctant to call the EVO 4G? The speeds are comparable, so it doesn’t matter. It’s like everyone calling DSL and cable service Broadband, when I remember from my school days it’s actually supposed to be categorized as Narrowband.

  8. Apple calls their phone “4G”, how come no one complains?
    Oh, and Wimax and LTE are still part of the ITU 3G spec.. http://blodic.us/technology/3g-3-5g-4g-lte-wimax-beyond-the-marketing-speak-18-0.htm

  9. ordered it on-line (’cause I hate phone retail stores)

  10. Well from what I just read, NO ONE in the U.S. actually has what the International Telecommunications Union defines as “4G,” but according to speeds, T-Mobile and this phone are right up there if not beyond the other carriers’ “4G.”


  11. Lost must be high because apple never said it was 4g – the name is iPhone 4 , note no g anywhere

  12. lost is just lost. not high.
    as for alex and mark…WOO, go g1 owners.

  13. Kelly and Choc, I agree with the good about the mytouch 4g

    But as far as anyones quams about the Genius button, don’t get me wrong, I loved the Search button as is and used it, used SEARCH and FIND

    When the Genius button was founded, and I had a Nexus, then got an EVO, many simply said all those phones, good and bad with 2.1 and a search button can do those same Genius button advertised things JUST IN DIFFERENT SPOTS..true true

    Well, what I don’t understand is this, no problem, just simply don’t understand….

    1. One guy on another site stated, why make it so he had to speak? LOL Well, you had to speak in the Search button at least initially, correct.

    And if you wanted to text without speaking, couldn’t you very well simply text. For Navigation, simply goto Navigation

    2. As for this thread, I don’t understand, as well. NO specific problems stated, other than should have left it alone. But same argument applies, right. Except in reverse. You can do everything with that button as the Search button where you could search, find, all but possibility put your voice text into the copy/past buffer to be pasted somewhere in the near future

    Am I correct? I am not an arguer Just like to understand.

    Thanks…I don’t come on here much, and might not know how to find it, if anyone has a specific answer to mine and trying to understand the prob with the genius button, even if it is to say, No I think you pretty much have it, people llike basic Android, then please email me as my screenname at y a h oo

  14. Great specs but imagine those specs or better with a more professional build and stock Android? This is too foo’d foo’d up for kids and moms, etc.

    I think waiting for Q1 2011 isn’t such a bad notion. Especially when I have my trusty Nexus One.

  15. @lost
    I’m not a fan of the iPhone, but Apple has never called the iPhone 4 a 4G phone. If I’m mistaken, link the quote.

  16. @bobbert: you’re replacing a phone you barely had for a month? The G2 and the MyTouch 4G are completely different phones, and you were well aware of that before the G2 even came out. One runs a near-vanilla Android and has a physical keyboard whereas one runs a heavily modified Sense, touchscreen only. You probably rip on iPhone fanbois that buy a new iPhone every summer one is released too. Well, at least they’re not buying a new phone every month. *smdh*

  17. @Sam I Am
    seriously idk what he was thinkg getting a g2 if he has intentions of getting the mytouch. it isnt like we wernt aware of its existance.. man i wish i had that kind of money to spend lol and i see nothing wrong with the g2. watch he probably wants the mytouch bcause he hates physical keyboards or something stupid.

  18. Why not call it “4G”???? Ummmmm…. It is the 4th Generation of the MyTouch (MyTouch 3G, MyTouch 3G 3.5mm / MyTouch Fender Edition, MyTouch Slide, and now MyTouch 4G)

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