Droid 2 Global with Multiple Colors Appears on Verizon Holiday Guide, Citrus at $30, Incredible at $100


Verizon’s getting ready to throw up their holiday decorations and they’ve pimped out a pretty nice buying guide with some pretty nice phones and prices. First, the Droid 2 Global sits alongside some of Verizon’s current offerings and it’s coming in a couple of different colors – dark sapphire and winter white.


It’s said that these colors have been featured on the original Droid 2, and if you had no complaints about that, then you’re good to go here. The spec sheet also confirms that the Droid 2 Global gets a nice processor overclock to 1.2GHz. Why Verizon doesn’t just announce this thing already? We will never know. That’s not even the most interesting of this round of festive Verizon leaks, though.


The Motorola Citrus will debut with a $30 price tag after a $100 mail-in rebate. We used the Citrus at CTIA’s fall show and – for $30 – it’s not a bad option at all. It requires signing a two-year contract, but thanks to Verizon’s new data plans, you’ll only have to chalk up $15 for the limited data plan.

Finally, the Droid Incredible will also be getting a pretty nice deal coming up. We just reported that it got a $50 price drop yesterday, but if you hold out a bit longer,  you can get it for $100 after mail-in rebates.

[via Droid-Life 1,2,3]

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  1. I still cant get the answer if the droid 2 global can be used in Europe with a gsm sim card as the main type of radio config. Anyone ?

  2. It should have no problems working in Europe since it has the Vodafone SIM card installed. My question is will the SIM be locked to Vodafone. I deploy to certain regions of the world where Vodafone is overpriced and the local carriers are much cheaper and would like to be able to use their services.

  3. The idea was to buy this in US to use in Europe, i have some relatives that are going to the US soon, and i would like to buy this maybe.

  4. But you’re saying this is locked to Vodafone???

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