Droid 2 Global: $200 | T-Mobile Comet: $150


droid-2-global-black-whiteBGR got their grubby hands on a picture of CostCo’s inventory system showing the Droid 2 and the T-Mobile Comet. Interesting note is that the Droid 2 Global will launch in two colors: black and white. Unless the D2G decides to pull an iPhone 4, of course.

Both phones are priced right at the level they should be, if the Comet’s price is the unsubsidized price, given their hardware specifications.

[via BGR]

Tyler Miller

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  1. I think the D2 Global is coming to market in an optional white just as a big middle finger up to Stevie J. and vaporish white iPhone 4

  2. whats the g2 comet?

  3. tmobile*

  4. The t-mobile comet is the huawei IDEOS U8150, a low end android phone.

  5. if i buy the droid 2 global for use here in POrtugal with vodafone gsm will it work?

  6. does t mobile sell the Droid 2

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