Samsung Intends for Galaxy S to go Diamond by Year’s End


galaxy-sBut it still doesn’t mean they’ll get FroYo on all variants this century. *snark snark snort*

Samsung’s reported soaring profits are due to booming semiconductor business with the Galaxy S contributing heavily. You’ve gotta hand it to Samsung for being able to push the ever-loving-snot out of this phone. To date it’s estimated that Samsung has managed to move between five and seven million of their flagship Android device. Coming off debacles like the Behold II, I’d say those are some fine numbers, Lou.

[via Engadget]

Tyler Miller

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  1. Laugh all you want about their OS updates, I’ve had Froyo on my Captivate for a month now ;)

  2. .

  3. I rooted mine immediately. I’ve had Froyo damned near out of the box! XDA Rocks!

  4. What? No way, what carrier is your phone on?

    Link to froyo download?

  5. @ jayphil89, where did you get froyo at?

  6. What about the Epic? I’ve been looking all over XDA and SDX for a Froyo update and haven’t found a thing! Will believe it when I see it.

  7. SEARCH XDA PPL. Captivate & Vibrant owners have a half dozen mismash froyo builds out for there phones.

    I myself own a Vibrant and am rolling Bionix Fusion 1.1 with JAC kernal (OC/UV/VOODOO)

    its at 1.2ghz, stable as hell and EVERYTHING WORKS. yes including the infernal GPS. I gives a rat shit if i get a weaksauce attempt @ Froyo by Samsung/Tmobile.

    Im awaiting the Fusion 2.0 release that was hinted at earlier tonight.

  8. yeah yeah..froyo on captivate@@ does that come with a working GPS and drivers?

  9. I’m on xda constantly and I had no idea there was a stable froyo available for vibrant. I thought no GPS was the best option available. Is GPS fixed as today or extremely recently or what? And are you saying that there are literally no ill affects? None , 0, nil, zip, nada?

  10. well bionix fusion isnt froyo. No tether, no flash. Im not sure any of you guys know what youre talking about. I really hope you do, and im not trying to be rude, but i think the question is “is there a stable froyo rom for the vibrant?” and i think the answer is that there are froyo builds and flash works but there isnt one with everything working, gps for instance is broken afaik, hope im wrong. How about links to the completely stable versions so we may all partake?

  11. My Epic needs Froyo. I bet the N1 gets 2.3 before we get 2.2.

  12. I have been enjoying the official froyo on my galaxy s over here in Scandinavia for quite a while now. I don’t get why I see so many people upset with Samsung in the U.S. Isn’t it more the individual carriers’ fault that you don’t have 2.2? Aren’t they the ones who are responsible for all the customization? Anyways, the international version of the phone is very good (no gps or lag problems here). I’m looking forward to developers making apps that take advantage of the power of the phone tho.

  13. @cable

    2.2 from samsung just got release to Europe/Asia a month ago. So it’s not the individual carriers fault, because samsung THEMSELVES has to do the freggin port first to Crapwiz and other “features”, then the carriers destroy it even more.

  14. Drewski, you should have bought a N1, so should have many more people :)

  15. I have a Captivate with froyo 2.2 installed from DG Cognition and it’s just flawless, everything is faster + the gps works perfectly very good accuracy of 5 meters all the time! Just root your galaxy and follow some easy instruction and PAFF updated to 2.2 in 15min.

  16. Decade….

    Not this Decade…i think is what you wanted to say…

  17. for those that are wondering how people have great (maybe not flawless 2.2 roms) first u guys can start rooting ur vibrants using RYANZA app in the market. that will give u root and other things if you choose to try them out. i will ask my brother when he wakes up how he a got his rom exactly but he said it is perfect so we will see.

  18. @Aztec, i will be waiting i have a vibrant and i want froyo taste on it.

  19. I heard Froyo is coming out for Galaxy S on Nov 11 for all carriers.

  20. @acr,
    You continue to think that if it brings you comfort. Seriously, I’d really like to know where you heard that; it would sure be nice, assuming they finally fix the gps problem.

    I spoke to samsung last week; I moved up the tech support chain a couple of levels. Their response? We’re working very hard on it and expect a solution soon. That’s the same answer I got in August, only then they at least said (off the record) they were hoping to fix it sometime in september.

    There are companies that handle quality control snafus well. Samsung is not one of them.

  21. weird my brother posted his comment…. but it seems he didnt show up. let me re send it. good thing he saved it.

  22. PART 1

    – After you root your phone w/ RyanZA OCLF (available on market) install Rom Manager (also available on the Market),,

    – Once installed, open Rom Manager and Flash a recovery and select VIBRANT*

    _ You might want to back up apps and data with TITANIUM BACKUP* as this will require a data wipe/factory reset

  23. PART 2
    – There is a few FROYO roms that you can download. But the most stable is provided here: (everything is pretty much up and running EXCEPT GPS and you MAY EXPERIENCE DATA ISSUES** (There will be an update soon for data issues)

    – Download the ROM

    – Once you have downloaded the ROM, place it on your internal sd card (w/o extracting it) now you are ready to install

  24. Dang it won’t let me post it all so i will do this instead… You can download it here.

  25. big orange button! press it to download.

  26. here is the link for xda vibrant development.

    First Root

    Then install Clockwork recovery

    Try Bionix first

    Then try froyo… decide which you want.

  27. Tyler’s apparently not a Samsung fan but huge on selling Amway?! Go Diamond!

  28. nice, you wrote a excellent one

  29. I went superlite and built up from that:

    Again, XDA Rocks!

    PS – I have/bought the i9000T model (850/1900/2100 3G) and this works for me.

  30. i will be waiting i have a vibrant and i want froyo taste on it.

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