More Playstation Phone Pictures Hit the Tubes


PS_Phone_2A slew of new images of the fabled PS Phone have surfaced on Engadget. The ruse I mentioned a few days back seems to be drifting closer and closer to truthsville. Although what’s interesting in this round of images is that the device shown is stuck on FroYo, when the first set went out sporting a newer version. So, if the images are the real McCoy, there is more than one test device out there and they are running different versions of Android. The likely scenario is that Sony is trying to figure out which version will run best on the hardware; let’s hope they aren’t testing Donut.

The phone will come loaded with an 8GB microSD card, which is a welcome change from SE’s(and Sony’s) love of proprietary things. And rumors of 512MB of internal storage; which is saddening, I swear we left the days of MB in the last millennium.

Head over to Engadget for the full gallery of goods.

[via Engadget]

Tyler Miller

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  1. I like turtles

  2. 512mb of internal memory is laughable. I can almost guarantee it will be 2gb or more. That is, if sony bas any foresight left in them.

  3. You mean the glacier?

  4. Desire? Internal storage in MB. Crappy, crappy MB. If it weren’t for A2SD+ I’d have ditched it for an HD by now.

  5. I See Front Facing Camera..

  6. it has about 450mb avalable whic means it has 1GB of ROM just like the evo and Epic

  7. @Keller Shmeller LOL!!

  8. God I hope this is a fake. I absolutely abhor the design on the phone side. It’s like they force-crammed a controller onto an Xperia. It’s a design without an ounce of vision. I’m not asking for the design to be full-on gamer centric with faux-rust and such, but at least *something* to make it not look so damn GENERIC. At the very least CENTER the screen on the device! This is supposed to be a new PSP, not just another Android slider! And get rid of those shiny chrome phone buttons below the screen!

  9. those two circles i nthe middle are optical joysticks right?
    i really hope they have a next-gen gpu with the thing, tegra 2 or 3 perhaps? i hear its already taped out so not impossible…

  10. Looks are a very small part of the equation of whether I’m interested in such a device or not. It needs a good screen, powerful cpu & gpu, very good game pad/controls, and decent memory for goodness sake! After these requirements are filled, everything else is just icing on the cake… And helpful in case there come competing devices to the market.

  11. still looks bad. I’m not a fhan of Ericsson either.

  12. Anyone else think its wierd that on this screen it says “A Enter” “B Back”
    and not X and 0 like you would expect from a ps system. A and B is whats been used in xbox.

    So for me this screenshot makes no sence, when it doesnt have A-B buttons

  13. wow, this phone is going to own in it’s market… 7-16 year olds

  14. Why is everyone calling this a playstaion phone when its branded with the sony ericson brand? those are two different divisions of sony. I think its just a sony ericson phone that concentrates on mobile gaming.

  15. @what

    Because of how easy it would be for Sony to give the go-ahead for SE to use the Playstation name on this device. That and the four button sequence that is only seen on Playstation devices.

  16. Non impressed. I only hope that this will be a line of playstation phones and not the only one. Optical joysticks are what’s really killing it for me. The nub on the psp was fine. We just needed two of them.

  17. Lets see the specs before getting judgement. What I really am worried about with thing is that the software will be obsolete at launch. The X10 launched with a one year old Android 1.6. What will this thing launch with? 2.1 maybe? By then, its likely that Gingerbread will be out. Judging by the slow updates of the X10, this phone will likely have an obsolete OS for a while.

  18. @Tyler Miller a device like that would be a downgrade for the psp. I doubt it would be able to even match the psp harware wise. Even if we havent seen that specific button design in other devices sony has been known to take things from one thing and apply it to another just like the XMB from psp was applied to the ps3 and their tv’s.

  19. I think it’s originally designed more to compete with the likes of the Nintendo DSi and iPod than to compete with the Galaxy S’s and iPhones. Not really a PSP Phone. Sony probably had the designs for smaller, lower-end handheld that they never put into production and the SE division thought they could do something with the concept after the popularity explosion of mobile gaming on the iPhone.
    The Nintendo DSi can connect to other DSi’s for multiplayer. The iPod has WiFi. IMHO this was going to be Sony’s answer and in the end SE is just slapping an Experia faceplate on it.

    Hopefully they’ve thought it through and didn’t skimp on the specs.

  20. CoHonestly it looks like the psp go. As long as the screen size is 4 and above I’m fine with the size. The big problem I see is not being a game changing phone. It should come with dualcore cpu and very highpowered gpu. Something as crisp as slcd and bright as s amoled. And Battery life idk but it needs to be extremely good. It would help if you had control of the clock speed of a phone. Being able to underclock the phone would help a whole lot

  21. They need bigger GeeBees

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