Samsung Posts Remarkable Q3 Results


More financial results are in from some of Android’s biggest hardware players. It’s Samsung’s turn to crunch some numbers and they’ve walked away very profitable this quarter. Overall, their Q3 sales have increased by 12% compared to last year with $35.8 billion in revenue being brought in. Net profit rose 17% as it stands at $4 billion.

How does their mobile unit contribute to all this? Nearly a third of all sales – $9.9 billion – came in from that, with $1 billion in net profit making their pockets even bigger as they’ve increased revenue by 16%. This is from sales of over 71 million handsets, not all of which are necessarily smartphones.


But the Samsung Galaxy S has played a nice part in them reaching that goal. Since its launch here in the United States and other regions around the globe, Samsung’s sold 7 million phones derived from the Galaxy S line. If you don’t remember, their original goal was to sell 10 million of these phones in 2010, and if we assume that they’ll only sell half of what they did this quarter, then they’ve easily met that goal. Already considered by many to be a huge success, we can’t imagine that momentum slowing down as even more carriers adopt the Galaxy S headed into what I like to call “money season.”

Just as everyone else has expressed, Samsung expects competition to get even more fierce in Q4, but they are confident they have the portfolio to keep them ahead of the game. With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab imminent – with it getting a global launch similar to the Galaxy S – as well as other rumored phones said to be out sometime in November, we can’t imagine they’ll have anything to worry about. Samsung expects to sell 6 million Galaxy Tabs in 2011.

[via Samsung]

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  1. Awesome……….let’s hope the profits mean better customer support as well. I am very excited to see what is in store for 2011…………..

  2. They have big profits because they don’t spend any money on supporting their products after they are released.

  3. I got the Vibrant and a Samsung digital camera and next month I’m gettin one of their 120Hz LED TV’s. Good stuff from Samsung thats all I can say.

  4. considering it’s going for it’s 10 million Galaxy S [now at 7.7?] i’m glad Sammy’s stepped it up a notch. Now with the Nexus S coming out, it’s going to be awesome.

  5. i personally think everyone should be using samoled ^_^

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