MyTouch 3G FroYo Distribution Window Extended


Originally the MyTouch 3G 1.0 was supposed to have its FroYo roll out completed by 25 October. That window has now been extended to 15 December.


A disappointment for sure as no reason was given for why the delay was issued, the only reason I can infer is to alleviate network stress; but that’s all I can come up with. Anyone below know of any reasons or perhaps a conspiracy theory? Are you still waiting for your FroYo(on the MyTouch 3G 1.0)?

[via TmoNews]

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  1. I got screwed over so many times over this phone (purchasing, starting with 1.5, price getting slashed by half couple weeks later after release etc..) that I completely lost faith and wasn’t expecting any support from HTC or Google because the phone seemed to be a total lost.

    Then the 2.2 update news came along and all the MT3G owners who were about to switch, they decided to keep the phone and now after weeks and weeks of waiting, I’m losing my faith again.

  2. They suck!!!!

  3. Mine came through fine about a week ago. Only issue is the phone reboots about a minute after I turn it on. Then it runs fine. Everything else is great.

  4. Um, so they can put the tethering switch in so they can charge $$$ for the feature?

  5. Loads of people who both got the OTA and manually updated are reporting a number of issues ranging from Market problems to USB mount issues. My bet it that they are fixing some of those as they go.

  6. quit whining and download the update from xda!

  7. 2.2 has been out for this phone for a while now. Cyanogen is your friend. Stop waiting for carriers to screw things up and take ownership of your device.

  8. @jerbear

    A lot of people don’t use Cyanogen because it’s unstable and doesn’t have all of the apps in the official firmware. It makes up for that sometimes in other ways but the stability of 6.0 made me say good to cyanogen forever. They just can’t get things smoothed out like a carrier can for a specific phone.

  9. Waiting for My Touch 3G Slide 2.2.

  10. manually updated 2 phones no issues if you factory reset before and after loving froyo

  11. Still waiting but a correction to the above after the first statement in regards to the 25 Oct, they changed the date to 31 Oct but obviously they are moving it again. Regardless I can be patient but I’m pretty sure I am getting the MT4G or the Nexus 2 soon.

  12. they want people to upgrade to a newer phone and pay them more money so why would they update the OS?

  13. I don’t suppose this has anything to do with the continuously delayed appearance of the Froyo-powered Desire Z? Mid-October, 1 November, 8 November, ? ? ?

  14. I can’t believe that I was once going to actually buy this phone.

  15. still awaiting froyo for my GFs mt3g. she fucking HATES 1.5

    if they drop the ball she goes right back to CM 5.08

    CM 6 is a gigantic bucket of BULLSHIT

  16. As previously stated, multiple issues arisen from many with the update. Most commonly the messaging app won’t open or the Market Force Closes.

  17. Why are people being such babies?! Just have some patience guys!

  18. Bullshit, I will never get it.

  19. Just got off a frustrating call with TMO Customer “Service” and Customer Retention.
    They “understand” the frustration, but don’t know ANYTHING!
    They even said if I wanted 2.2, I should just upgrade phones, for $250 and a 2-year contract! This is the 2rd delay of the update without explanation since I first received a letter in May about a June 16th update.

  20. F**k it, I am
    getting an iphone

  21. @disappointed soon to be ex-customer
    The official announcement of the extension till Dec 15th, said that the update can not be pushed to your phone by either TMobile or Google.. Calling customer service really only wastes both your time.. I do have a bone to pick, in that I got a message from them on the 19th that I would get it within 2 weeks.. So I will probably call them on the 3rd if I don’t have it by then. However I don’t expect that this will get it to me any sooner, give me any freebies, or give me any “justice”.. I’m not going to tear them a new one, or threaten to go to the competition.. All I am going to do is waste a minimal amount of time on it, in hopes that the bean counters of the company look at the cost of having to waste resources on this, when it could easily be avoided by just telling people the reason for the delay.. It does matter to me to know if this is a software problem or a network problem.. and I can stomach either if there is some plausible reasoning.. however a month and a half delay, with no explanation at all ?.. I don’t think so.

  22. stop whining and root your phone. Install cyanogenmod 6.0 on it and celebrate. http://www.cyanogenmod.com

  23. I did a manual update today with the two part files available on t mobile forums. It was actually very easy, easier than rooting that is for sure.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJ19tCSpvjc – Video instructions. The guy is kind of generic, but he gives a good walk through you can follow easily.

    http://forums.t-mobile.com/t5/Operating-System-Software/How-To-Manually-Update-to-Froyo/td-p/515941 – T mobile Forums page I downloaded the two files needed.

    It works like charm. Good luck.

  24. Manually updated my MT3G a couple days ago. Followed instructions to the letter, no issues at all… bug-free and much faster. All of you sitting around for an OTA could have gone the manual route and start posting happy thoughts on this blog…

  25. @papis – Wow.

  26. This whole thing is a big joke being played by T-mobile to see how long they can string on customers to holding on to such a crappy phone. They are probably extending it in hopes that if they keep doing it, their customers will just get fed up and buy a pricey new phone. There is really no excuse for the last minute “oh sorry this will now take two months longer to get out” crap.

  27. You’re right Jeff, I will try and do it my self for last time, I hope everything goes right. Thank you guys.

  28. Great. This just pushes back the release of froyo on the mt3g 1.2/fe

  29. Ever since I got the text msg from Tmobile telling me I would get the update by October 31, I haven’t been able to download new apps, or even update my current ones. Horseshit. Everything about this phone is garbage. I bought the damn thing the week it came out and it seemed like they dropped the price about 6 seconds later, and then a buttload of way superior Android devices were popping up everywhere about 5 minutes later. HATE THIS PHONE. It’s literally like using an obsolete PC, with all the freezing and force closing. I’m not gonna miss Tmobile when my contract is up and I run to Verizon.

  30. i received the update both parts but it didnt install called tmobile and they said there was nothing they could do so rooting here i come

  31. I happen to be one of the many suckers who actually paid money for the original mytouch3g piece of shit “smart phone”. First smart phone I’ve owned and I would rather have my Moto Razor back. F this phone. Have not received my update from 1.6 to froyo yet and even when I do I dont know what to expect from this dinasaur. The phone is slow as shit already. I have to delete aps just to try to free up space to make the f’n thing wanna work. T-mobile is driving a Ford Focus while everyone else is lapping them in mother fuckin Ferrari’s and Lambos. I’ve been w T-mobile for a long time but that is changing real soon unless something drastic happens. I think T-mobile had a bad burrito for lunch 2 years ago and are still stuck on the toilet taking a shit, paying people like Eric Clapton and Catherine Zeta-Jones to promote the shitty ass company with our money instead of doing something to stay competitive with the market.
    P.S. To Hoser from his earlier statement… Go fuck yourself nerd. Im a patient person, but even I have my limits.


  33. I got the froyo update through a message saying will update phone and I hate it. It looks a lot nicer but now takes longer trying to upload anything. My photo gallery looks awesome but takes forever to upload the photos. My text messaging is messing up a lot. The tethering to a computer thing I haven’t tried yet I hope they’re not charging me for that. I’m thinking of taking off the update because it worked better.

  34. How do we manually upgrade to froyo.
    any working links people ?

  35. received 1 of my 100% you mags like 3-4 months ago and read article about no phone left behind yada yada. Around August I started thinking yo where is my update jeez I read that article quite a while back. Then decided to call T-Mobile to voice my impatience and they were clueless. Then on Oct 19th I got a text stating over the next 2 weeks I would receive the elusive update. >.> So then Nov 19th rolls around 4 weeks and no update! Started complaining about it to my friend who just laughed. :( Nov 20th finally got it but Ummm bitter/sweet IDK what I got LMAO. I’m not sure whats new or how to use it, app screen is blank phone says all apps are still there but not sure how to get to them yet without re-downloading them all?

  36. Thank god I finally got the froyo update around Thanksgiving but now my freaking MyTouch 3g wont mount to my computer. Does anyone know if Tmo is working on that problem???

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