Android Takes First Place in PCWorld’s Top 100 Tech Products in 2010



PC World’s just published their list of the top 100 technology products that have been released in 2010, and something amazing has occurred: the iPad wasn’t at the top of the list. Sitting just above it in the number 1 spot was the Android operating system (2.2, specifically.) And in 5th place was the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and there are a whole lot more Android devices and apps sitting on that list.

Google’s gained a lot of steam coming out of their I/O developer conference in May after announcing revolutionary new features for Android (2.2 and beyond.) It doesn’t surprise us that their momentum has picked up ten-fold. In this year alone, Android was predicted to overtake Nokia and Symbian as the number one mobile operating system by 2014. And if we know anything about analysts’ track record with Android predictions, we know that Android has always met – if not bested – everyone’s expectations.

Since the beginning of this year, Android’s caught the attention of everyone in the smartphone market, including competitors. For a majority of the year, if you weren’t creating your own mobile operating system, you were using Android. And if you weren’t using Android, then you were at least thinking about Android as it has become one of the biggest threats you’ve had to deal with in a long time.

Times have changed in the second half of the year, though. Specifically, the launch of Windows Phone 7 has gone underway and Microsoft is looking for developers (and more developers, says Steve Ballmer) to come along with what they expect to be a smooth ride in a new car.

Still, that doesn’t seem to be slowing Android down. In fact, I can only imagine that everyone welcomes the healthy competition as competition has always been a motivator to innovate. Heading into 2011, Google’s going to be entertaining an emerging tablet market and we’re going to see Android evolve to take advantage of that.

As Android looks to become a huge part of Google’s longterm mobile ads and search strategy, we expect it’ll be sitting at or near the top of “top lists” for years to follow.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. why does the link take me to motorola support forum?

  2. the link is broken

  3. link brings u to the wrong place… O.o

  4. Where is the scorce? I cant find that list on PC World’s home page?!?

  5. Sorry about that! Should be fine now.

  6. Yes now it works. Great!

  7. Damnit Quentyn! ;)

  8. I don’t quite get how they can announce the “best tech products of 2010” when we still have over 2 months of 2010 left to go! WTF?

  9. Also – HTC Desire HD / Halo Reach / Xbox 360 Slim isn’t in there???

  10. How did apple TV make the list and Google TV didn’t? Thats just retarded. Google TV is clearly the better of the two, apple TV isn’t even innovative, there’ve been things like it before…the only reason it gets any attention is the apple logo on it.

  11. I’m very disappointed that the HTC EVO isn’t on this list. how is the samsung 4G on this list when the EVO was sprints 1st 4G, it should have been somewhere on this list.


  13. @philly maybe because the incredible is ranked 47….they are close to the same phone -4 g

  14. How can it be 5th when it hasn’t even come out yet?

  15. I agree the EVO should be on the list…

  16. <<>>
    Ewwwww. Hey Steve Ballmer, please don’t be asking “hey there, want a smooth ride in a new car and a piece of candy?”


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