Dell Venue Passes the FCC, Thunder by Another Name



While word came out earlier in the week that the Dell Venue Pro could be getting an Android version, an FCC filing is pegging a non-Pro version in the form of a rebranded Dell Thunder. As you may recall, the Dell Thunder is an Android phone carrying the same design and spec features of the Venue Pro minus a slide-out portrait QWERTY keyboard. Notably, you still get the 4.1-inch curved-glass AMOLED touchscreen.

A Bluetooth SIG listing further confirms that the phone should be going by the name Dell Venue when it sees its release. Now the question remains, does the Dell Venue get a Windows Phone 7 counterpart as the Venue Pro is rumored to get an Android counterpart? That is an interesting marketing approach, allowing customers to choose between the same hardware based on OS.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Heh! First!

  2. I really wish dell would release cdma handsets. They have some very nice looking hardware.

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