Dolphin Browser Bumps Up to Version 4.0



After what may have seemed like an eternity for users sold on Dolphin Browser enough to stick with the browser through a buggy version 3.0, Dolphin Browser HD 4.0 has just reached the Android Market bringing fixes and enhancements out the wazoo.

OK, maybe they aren’t literally dripping out of the wazoo, but some pretty big fixes are included in the update, like the anxious side bar that seemed to jump out with almost no prompting, the inability to click links at the top of a page, and the addition of multi-language support and a bookmarks folder. Grab it in the market now!

[via Dolphin Browser]

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  1. Is it like Opera and have it’s own rendering engine or is it more like a skin for the built in browser?

  2. This app is especially cool on larger tablet screens, I like being able to switch tabs with the volume buttons, check me out using it on the Archos 70 Internet Tablet:

  3. I like the way Dolphin manages bookmarks and tabs. If you like to leave tabs open and jump around, like me, then Dolphin is great. Yeah, 3.0 was real buggy, I really hope they fixed those issues.

  4. Hated Dolphin 3.0 so went with MiniOpera and haven’t looked back.

  5. Is it really necessary to tell us of every app update? I’m considering unsubscribing from this feed because of too many unimportant posts like this.

  6. @Sam

    I appreciate them posting info like this about really popular apps. So far Dolphin has been one of the most used browser replacements and I appreciate them giving the heads up on the update as the previous one had several annoying issues.

    This is what a blog site is for, to push important info to users that may not have initial been aware of it. Plus I don’t see them posting about every app update, reaching a bit far there.

    Thanks Phandroid for always posting good relevant news

  7. Agree with chris. If you don’t have the Froyo market and your apps don’t automatically update, these posts are very handy

  8. agree with chris as well

  9. Also agree with Chris. The market is so difficult to search through it’s difficult to tell when a major app gets an update. Those who have it installed yes you get a notification, those of us who uninstalled 3.0 wouldn’t know without some site telling us.

  10. This is definitly the best browser for android. Tried Opera, standard and the one from firefox.

    I’m using dolphin for over 6 months now

  11. Dolphin is indeed the better road to take when you reach the fork in the road with Opera, Fennec, and the default browser. Thanks for the Update! Though through Firefox you can have a 3D capability as ive tested on my Evo through so we will see what happens down the road. =)

  12. I used this for a bit, but then xscope won by a landslide.. although their newest version is not all that great but the old one can still be picked up via their site

  13. I agree that this posting is not extraneous.

  14. To add to what Ron said, I’ve had Dolphin (though not Dolphin HD), Skyfire, Opera Mini, xScope, and of course stock. xScope for me beat out all the other 3rd party browsers. Not only is the older version still available at their site, but they’re offering the old PAID version for FREE.

  15. Geez people, if you are going to exclaim how great Dolphin or Opera or Xscope is, could you atleast say why?

  16. @ssummer – In the end it’s going to be a matter of personal preference. They all have their pros and cons.

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