[Update: It’s Back] Android Market Experiencing Downtime


[UPDATE]: The Market is back up!

logo-marketWhen I heard there was a new Google Maps update, I, like many of you, rushed into the Android Market to see what new and exciting features Google has for us. No dice. It looks like the Android Market is suffering from a case of the downtime. No downloads or updates are coming through, and judging from comments and some PhanTips we have been sent, I am not the only one experiencing this. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

It could be that the market is getting a backend update to support new features. This could include the addition of PayPal support for buying apps, or it may be related to a sweeping Market update that is said to be coming as part of the soon to be released update combo of Gingerbread and Honeycomb. It could just be an overload or other technical issue. Whatever it might be, we are sure that it will be cleared up pretty shortly, so hang tight.

[thanks to all that sent this in]

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  1. Same shit here i have restored my Nexus One ^^ congrats me for being such a dumbass!

  2. ^ Guy above me is a tool

  3. Man i really want that maps update…

  4. KHANNNNNNN!!! lol but yes I can confirm that Market is being stupid right now.

  5. I hope they implement something new and exciting this time around :)

  6. True to Caesar.

  7. Pretty sure this is because of all the people upgrading to CyanogenMod 6.1 and redownloading apps. Same thing happened when 6.0 stable came out I think.

  8. A lot of people have been having this problem for quite a while.

  9. Downloaded but wont install, shows like I don have it installed. Still on 4.5

  10. I found out when I tried to get my maps and Dolphin HD updates, along with a few others. Hope it is back up soon

  11. Iim havin major issues downloadin from market on x10 mini pro. I even went as far as master reset, what a tit I am now!

  12. Always good to see that it isn’t just me…

  13. IT IS WORKING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Phew so it’s not just me..

  15. This has been going on since april this year so isnt new, only this past week has it been really bad. Not even one word from Google about it which is pretty poor customer service!

  16. It looks like it is fixed now, as I just updated two apps (FINALLY!)

  17. It appears to be working now. I had to cancel my download then click Install again to get it to work.


  19. http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Android+Market?hl=en

    I’ve been having this issue for 2 weeks with my Evo. Sprint couldnt help cuz its a market issue.

  20. market is back up.

  21. Can anybody download Wordi? Not showing up for me in the market.

  22. Market has been fine for me here in Canada – updated Maps about an hour ago.

  23. Yeah, I was in the process of pushing an app update as this started happening. I got two emails from people complaining that they bought my app but couldn’t download it, so I panicked and thought I broke something. Anyway: chillax people.

    I just tried canceling and re-downloading as Kwaping suggested, but no dice… oh wait, here it goes. YAY. :)

  24. Working again at 5:45 PM Central time.

  25. Mines is working again… samsung moment nyc…

  26. Sense yesterday

  27. Market is back online for me. Got the google maps update. Its pretty neat!

  28. I have had intermittent problems downloading and installing apps for months. Google need to put some effort into the Market.

  29. It {market} was not working for me on one side of town, went to the other side it worked just fine.

  30. Funny stuff. My phone just downloaded google maps update with out priompt……no issues with market…downloaded a couple of apps as well.

  31. almost bug thank god i saw this

  32. Mine is still not working :( Wonder if it matters what carrier you go through. Im with Tmo

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