Camera-less Droid Pro Coming for those Ultra-Secret Enterprise Users?



The Motorola Droid Pro wants to make a statement that both its manufacturer and its Android OS have a perfect place in the realm of enterprise, and to that end the latest information leakage suggests the handset will be available in two flavors: one with camera, and one without for those working in areas that could be compromised by a little snapper lens tempting its owner to capture and distribute secret information. It is a feature that Blackberry and Windows Mobile phones alike have employed as they have carved out a solid niche in the enterprise market.

The above image from online training and the source revealing the information to Engadget give the probability of a camera-less Droid Pro a 99 percent confidence rating. Of course, it could just be that Moto is making a special version of this phone for theirs and Verizon’s employees without a camera to cut back on all those pesky leaks that seem to happen whenever a new Android phone is coming out. I kid, I kid. But do you see the Alanis Morissette-like irony?

[via Engadget]

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  1. that song really has no irony in it. it’s more…well…terrible

  2. I’m feeling a little dumb ATM. Could someone explain what “enterprise users” means? From the gist of the article, I assume that just means OEM/Carrier employees?

  3. I think “enterprise users” means “people who go to Gentlemen’s Clubs and aren’t allowed to bring in their camera phones.”


  4. ATM = automated teller machine or ass to mouth – not at the moment for most people ;)

  5. Some enterprises don’t allow cameras inside certain areas. IE, most places do not allow cameras in the data centers. Also, any place where research is being done.

  6. A lot of aerospace companies and other places that work with classified data have policies against having cameras.

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