Tab and Huawei S7 Now Available for Pre-Order at Best Buy


bestbuy-droidGame on folks. A couple tablets are now available for Pre-Order from Best Buy. The Galaxy Tab and the Huawei S7.

Let’s start with the S7. She’s not going to be the belle of the ball by any means, but if you’re in the mood for something a little more economical this may be for you. It does boast a resistive touch screen but will match up with size coming in at seven inches. This little guy will set you back $299; a far cry from the $499 for the WiFi only Samsung counterpart.

If the Tab is what you’ll be pre-ordering the first chance you get, let’s hope you’re in the market for the Sprint or Verizon contracted models; with Sprint’s iteration setting you back $399 with a two year contract. You’ve heard enough about the nitty-gritty on the Tab, by now you’re either in or out.

Shall we put it to a vote below?

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. Looks like only the 3G versions are up for pre-order at the moment… was ready to punch some card numbers for the wifi-only Tab!

  2. i say the hell wit a 3G service tablet. what the hell do we have phones for. plus i dont wanna risk gettin robbed walkin around wit an expensive lookin tablet. i say wait and see what coming out next year. everything is gettin to expensive wit all these extra plans.

  3. I will wait on the WI-FI model. After a few months of lackluster sales the price will drop

  4. The resistive screen is a deal breaker for me. I wish they just put capacitive and bumped the price up 50.

  5. wait are you sure its resistive?

  6. I really want to get the Tab but it seems like its life span is going to a couple months. Once CES in January comes around, the tab will be old news already.

  7. Both these will be in the bargain bins by the end of Jan.

  8. I dont think the screen is resistive, atleast this guy who makes fairly reliable videos and knows a lot about ARM gadgets says otherwise: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Otm-jp0SdXc

  9. if they end up in the bargain bins in January then i’m getting me a fuckin tab in january. i agree that having an extra service plan is ridiculous. I have a phone. thank you very much.

  10. Not resistive on galexy tab. Maybe on the huawei.

  11. Plus. What’s the cancelation fee for a data only plan?

  12. Where’s the T-Mobile version? I’m not buying a CDMA sim-less Tab. Is Best Buy not carrying it because it’s $50 more than the Verizon and Sprint prices?

    I’m still convinced that the wifi version is a lie, but I’ll happily be proven wrong if this is what the big announcement is about.

  13. Wifi only model + wireless tethering on DX and Bob’s your uncle!

  14. You guys really need to start providing links to the products you talk about. It makes it easier for your readers to understand what your talking about. Further, if you link old articles from your site, you increase your page views resulting in mo money!

    Look at how TechCrunch does it and model after them.

  15. Galaxy Tab is being rushed to market for Xmas. In Q1 next year, there will be a dozen tablets with an equal or better hardware configuration with a wifi only price of well under $300. That is when I will buy a tablet.

    I don’t mind paying for bleeding edge tech gadgets, but Galaxy Tab owners are just paying to be beta testers for the Q1 tablets.

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