Interactive Video Ads Comes to Android via AdMob


In an effort to bring their ad platform up to the standards that iOS developers have been enjoying for a while, AdMob’s finally bringing interactive video advertisements. It brings video ads, of course, as well as the interactive interstitial ad unit. It’s not all about the pretty bells and whistles on the front end, though.


AdMob’s algorithm is – as we’d expect – very sophisticated and will dynamically serve ads based on screen resolution and size and network connection speed, meaning you won’t have to sit and wait while a video tries to load before you get to your goods. Let’s face it: we’re going to have to keep dealing with ads whether we like it or not. (I personally don’t mind them, but tons of Android users in the market do.)

At this point, let’s just be happy that ads are getting cooler, prettier, and more interactive. (And developers should also be happy with the fact that these new ad units come with some pretty nice return possibilities.)

[via Google Mobile Ads]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Commence self-centered whining about how developers shouldn’t receive compensation for their hard work via ads…

  2. These are definitely the future of mobile – may as well try and enjoy them.

  3. 1 more reason I love having a rooted phone…hello Adfree :-)…and just for the record…i would happily pay $ not to have ads on most apps…don’t understand why some developers release only ad-supported apps…

  4. I’m all for devs getting their money, but those fullscreen video ads that take over Angry Birds every once in a while suck @ss.

  5. I use free app until I decide if it is useful and worth the $$
    only question is how much information are the ads going to be able to glean from my device if any? how intrusive will they be? cuz not all apps have a paid version they just go with ads, but free is good. as long as my personal info is totally secured lets not go all facebook now

  6. But do any of them work in an AppWidget??? I guess not :/

  7. @Brian: devs can chose whether to provide AdMob via ads in an App with GPS data.

  8. For people without an unlimited plan this is wasted data imo.

  9. Personally I think it’s awesome that devs release free version of their apps with ads. This way everyone wins. Consumers can use the product for free, the developers are making money, and advertisers get their word out.

    For those that don’t want ads, they can buy the add-free product. What is bad however is when devs don’t have an ads-free purchasable product or release a crippled ads based app. If we are going to get bombarded with apps at least make it a full product.


  10. Adfree in the market is wonderful to stop those pesky ads :)

  11. Love AdFree! Yay!!!

  12. I hate ads. Don’t be cheap, buy the apps and stop supporting these vultures (admob).

  13. i don’t mind ads and i have no idea why people make a fuss about them, developers need to make a living and they are human beings with life costs that they need to pay, people need to grow up and be more understanding

  14. i dont see any ads on my app or those ad supported apps. maybe i used adblock :)

  15. why does that droid x have stock

  16. I agree devs need to make money, but I’d much rather pay a few bucks for apps without ads.

  17. Yeah, right. Block those ADs in apps and in the long run developers will stop making new ones. Sometimes it is better to spend the free time with your family than sitting in front of computer making app that will not bring any revenue to you. I think those developers that have the possibility of submitting paid apps are doing so. Remember that Google supports just a chosen few countries when it comes to submitting paid apps. And yes I’m one of those developers.

  18. on 3g without unlimited data, it could end up costing you a bit. Imagine paying to watch an ad.

  19. “Let’s face it: we’re going to have to keep dealing with ads whether we like it or not. (I personally don’t mind them, but tons of Android users in the market do.)”

    ^ Tons of Android users like ads? Why?

    Funny how people in general don’t like spam, but if you support services like these then you support SPAM!

    Apps should be trial, donate, and purchase (and I have no problem buying a good app)…

  20. I don’t mind ads, so long as I have the option to pay to remove them.

    Dev’s need feedin’ and waterin’!

  21. A lot of Devs have no choice, because of the market. And I don’t mean because only certain regions can buy them, but because devs in regions that don’t have transactions supported CAN’T charge for their apps.

    It’s all very well rooting and using AdFree, but it’s a shame for the developers. Whether it’s fee-paid or ad-supported, devs offer you a product with a return for them. Morally, you shouldn’t just choose to take that product but not give them their return just because you personally do not like the method of return they’ve chosen.

  22. hmm video ads. The same things that are making Youtube almost unbearable at times.

    If I had a limited data package (as many in the UK do) then this would suck a lot..

    The full screen static ads such as Wordfued uses are more than enough surely.

  23. My biggest issue with the video ad in Angry birds is that sound. I have the game muted and the Ad comes in blaring. That not good when you’re playing and you shouldn’t be.

  24. I’ve look a bit into AdFree and it should be fairly easy to detect it installed on a device. Based on this fact I could permit user to run my AD based app just a few times (with blocked ADs) and then give a dialog about purchasing the app when he doesn’t want ADs in it :D

  25. My HTC EVO was set to vibrate. Angry Birds had sound disabled. I launched it to kill some time – in the first of three occupied bathroom stalls at work.

    Before the Angry Birds menu can appear? Full volume: “HI I’M STEPHEN COLBERT AND…”

    Awkward. Thanks Google! And thanks Admob for a website that doesn’t welcome feedback if you’re not an advertiser.

  26. Yo Google!

    Let users vote on ads!

    Ads that add value get voted up & are delivered more.

    Encourage ads to not suck (eg give me a coupon or entertain me or inform me)

  27. The ads pop up at beginning of every Angry Birds game and you can’t see the birds touch them when they fly behind an ad. Really frustrating. Sometimes you try to get a bird to do its special trick and you end opening the ad…game over! Still trying to find out how to disable those ads.

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