Oct 25th, 2010

In an effort to bring their ad platform up to the standards that iOS developers have been enjoying for a while, AdMob’s finally bringing interactive video advertisements. It brings video ads, of course, as well as the interactive interstitial ad unit. It’s not all about the pretty bells and whistles on the front end, though.


AdMob’s algorithm is – as we’d expect – very sophisticated and will dynamically serve ads based on screen resolution and size and network connection speed, meaning you won’t have to sit and wait while a video tries to load before you get to your goods. Let’s face it: we’re going to have to keep dealing with ads whether we like it or not. (I personally don’t mind them, but tons of Android users in the market do.)

At this point, let’s just be happy that ads are getting cooler, prettier, and more interactive. (And developers should also be happy with the fact that these new ad units come with some pretty nice return possibilities.)

[via Google Mobile Ads]