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Tab and Huawei S7 Now Available for Pre-Order at Best Buy

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  1. Cool… Still be rockin my Vibrant though. :)

  2. iPhones are better they have bigger resolutionz they have more GB’s and have innovation and magic in a little separate pouch

  3. if i switch to a phone with no keyboard this will be it, ooooo what to do what to do!!!

  4. I’m with you Josh. While nice, its not an upgrade. I hit 5 meg on my Vibrant which is more than fast enough and FFC is cool but not persuasive enough.

  5. Really I have had my mytouch slide since mid june and if this new one comes out wit android 2.2 froyo this is bs we have been promised that we would have it by now. Hell if we mt3gs users have to we will go into tmobile and start a riot till we get our way what a waste. We are stuck with our old phones for 2 yrs :(

  6. this just doesn’t seem right. never saw a email like that for demo phones

  7. @Chris, are you the manager of a Tmo store? The email is addressed to Retail Store(blank #?) and “Good Afternoon(blank)(blank) Leadership Team”, and states that the device “will launch IN YOUR STORE” on Nov. 3. If you don’t run a Tmo store, I don’t expect you’d have seen this email…

  8. I saw another screen shot stating this is the “Emerald,” so Keller can take a deep breath and keep his hopes up for the “Glacier.”

  9. I can personally vouch for this type of distribution email as I used to be on it. To be a recipient of an email sent to “Retail Store XXXX” you had to have manager in your title, or someone who was active enough in day to day that the manager found it beneficial to the store to have you on there.

    This is legit.

  10. Come on Phandroid, this is the mytouch 4g…. Even your source calles it the 4g, not the HD…. Just because a few non offficial accecories call it the hd. The damn official video calles it MyTouch 4G!

  11. man, I wish google told how many phones they were activating per day in their last quarterly results annoucements

  12. I thought it was established that this was the glacier?


  13. Smeller, remember there’s no 4G for anyone yet. It is called the myTouch HD.

  14. @GMG
    Was on the phone with a T-Mobile rep yesterday, and when I asked about the mytouch 4G he referred to it as the T-Mobile Emerald from his computer.

  15. @brownsbacker
    If thats true then I’m happy. Still looking forward to the glacier then

  16. Another shitty effort by T-Mobile. When will they get a REAL HTC/Android device with a 4.3 inch screen?

  17. The phone’s nice, but I’m just wondering when Rock Band will drop in the Market (since it launches with this phone). I hope it’s not like Need for Speed on the Droid X where it’s not IN the Market.

  18. Doesn’t it seem like a 31 and not a 3?

  19. @Jackson – no it doesn’t. It seems like a “3!” because November only has 30 days.

  20. Regarding this being Emerald or Glacier: Sadly, it is both. Emerald/project emerald was Tmo’s codename for the phone, and the Glacier is the HTC name for it, as it was shown in the leaked ROM.

    So, unfortunately, the Glacier is not a super dual core 4.3 inch killer android phone like so many of us wanted.

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