PayPal Payments Coming to Android Market, Says This Market Back-end Shot


We’ve heard it’s been coming, folks. Google’s been gearing up to add PayPal as a payment option in the Android market to make it easier on developers and users to sell and purchase apps. Google will hook into PayPal to automatically transfer payments from your PayPal account to your Checkout account (it wasn’t said if this was optional, but the wording doesn’t suggest as much.)


That’s as much as we know for now, but the framework is in place and I suppose we’re just waiting for Google to flip the proverbial switch. Perhaps this will enable users in other countries to purchase applications that they otherwise wouldn’t have the option to purchase. That would be very nice.

[Thanks, Al!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. good news

  2. Any chance this means paid apps in Uruguay?

  3. Hm. This isn’t in my developer console…

  4. Nor in mine. Some sort of beta test?

  5. Sigh. I despise PayPal with a passion. I hope it’s just a rumor.

  6. Isn’t in my dev console either. Shopped?

  7. i cant wait for this!

  8. Not shopped, you have to play with firebug to get it to show.

  9. what paypal has to offer over google checkout ? excuse my ignorance but i personally didnt find any difference between both, ive registered with both services and used both easily

  10. as a customer in the UK I would very much prefer to use paypal over google checkout as my bank charges me an extra 1GBP if I purchase an app from outside the UK using google checkout, whereas no extra charges are incurred by using paypal

  11. @Al, I wonder what settings are required? :)
    @Maj I can use paypal WITHOUT a creditcard. Outside the US a creditcard is not so common.

  12. I agree,I dispiss paypal,but you must agree….Goggle

  13. Verified through another site with firebug as well :D

  14. PayPal??? So now everyone will need to worry about identify theft on a mobile device to add to their computer? Score a huge victory for fraud and a non-existant fraud prevention department.

  15. I can’t believe some people are so self-centered and egotistical that they protest this great opportunity for people in non approved paid app countries and people who can’t get/don’t want a credit card just because they don’t like PayPal.

    Asshole much?

  16. @Dorian,

    What about reading and researching a topic before you make an @ss of yourself? There are well documented cases of Paypal completely screwing their users, freezing their accounts, posting charge-backs, etc. Their conflict resolution is one of the least transparent ones in the market and once they make a decision (whether right or wrong) it’s basically un-appealable and final.

    How about you getting a pre-paid credit card instead of accusing other people of self-centered motivation?

  17. Unless Google is careful this will pretty much kill off the use of Google Checkout on Market. They need to try and make it more inconvenient or something lol.

    At least with PayPal you can load up your account with credit and not get hit by bank charges as above.

  18. @Dorian – Who is the asshole? People dislike this probably because PayPal is the most insecure, unsafe, and fraudulent company in the world. Perhaps if you used that whole Google thing on your google phone to research things you’d already know this. Everyone can get a credit card, even bankrupt people – it’s called a secured card… then there’s debit cards which can be used as credit, and prepaid cards. It isn’t difficult, and you actually have protections against fraud that way through VISA or MasterCard… as opposed to a company that sends you to collections after never investigating fraudulent activity, even when you inform them of said activity and they let it continue for 3 more months before they lock the account. Or a company that allows double and triple charges, then when notified of the multiples, rules *against* you and you have to live with the charges. This is a terrible decision Google is making. They own the market, they should outright ban PayPal, not set up a way to let people get scammed by it.

  19. I dont think prepaid cards work very well in Google Checkout. I get orders every single day that say “GIFT CARD RECIPIENT” that are rejected by Google checkout and I have to cancel the order. So I think your arguments are invalid here.


  20. The one thing that this will provide is a way for people who have non-gmail domain gmail accounts to be able to purchase apps in the market. As it stands now your gmail account must be [email protected] in order to work with Google Checkout.

  21. I think this will be great for people that don’t live in the USA. It means, at least in the UK, that we won’t get charged any extra, by our banks, than you Americans for buying the same app – which wasn’t a fair ruling for Google to implement in the first place.

    There’s loads of apps I’d like to buy but can’t because I’ll get charged twice the price due to UK bank’s currency conversion charges.

    It’ll be nice to at least have the choice of paying by PayPal or Google Checkout.

    You Americans need to be a little less defensive, in this apparent war between online merchants, of Google Checkout. Simply put – it isn’t beneficial to anyone outside of the US – In. Any. Way.

    Also, stop coming online and acting tough to other posters that don’t agree with what you think. You outta have left that kinda attitude behind in preschool!

  22. @IGG… you have hit the nail right on the head. We should be given the choice as to what payment method we use. If you dont like paypal dont use it…simple!! Google marketplace is good dont get me wrong, but not beneficial for us guys in the UK as all banks over here charge £1/£1.50 per transaction meaning a 79p app ends up costing loads and does stop me buying from developers outside of the UK, which is really unfair on them as they have put long hours into generating a good app.

  23. @IGG and @Lefty,

    You guys are spot on, I’m sick of being charged £1.25 by my bank, or not buying an app because of it.

    If you don’t like paypal don’t use it, end of!

    For me until google sort it so I don’t get charged, or paypal gets implemented, I will be buying very little from the android market.

    This might seem harsh but I don’t want to buy an app to test it as the 24hr refund policy only applies to the cost of the app (not charges), this is a major shame as there are some good apps coming, but the quality is still nowhere near the Apple App store, and until it’s easy for devs to get an income from Android apps the quality will never improve. Paypal will help with this exponentially outside the US.


  24. This is a terrible idea. Paypal is crap

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