T-Mobile G2 vs Samsung Epic 4G


This square off comes from cnet, pitting two hot phones from two separate carriers and manufacturers head-to-head in a knock-em-down drag-out too-many-hyphens battle-royale.

The fight is clean and a winner declared. Who will it be?

[via @tmobile | Fight brought to you by cnet]

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  1. The picture phandroid’s site uses for the epic 4g is some kind of samsung feature phone, not the epic.

  2. If the HTC Knight/Speedy is what were all thinking that it will be, then soon….there wont be any use for this kind of comparison.


  4. Video is of Fascinate vs. Droid X…..?

  5. did you put up the wrong vid? this is fascinate vs droid x

  6. the g2 sucks. they could have done better. the epic wins no matter what.

  7. Forgive me, ladies and gents. It’s been a long day. Let’s see about fixing that stock Epic 4G image now.

  8. Performance is evaluated by looking at the animations. Not very scientific.

  9. That hinge….they didn’t have to build it with “that” hinge. There are better designs. I sent my g2 back. I don’t want trendy. I’ll give to the Epic…it’s solid and versatile as hell.

  10. “The G2 can rival 4G speeds, but it’s not 4G.”

    Neither is the Epic 4G…It’s only market as 4G by Sprint’s definition of the term. The only real argument here is that Sprint has more “4G” area coverage than T-Mobile’s HSPA+ coverage.

  11. I have the G2 and it wins, i think im in love. Big step up from the myTouch slide, and a huge step from all others t-mobile has to offer except the vibrant.

  12. I just picked up the Epic over the weekend.

    I looked at the G2 and it just sucked, and when you find that they are falling apart coming out of the box…

    Yeah I will keep my epic :D

  13. If you have ever used both phones there is no way you people would say the epic is better. A lot of people just don’t like tmobile but the g2 moves faster in real use. It feels better and not cheap. And its keyboard feels so much better.

  14. I tested the g2 and it does not compare to the epic. Epic feels way better. Once it has froyo then compare it to the G2

  15. the Epic has a bigger and better screen. its on a better network. has actual 4G speeds (ive gotten up to 8 mbs down here in socal where 4G isnt even official). it weighs less than the g2. it has a better keyboard (5 rows vs 4). and it has a front facing cam. in no way shape or form is the g2 better.

  16. They should have tested the internet speed and put the 4G into shame and not just judge because the HSPA+ is not a 4g. Why did they miss this, I thought they were smart.
    On the browser speed pinch test, the G2 has the Flash loaded thus it will be not as snappy without it. The Epic on the other hand don’t have the Flash loaded so it should not lag a bit. Another fail on the so called experts in reviewing techs!

  17. front camera automatically win.

  18. G2 Fail yeah right its the best android phone with a qwerty keyboard and it comes out with stock 2.2. The Epic has some ugly keyboard and its to round. Enough said…

  19. zorxd – not scientific, but for most people it’s what is relevant. There’s really only a limited number of users who care what the Qualcomm benchmark score of a phone is, or whatever. For a touch screen phone (even one with a hard keyboard), the user interface, and its responsiveness, is absolute key. That’s the single reason I prefer my Desire to my old MyTouch – not because of the resolution or sense or screen size or because my Quake 2 FPS is higher, but because it’s so much more responsive to touch. It’s very important.

  20. Both phones have their faults and they both have things that are better than the other but its pretty much opinion/preference. like i prefer the G2 because of the slim key board and Stock Froyo, and none of the other UI bs, its solid and the hinges really arent a big deal, you will never hold you phone like that so you have to go out of your way to make the hinges look like a problem

  21. First they did the Evo vs Epic. The evo won but when cnet named the best phones epic was 1st. G2 has froyo and epic does not. Epic is faster without froyo which makes the processor faster. So next month when the epic gets froyo. Watch out. Oh can the g2 be upgraded to 3.0 I remember that you need a 1ghz at least for 3.0.

    I left tmobile with my g1 for the epic since tmobile comes out with nice phones but horrible specs. My touch slide. 3.4 inch screen and 600mhz. But has the genius button. CRAP. G2 3.7 when 4 or more is better and 800mhz. Come on tmobile. My touch Hd 3.8 in lcd. Better but come on tmobile. Give us a power house stop very slowly gradually coming out with a better phone.

    When they came out with the my touc slide it should of had a 4.3 inch screen 5 row keyboard 1ghz processor and front facing camera and I would have upgraded.

  22. The Epic loses simply because its a Samsung..Their support sucks so bad to the point it hurts their phones regardless of the hardware.

    Keep waiting for froyo and that gps fix though. I am sure its coming.

  23. That picture is still some feature phone….Not the epic.

  24. Picked up a G2 last week and I’m really impressed. The look is awesome and the features are incredibly fast. The amount of app memory is excellent, don’t see I’ll be running out of space at all. Compared to my Nexus One, there really isn’t much comparison because the 800MHz processor is way faster than the 1Gig Snapdragon. G2 is an overall great phone, and an incredible upgrade for any G1 user.

    I did look at the Vibrant while I was there, the screen is beautiful but the overall feel of the phone is too plastic-like. I haven’t seen an Epic yet, but all the vids and pics do show a killer keypad. My wish was T-Mobile would have gotten the Epic instead of the Vibrant, it fits into their line of phones better.

  25. CNET is so biased all they do is feature articles about Steve Jobs and anything iPhone related. They never give Sprint phones the credit they deserve here is an example, The Droid Incredible is better than the Evo… seriously?

  26. Lol-I’ll take a G2 over Sprint anyway!

  27. The G2 seems a bit jittery and laggy compared to Samsung Galaxy S phones. Build quality seems better on the HTC. I don’t like slider phones, and would fear for the durability of the G2. But, it is really cool when fresh out of the box.

    A 4″ AMOLED screen Evo, on TMobile’s HSPA+ network would be the best of all worlds. I returned the AT&T Captivate, but loved the screen and processing speed, while disliking the provider.

  28. My HTC Evo 4G, best Android phone to date…eat it.

  29. @ daveyboy at 800mhz it moves faster and has better quandrant scores than any other u.s phone that is stock. Its faster than dinc, droid x, nexus one, evo and anyother phones besides the galaxy S line. The Galaxy S line with 2.2 will probably be faster in quadrant and in real use, but not by much with real use.

    And no you don’t need 1ghz processor for gingerbread. That statement has already been called false. Check your facts

  30. Android phones keep getting better and better. Both of these phones are powerhouses and as CNET said, you couldn’t go wrong with either one.

  31. tmobile G2- Overclocked to 1574Mhz, hspa+ that actually runs faster than Sprinsts “claimed” 4g both theoretically and real world (tested using EVO 4g vs. G2) and last but not least the tmobile G2 superior build quality (keyboard is supposed to do that idiots, HTC designed it to be smooth action) and beauty equals a phone for the tech enthusiast. oh and lets not forget vanilla android (froyo 2.2)…… Im not saying the Epic is bad by any means its just more a phone for the masses.

  32. Sorry but more on the processor in the G2,800mhz seems small yes, but have you actually used the phone? its fast as hell, i have a vibrant and a G2, i have my vibrant rooted and running bionix rom with jacs oc/uv/voodoo kernal and ive gotta tell you its no were near the (stock)g2 in performance (forget about when i overclock my G2 to 1500mhz, then its a monster. just look at the linpack scores, the quadrant scores, or the benchmarkPI scores. G2 tops the list!

  33. That phone is not the epic ,,, is the samsung s 30 , I don’t have neitherone xoxoxo but I like the g2 :)

  34. @DaveyBoy

    It seems that you were in planet pluto since the G2 came out.
    Fact, even at 800mhz it can put to shame the 1000mhz galaxy S CPU and all other 1000 mhz out there. The only thing that is better about the Galaxy S is the GPU.
    Oh, did I say that you can double the speed of the G2 cpu?
    I bet, the G2 will get the gingerbread before your Galaxy S gets a glimpse of the froyo.

  35. Regardless of the faults I would say it’s a tie between the g2 and the epic. If the g2 did not have the hinge issue and a little more memory then I would put the g2 ahead of the epic. The epic has a bigger processor but the g2 is still slightly faster. I prefer the silver over the black myself but that does not matter either. The epic has the front facing camera and beautiful screen which makes it a tie to me. That touchwiz software sucks so I’m sorry the epic could not be a winner in this match up.

    Also, sprint is not a better network. They are slightly cheaper, and they have more 4g coverage than t-mobile does. It really just depends on your area.

  36. Due to past experience, I’ll take T-Mo over Sprint every time. Due to past experience, I’ll Take HTC over Samsung anyday. I guess you can make the argument for either phone, but you know what I’ll take.

  37. @Moses, Notice I did not use gingerbread which is supposed to be 2.3. I used 3.0 which was said phones would need 1ghz. My quadrant score was 950ish but the g2 has what 2000. My phone is faster from what I saw. Megaflops mine is 8ish and g2 is 40ish. Once again these are number because of 2.2. G2 has a 4 row keypad. Why does’t htc use the keypad from touch pro. That is what 3.6inch screen. G2 is 3.7 and has 4 row and touch pro is smaller screen but 5 row and mighty fine. Phone manufactor need to use what works and stop changing everything all the time.

  38. CNET’s on crack if they think G2 is sexier. I think it’s an ugly thing.

  39. Okay, so the Epic won where it matters :)

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