T-Mobile TV Heading to MyTouch Slide and Vibrant


Steady yourselves MTS and Vibrant owners, T-Mobile TV is coming to a handset near you. TmoNews just got a Streamline snapshot containing an announcement that an OTA will be heading to handsets “during the last week in October”. And wouldn’t you know, the last week in October (by numbers) starts tomorrow. T-Mobile TV is a pretty sweet service, for those that haven’t heard about it. It’s a streaming service that will bring partners such as ABC, Fox Sports, PBS Kids and Disney straight to your phone without the need for an additional subscription service. We love free sh…stuff.

As the original MyTouch 3G is getting its jollys off with a FroYo OTA, and the Moto Cliq is in some sort of Beta for Eclair, they will probably be added to the list of phones able to use this service, eventually.

Update: It would seem that I was incorrect when I said that T-Mobile TV is a free service. The first 30 days are free and then $10/month afterwards. The information was garnered from this thread over at XDA.

[via TmoNews]

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  1. Zzzzzz…

  2. soo is this the same as mobi tv but free??

  3. no nexus one?

  4. I have both phones. Do you need data plan for this?

  5. G2?????

  6. I would just be happy to get that OTA update everyone else seemingly has gotten already.

  7. The app is available all ready just need to look for it, but it’s ok since it’s not really out yet. I’m currently using it on my G2 and its not rooted, but I did try and install it on a mytouch slide and would not work at all. It does have a free trail and version but if you want it all there will be a $10 monthly fee.

  8. How will they separate the data use from this from regular data use? You know, since they’re bringing that cap down and all. ;)

  9. I have not heard of that for cell phones just web sticks, and I do currently pay for unlimited every thing. :)

  10. Wow this article went from awesome to an utter waste of my time quick

  11. First this app uses WIFI for pulling down video’s to be played later. It is stated on T-mobiles site.

    Second who the fnck cares about this app?!?!?! Where is the WIFI Calling app!?!?!?! Come on t-Mobile give us what we want, not some money machine app that less then 10% of the people will use!! 120 bucks a year to watch TV shows, and a small selecetion of movies??? TOTAL CRAP!!!! Give us WIFI Calling next week instead of this sh1t!

  12. Got it on my Nexus and my wifes vibrant a week ago. not bad but only works on network no WiFi. You get the 30 day free trial.

  13. Not only are they preinstalling bloatware on our phones, now they are pushing more bloatware to our devices wirelessle – great…

  14. who needs this app when there is tv.com just sitting quietly in the market and the low low price of FREE!. Everytime i see an article on this service I think about what i read a few days ago from a fellow androidian, ” Welcome to 1996 Tmobile”

  15. $10/month? Does Tmo management know SprintTV is included in that $69/mo Sprint plan? On top of that, do they know Sprint has better coverage than Tmo? So if I want this my bill will be $69/mo with 500 min. Or I can go to Sprint and get $69/mo with 450, BUT Sprint has unlimited mobile to mobile calling in that plan. WTF? Ok, yeah Sprint charges an extra $10 for Android phones, but that’s $10 a month and it’s still really unlimited, unlike the Tmo 5 GB+data throttle deal. No wonder Tmo’s losing customers.

  16. yes but unlike other carriers t mobile doesn’t charge you for going over the cap they just reduce your speeds so its still unlimited just reduced speeds after a certain amount

  17. @Spencer

  18. @T-Mobile

  19. Tmo does not screw you with that fine print like sprint does!!! If you leave they normal coverage area your net does and will not work till you go back into there network, plus they also charge you just for having a 4g even though there is no service in you’re area.

  20. didn’t they get the press report…Google TV is coming to a town near you…why would they put a subscription service when the Google service will probably be a healthy mix of free and pay, depending on the service…waste of money T-Mo,you would have been better to use that money getting service into the locations without service

  21. Just download livetv in the market. Its free!!!! Works with my nexus.

  22. Who wants this crap?? Dont try to evade the real issue– 2.2!! Thats what everyone is waiting for, i already have a tv…And i doubt this APP will be any gud on tmobiles terrible network anyway.

  23. The MY TOUCH 3G SLIDE does not get T-MOBILE TV!, when you try to get it ,it say’s “not aval for your phone “!! WTF !

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