DROID Pro – $300?


droid-pro-priceAs it stands, those of you looking to land yourself a DROID Pro will have to fork over the Franklin Triplets to walk out of the store with one sans law enforcement. Which is definitely upping the game as the unofficial standard for a smart phone seems to be $200 after all is said and done. Even picking up the R2D2 only has you coughing up $250. As much as I like standards and all that jazz this is one that I hope is only a place holder until the November 11 launch, a mail-in rebate is added or it’s just an erroneous error. But as time moves on, prices go up.

What do ya’ll think? Is $300 going to deter you from snagging one?

[via DROID Life]

Tyler Miller

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  1. Do want! If a GSM version comes out, I will buy.

  2. that is too ugly.

  3. $300 and your soul for two years? Ouch! And yeah that is one fugly phone.

  4. $300 would be the absolute highest I would ever pay under contract. But…that would be for a much better phone than the droid pro.

  5. I think this has to do with the new data pricing, with the option to pay only $15 for the data now. They will be looking to some other way to rob you. Just my opinion though. Maybe there will be two prices, one for the $15 data and a cheaper one if you take the $30 data.

  6. That phone is just OK. I can see some appeal for upgrading from a crackberry. Better save your hard earned cash for a LTE device.

  7. Hahaha! Wow, they’re really counting on the BlackBerry crowd having no clue, aren’t they?

  8. Wtf hell no its ugly only if it was a slider.

  9. 300!!!?!?! wow rip off

  10. stretched put charm. 300 is just too much.

  11. This makes me laugh, people acting like $300 is insanely high for a handset that looks to be pretty solid. It’s the first decent Android phone with a profile QWERTY, maybe you don’t value that, but some people do. I don’t want it, I’m not on VZW, but IMO it’s a little high, not insane.

  12. this is will be the corporate android device… corporations will foot the bill mostly for this device. its target isnt the middle market.

  13. Kinda expensive yes? But remember this, it has normal Verizon radios and a gsm radio. That’s obviously going to cost you.

  14. If Motorola keeps locking their bootloaders I won’t ever buy ANY of their phones!

  15. Someone at Big Red is either smoking dope or thinks everyone else is. A 3G phone and a new two year contact for $300? LTE is right around the corner.

  16. Heh, I guess VZW is now showing their true colors. You see, I’ve been with them for about 8 years and they always have been the most expensive equipment-under-contract carrier. Back in the heyday of Palm, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry they used to cost about $500-600 (again, under contract). Ever since they embraced Android, their equipment prices had been very reasonable. Now that they’ve become one of the biggest if not the biggest Android carrier (and with iPhones rumored to be in the pipeline), they’re jacking up the equipment prices one again. Sigh.

  17. 300 is pretty crazy given what they are trying to go for. If your going to compete with a blackberry it should be priced as such. But I don’t think its ugly at all. People need to calm down about that. Its a different form factor. Designed to appeal to a particular crowd. My hope is that this won’t become a trend with the new devices.

  18. While I have no interest in the Droid Pro, as the physical layout is like a Blackberry (nothing right or wrong with that, simply my personal preference). It was designed deliberately to attract Blackberry users to the Android platform by offering a layout they recognize and are more comfortable and familiar with. IMO $300 is asking quite a lot, especially for a 2-year contract; it should be noted that Verizon doesn’t have mail-in rebates if you buy online; the rebate is instant. I’m certainly not saying that $300 is a good price, but quite often, the advertised “price” is after a mail-in rebate, which are either often forgotten, take a long time to process, or (twice, in my case a few years ago before I ordered my phone from vz wireless, I was outright burned on MI rebates. After much complaining ,etc. I was somewhat compensated)

  19. I have found that, when dealing with Big Red’s upgrades, online is the way to go. No mailing and waiting for rebates, VERY fast delivery, and when I bought my Droid1 a few days after it was released, Wirefly was selling them for $150 with 2yr contract. When I asked vzw about Wirefly, the woman told me she would drop it to $150 on my renewal and I wouldn’t have to deal with Wirefly over warranties, etc. The $200 initial price was the online price, they were $300 in the store(with $100 mail-in rebate, they were $200). In short, when dealing with Big Red, get your upgrade/new upgrade online.

  20. Would never… er… NEVER pay above $200 for ANY phone… especially when they don’t have all the basic features working – Voice dialing and local sync with outlook to name a few.

  21. I would pay $300 for this phone if it was the same formfactor but with much much better specs and with a 1yr contract. Was really looking forward to this phone to finally draw me away from my Tour but the screen res sucks and now the pricing has completely put me off….

  22. Not worth it IMO.

  23. @Hooty
    is a world version is GSM too.

  24. Nothing special. Let’s move along

  25. Frankly, I’m less interested in the phone that the article. Tyler Miller seems to have a firm grasp on language and how to employ it to effect. One can but hope that this is a foreshadowing of further improvements at Phandroid. Well done.

  26. Ouch. With most phones going for 200, I can not see paying 300 for one with a contract. I just recently shopped for an Evo or Epic and chose the Evo over the epic for a few reasons. The biggest being that the Epic cost 250 with contract. I did not really see what would make the Epic worth 50 more than the evo so that really played a big part. Same with this phone, I do not see what makes it worth $100 more than other phones.

  27. 300 bucks??????
    Verizon is giving away Blackberries. If this is supposed to be the killer to RIM, they need a better marketing plan.

  28. Heads up vzw online is now requiring mail in rebate cards on Droid devices…

  29. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Franklin Triplets!

    Agreed, I don’t want a Blackberry or the Pro, but $300?! Why?? The Droid X is so loaded compared to that… just because it’s a global phone it should cost you $100 more? Nah!

  30. Was waiting for this to come out and really wanted one to draw me away from my BB. Not at 300 bones it won’t. I’ll wait until I can find it cheaper. Wirefly or something.
    $300? VZ is on crack

  31. @DJ I love the line from the Verizon rep about how you wouldn’t have to deal with Wirefly over warranties. When you buy from Wirefly, the warranty is FROM VERIZON. If you have equipment or warranty issues, you bring it to the verizon store.

  32. This blog is full of people with verizon talkin shit about verizon. If your so opposed to their prices and the way they do things go to another carrier, I garentee you will see that their prices are not that much more than other carriers (reputible carriers). Now on the other hand motorola is a joke they come out with the droid x, droid 2 and droid r2d2 which are basicly the same phone in different housings and I know I’ve had them all. Now they downgrade from those by coming with this Pro and the citrus. I am done with motorola they are just coming out with shit to come out with, it’s nothing new just re-shaped bullshit. Now if you want the best phone that verizon has come out with yet “hands down” get yourself a SAMSUNG FASCINATE. I have had it since it came out and it is sweet, fully customizable and my phone has been a pure google phone since week one of me owning it (NO BING) there ways to make it go away. Im sticking With my fascinate till (LTE) 4G comes out next year. I doubt anything better will come out by then. BTW: THIS IS TO THE GUY WITH THE BB TOUR TALKING ABOUT HOW MUCH THE SCREEN RESOLUTION SUCKS ON THE DROID PRO. ARE YOU JOKING? THE TOUR IS A DINOSAUR, IT PRACTICALLY HAS A ANOLOG SCREEN LOL. GET A GRIP ON REALITY !!!

  33. Well, Duh, Motorola is packaging the same phone in different form factors. not everybody likes using a touchscreen keyboard or having a HUGE phone. on the other hand some people hate a slider keyboard. this one offers people the profile hardware keyboard. for BB users this is perfect because thats what their thumbs are used to.

  34. i have them without a contract for 350 no tax they ar ok phones dlmist2002 at yahoo dot com

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