HTC Knight – New Sprint Phone?


ph_htc-knight1The lads over at XDA had a tipster send some information regarding a new Sprint phone. It seems it will have a sliding screen to reveal a keyboard and could very well be the successor or partner to the EVO 4G. XDA (or the tipster) managed to pull the following blurb from some mystery XML file:

3. Make sure to activate your device before you operate the handset by setting up the Google account on the device. 4. To view the contacts on the device, select “Contacts” and push “Menu” button, select “Display group > All contacts > OK”. 5. Do not slide screen in/out during the operation.

The tipster went on to mention a “release within two weeks”. What is meant by “release” is unknown.

Let the speculation commence below.

[via XDA]

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  1. Hmmm…keyboard? Definitely not ny next phone. Also seems a bit early for the successor especially considering the still heavy advertising for evo

  2. Looks promising can’t wait for the specs

  3. ugh…… Now I have to decide between the evo the epic and now this…..

  4. Or aka HTC SPEEDY more like the replacement for the HTC Hero, non 4G.

  5. Shut up Mike. You spoiled dick

  6. This is the rumored htc speedy that is coming to sprint earlier this year renamed to the htc knight 3.7 in screen keyboard basically a redesigned g2 aka htc desire z

  7. Evo with a Keyboard?!?! THANK YOU JESUS!!

  8. What about the Sprint version of Verizon’s HTC Merge/Lexikon, mmmm?

  9. @hates this website

    are you positive of that? i mean that makes sense, but at the same time those circles around the buttons make it more Evo like. Not saying it’s a successor, but something related to it. Evo is the only phone with the circles around the touch buttons.

  10. Ugh…I really wish that Sprint would stop with the phones that have keyboards! One is enough alreay (Samsung Moment, Epic 4G,etc).The really good phones are usually the ones withOUT the keyboard. Can we please move on from the kiddy T-mobile Sidekick type phones. The Samsung Epic is a great phone…sans keyboard. I absolutely love my EVO, although I’m always excited for new technological candy, and a new device with a keyboard is NOT it Sprint… *sighs*. SN: and when can Sprint pull in a Motorola in their Android collection?

  11. Htc Desire z for sprint

  12. like evo without hdmi without front facing camera… :/

  13. As far as I know @hates this website is correct, the HTC Speedy has the same look as the EVO but it is supposed to replace the Hero. My HTC rep was telling me about it last week during his visit and the described it as the Evo but to replace the Hero with pull out key board. So it isn’t 4G nor it is 4.3 screen…

  14. no keyboard please….

  15. Looks like a G2 with an Evo buttons.

  16. Getting very irritated that Sprint and Verizon gets all the cool name like Android device while I’m stuck here on AT&T contract with out one with their crappy line up of Android phones. DAMN I HATE APPLE AND AT&T!

  17. Aw, man, I would kill for a hardware keyboard, just for the option. Saves messing with the trackball on my Desire in Connectbot…okay, I’m pretty drunk right now, but isn’t the g2 the desire hd and not the desire z?

  18. My mistake, it is the Desire Z. No more whisky for me. I’ll let myself out.

  19. @Keller Get a job. You lazy dick

  20. Way to ruin something potentially really nice with a keyboard. Keyboards on smart phones should be dead technology right now. Seriously.

  21. @hates this website – I agree, this is probably just sprint’s G2. If so, I like it. I am just sad that it will also probably have a 4 row qwerty. EPIC it is for me if there is nothing new or announced at CES.

  22. I am 90% positive and I say that becasue a keyboard evo = death for the epic and I dont think samsung would be to happy. The HTC knight should be the g2 aka desire z for sprint redesign a bit to look like an evo but with the g2 stats 3.7in screen 800hmz processor we shall see but I am pretty sure hope more leaks hit soon.

  23. udpate on the source says it is 3.7in screen so the g2 coming to sprint!

  24. come on no 4G, and a keyboard FTW! Just because that $10 dollar adder still pisses me off when no 4G service anywhere near my service area, and the keyboard would be awesome!

  25. Another option for Sprint Users…

    Dont want to pay $10 bucks -then dont buy the phones with the requirements.
    In comparison I went to movies paid $15 bucks for a small popcorn and a med $10 bucks for a buy up isnt anything compared to being ROBBED at the movies.

  26. i hate people who complain about the prices at the movies. if you don’t like the prices of the items at the concession stand, then don’t buy them. no one is forcing you to.

  27. When the hell will TMobile get something like this!?! My God is it that hard to get a 4.3″ Android already?

  28. Whoa whoa whoa concession prices are pure rape and you know it. And I supose when gas prices are $4/gallon we should just shut up and not buy gas.

  29. Why is no one talking about how photo shopped that image is? Holy god I put together better images in middle school…

    The phone is real….probably a lexikon/g2 varient for sprint….but those touch buttons dont go with the rest of the styling of that phone….they just wanted to add “evo” in this article for traffic :D

  30. I don’t think its a evo successor, and the main reasons for that are 1. The screen looks smaller then the evo’s, a successor would not shrink down the phone but probably make it bigger. 2 from what I see there is no front facing camera, successor would not lose something like that. I believe it is Sprint’s version of the g2. Although I really do wish a evo with a keyboard would come out.

  31. a evo with a keyboard would be too big. just look at the epic its freaking huge even with a 4″ screen.

  32. so much hate in this thread

  33. My two-cents worth…But what makes the Evo attractive in comparison to the Epic? Here’s the rundown:
    -Both have monster screens (please don’t split hairs over .3 inches)
    -Both have forward facing cams
    -Both have flash
    -Both have video out
    -Both have 1 Ghz Processors
    Now for the differences
    -Screen Technology-Epic is the winner hands down
    -GPU-Epic x 10
    Picture quality is pretty much dead even due to better technology in the Epic, despite the Evo’s 3 extra MP’s. All that’s left is the OS, and the Epic will be on 2.2 VERY soon (Samsung has already updated the Intl Galaxy S’s). Despite TouchWiz’s unfortunate name, the 3.0 version is actually pretty good, and can be customized without rooting to make it better.
    And if you’re on another carrier, seriously, pick up a Vibrant/Captivate/Fascinate. I’ve got the Vibrant, rooted, with Forward Facing Cam. IT ROCKS!
    Again, just my two cents worth.

  34. No hate from me…I love my extra $10 bucks on my bill since my bill is paid for by my employer anyway….

  35. @Pimpstrong “When the hell will TMobile get something like this!?! My God is it that hard to get a 4.3″ Android already?” Have you heard of the HD2? Run android on there, u can pick them up for $50 on contract.

  36. I love choices! Evo is still the best phone I’ve owned but this is great for folks who prefer the keyboard. The amount of smaet phone options today versus 5 years ago is amazing.

  37. @Kevin
    My Vibrant has a front facing cam too, but still the terrible quality photos and videos. You get that fixed?

  38. Looks really like Desire HD bred with Evo and probably G2, if the keyboard is true.

  39. @JJFNIGHTS8 same here dude. I’m sick of sprint and verizon getting all the good phones, each carrier should have equal good options and now that tmobile has the g2 I’m jealous I used someones g2 and loved it. She’s lucky I didn’t jack it from her.

  40. It looks just like the HTC Surround, but obviously meant to run Android with the capacitive buttons at the bottom

  41. I don’t want a keyboard Sprint. When will Sprint learn. It’s quite embarrassing really. Let me take you through it:
    Verizon has Incredible – 3.7″, Sense, Snapdragon, good camera, sleek iphone like design, NO KEYBOARD,
    Iphone just too small people seriously too small come son!
    Nexus One perfect but track ball suspect I had hero ball broke twice no good, which brings me back to 3.7″ opti track incredible – best phone out by a mile. Sprint had a chance to make it right with this phone cause Evo (which i have now) is tooooo freaking big. Epic is great size at 4.0″ but has a freaking keyboard – come on son! Now we get 3.7″ sleek htc prob sense on it, snapdragon, freaking froyo, gonna get gingerbread with a dumb keyboard prob no swype either. Sprint just put other companies to bed we dont need a slide out keyboard period we need a droid incredible competitor.

  42. Looks like a photoshopped HTC Surround with the Sprint logo and the Evo’s android buttons instead of Surround’s WP7 buttons. In fact, I am convinced that is what it is. Look at the Surround.

  43. I just picked up the Epic and the EVO for the wife.

    I may be weird but I really like my epic better than her EVO.

    I just dropped a iPhone 3G so maybe that’s why :D

    I’m not sure how they could beat either of those two phones they are sweet..

  44. sprint needs to bring a nice looking and powerful 3g phone in to the network, not every one cares about the 4g, specially if they do not have 4g service around their area, because paying the $10.00 extra for nothing is crazy, i would like to have a phone like the Samsung fascinate or the vibrant with front facing camera and flash, is that too much to ask? come on sprint a nice 3g phone please not that crap of sanyo and Samsung transform.

  45. Another black with chrome trim iClone? Just what we need. C’mon HTC, more original designs please, like the G2.

  46. I see commercials with the phone mounted on the dash and David Hasselhoff talking to it.

  47. if it has the same specs as the evo, then i would definitely turn my head on this one. the evo, though a powerful phone, can’t compete against a number of the other high end phones. especially the galaxy s. maybe they’ll put in the second generation snapdragon processors, and an upgraded gpu. otherwise, looks like it’s nothing spectacular. also, why go with the slideout keyboard? i have swype on my vibrant, and would want nothing to do with a querty keyboard. the only reason i would love to have a slide out keyboard is if it were an actual, full functioning game controller. sony already has one in the works. it would be awesome to see samsung or htc release something like that too. and let’s not forget motorola.

  48. The evo and the new htc knight will never compare to the Epic as long as there is still no swype on the htc. The evo is way to much work. You have to download multiple apps on the htc evo just for one app to work. Besides, the pics and the AMOLED screen, fewer delays, and the fact that it wont change your text words at the last minute, making you look illiterate… Go EPIC!

  49. Antman, not sure what the problem is. I’ve had Swype on my Evo for a couple of months now.

  50. This seems promising. It would be good 4 Sprint to finally have an HTC Android phone that is also a slider.

  51. I love the twits here that posts: keyboard? not my phone. As if these losers are ever going to get a high end phone. Because if they didn’t want keyboard, they would have gotten the HTC EVO already. All talk, never do. Than they wonder why they’re losers.

    I am personally waiting for a QWERTY version of the EVO. Without keyboards, regular business use would trash the EVO’s screen (no gorilla glass).

  52. No keyboard please!! It makes it no android phone

  53. @EM- What the heck does that even mean? have you ever seen the first commercially avail. android phone (Which was and HTC phone BTW)? It had a slide out keyboard. either way, I am anxiously awaiting more specs on this phone, I’m coming from an HTC Touch Pro2 and don’t like Windows Phone 7, so this phone looks like the one for me.

  54. i have this phone!! its AWSOME!!!

  55. I was gonna buy the Evo (8MP camera), and now I like the idea of surround sound…but cannot wait for it.

    Anyone know of a Sprint phone with surround-like audio output quality?

    Care to judge other current phones by speaker quality?


  56. I was going to get a transform since they were running a special for $50. I have the lotus right now and it is terrible for accessing the internet. I thought the 3g transform would be a good upgrade however I have read some bad reviews on it. So what phone would be a good recommendation? I don’t think I need to pay the $10 extra charge a month. That’s why I went with the transform otherwise the upgraded 4g phones are between $200 – $250 with a extra $10 monthly charge. Please help me decide what sprint 3g phone or go with the extra cost of the 4g phone. Thanks

  57. @ Tomeka
    I’m sure glad you’re not the one making decisions for sprint. Doing away with slide out keyboards and Motorola phones are a sure way for Sprint to lose long-time customers. Sprint has always been known for the best equipment.

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