Engadget Snags Mystery LG Device


What’s a classy dame like you doing in a gin joint like this? Engadget just posted an image of a mystery LG device that looks to be making its way to Verizon in the, hopefully not too distant, future. Unfortunately, the only details we have to go on is what can be deciphered from the picture.

  • Verizon
  • LG
  • HD Camera
  • LTE
  • WiFi
  • DLNA? Can’t be 100%
  • Perhaps a front facing camera north-east of the Verizon logo, with an equal chance of only being a light sensor

Slim, sexy and probably powerful. Everything we could want from our next-generation Android devices.

Update: Maybe if I actually read the details of the article, I wouldn’t be forced to correct my bad mistakes. Thanks, commenter #2.

[via Engadget]

Tyler Miller

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  1. Looks to be something serious

  2. Surprised not to see a physical keyboard from an LG device.

  3. This is actually coming from Engadget, not Gizmodo.

  4. finally, something that looks different from LG!! Now just to see the specs. I’m excited for this one!

  5. These big BING ads are pissing me off. At least get google ads.

  6. Looks like a good posibility this will be replacing my X. I am hoping it is Vanilla Android, that and a 4.0+ in screen.

  7. These posts complaining about BING ads are pissing me off.

    Don’t know about you, but if I hold my cursor over the ads on the top and right, they say googleads…

  8. You forgot the most important knowledge, That it’s 3:00

  9. almost looks like an iPhone 4

    holding out for more specs. Tmobile is aboutto lose another customer

  10. looks nice would wanna see the specs first

  11. Maybe this has a Tegra 2 processor, as LG said their future phones would use it.

  12. Screen looks interesting…Can’t tell if it’s in an ultra-dim mode or if it could be some sort of E-Paper display.

  13. Interesting….

  14. Back is fuckin fugly. You people have terrible taste. Even the mytouch hd looks better than this, and is probably better spec wise

  15. I am sticking with Verizon. And I hope this thing is vanilla android too. I hear samsung is coming out with a vanilla android device. I think every carrier should have that as an option. Atleast one highend android vanilla device.

  16. They need more vanilla android devices but supposedly with gingerbread it will eliminate the need for dumb UI’s being put on by companies

  17. @newby …yeah I left them for Verizon…better phones and signal

  18. There is nothing about this phone that shows it’s android. Why is everyone assuming it is?

  19. crap now its either the this env pro or merge. its gets harder every month.

  20. This isn’t the Droid T2?

  21. @andulas, There is also no reason to believe that LG would not be using the Android OS on their newest smartphone.

  22. Opps, meant @bml

  23. @bml. I think its the form factor. Take a look at the recent Windows 7 model phones. The Windows logo is displayed well on each. The three button at the bottom would be visible. Android is more likely for a device like this. If this was a windows mobile device I think you can expect something similar for android. LG is due to enter into the fight with a device. A 4 inch high end Android device. and the envy pro 2 with android is a great combination.

    I see verizon’s angle. Droid X Droid 2, Incredible and Merge, The Fascinate and this new slide out. Why not LG and the Envy 2. All of this equals the best Android line up in the business.

  24. why doesnt phandroid ban this cunt keller- that retard just complains about every story, damn troll

  25. Verizon has way too many good phones now I mean shit. They aren’t the ONLY carrier

  26. I love how that phone looks! I want!! I am officially holding off on upgrading this November for more info on this phone. That phone is teh sex. I hope we get more info soon!

  27. Also the reflective screen makes me wonder if it will carry Shine branding

  28. Teencheck.TK posted this and I had never noticed it here, but look on the screen. It says like 03:10. Thats one sexy clock or whatever it is

  29. There are rumors that this is going to use a Tegra 2 processor. Here are the details on the Tegra 2 processor:


    We are soon going to have 4 Tegra 2 based phones!

    – Motorola T2
    – AT&T Olympus
    – LG (this phone)
    – Samsung’s future “Google phone”.

  30. This phone looks beautiful, I am almost certain I will get this. I hope they don’t Bing it (are you listening verizon)… in fact I hope it is basically bloatware free, running the android platform like it was made to run, or at least easy to root (cyanogen would be amazing with that processor). Quick question for anyone who knows this. Did the Ally have any added garbage or was it simply running android 2.1?

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