Adobe to Apple: “It’s cool, Android cuddles afterwards”


Hot off the heals of Apple’s continued shunning of Adobe with the announcement that they will not be packaging their latest notebook with Adobe Flash, Adobe is set to announce it will be releasing Adobe AIR 2.5 at the Adobe MAX conference tomorrow. Adobe AIR currently is only meant to be used for the development of desktop applications; that ends tomorrow when AIR 2.5 will be extended all the way out to cover Android.

This means it will support smartphones, tablets, televisions and anything else with our little OS. Small blurb to mention BB tablet OS will be supported as well.

After JobCo decided put the final nail in the Adobe+iOS coffin, some months back, Adobe set out to show what it was capable of in the mobile world. The result was over two-million downloads of the Flash 10.1 plugin for Android devices and the promise of being launched with devices in the future.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. I <3 choices!

  2. I wonder if the iPhone version Unreal Engine 3 [Epic Citadel] had Scaleform stripped out of it. If not, then Apple has Flash on their system without even knowing it! —
    For those who don’t know, most current games (Starcraft 2, Mass Effect, hundreds of others) use Flash for their UIs via Scaleform being integrated in the game engines.

  3. Choice is a great thing but I for one never really wanted Flash on my phone.

    I uninstalled Flash from my N1 because of how slow it was and just made the scrolling even slower.

    Like I said, choice. Not to mention that the install took a bunch of space up and I got the low memory warning on my N1 again.

  4. Most website uses html 5. Adobe who freaking cares.

  5. Most websites?

    I think you may be exaggerating somewhat.

  6. You do realise that adobe air for android came out on the 8th october 2010 and that there are air applications in the market already

  7. @Patchi

    Most websites DON’T use HTML5. In fact hardly any do, and it will be a long time until it’s widely used. That’s why Flash is still very useful. Don’t believe the Apple hype. Eventually HTML5 will probably take over, yes but that’s a long way off. Most people will not have the same phones/laptops that they have now when that happens anyway.

  8. @Ash
    unfortunately all of them sucks, i haven’t found a single adobe-air app that is good, they all feel that they are made in 10 minutes as sort of proof of concept

  9. @Patchi
    HTML5 won’t be 100% ready until 2022 (experts estimate). Nobody’s going to be using their iPhone4 then, nor the new Apple notebooks.

  10. Apple commented that they stopped shipping with Flash pre-installed because the best way to make sure you get the most up to date and secure version is to download it from the Adobe site.

  11. History repeats itself.. Android was born out as a fight between Hardware and Software… similar to that of IBM versus Windows… This time its like Apple v/s Android(note I mean companies v/s products).. No one can/should monopolize/dictate.. Apples image is really marginalized..

  12. If you want a look at some of the potential Adobe Air has and what we can look forward to, take a look at


    , The developer intends to use Adobe Air to bring this to 2.2 Android handsets ASAP. Air hasnt been out long, give the devs some time to program for it and we will see some awesome apps coming out.

  13. foxeh: but since when did mac users play games? Probably not since bungie left to focus on the xbox.

  14. Got flash here on my Vibrant. It runs amazingly well. Not sure why people are claiming its slowing down their Android phone bc it sure as hell isnt doing that to me.

  15. Apple didn’t have preloaded on the new MacBook Air because they wanted customers to actually go to Adobes site to download it.

    Maybe it’s just me but I really don’t see the problem with that. Plus if you go to view something that has flash, it will point you to the site if you don’t have it installed anyway. What’s the big deal?

  16. Most website uses html 5. Really? HTML 5 currently is unofficial… how can you say this?

  17. @pachi yeah, clearly you don’t get it. it takes years for a new HTML standard to be accepted and standardized. CSS wasn’t uniformly implemented and displayed for many, many years. HTML5 isn’t even a finalized standard, much less common.

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