Oct 24th, 2010

Hot off the heals of Apple’s continued shunning of Adobe with the announcement that they will not be packaging their latest notebook with Adobe Flash, Adobe is set to announce it will be releasing Adobe AIR 2.5 at the Adobe MAX conference tomorrow. Adobe AIR currently is only meant to be used for the development of desktop applications; that ends tomorrow when AIR 2.5 will be extended all the way out to cover Android.

This means it will support smartphones, tablets, televisions and anything else with our little OS. Small blurb to mention BB tablet OS will be supported as well.

After JobCo decided put the final nail in the Adobe+iOS coffin, some months back, Adobe set out to show what it was capable of in the mobile world. The result was over two-million downloads of the Flash 10.1 plugin for Android devices and the promise of being launched with devices in the future.

[via TechCrunch]

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